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5 Ideas to Reopen America Now

There are those who continue to push back on opening our economy. Here are some common sense points:

  1. Protect the most vulnerable and maintain their sequestration for the moment, seniors and those with underlying medical conditions. We know that obesity, high blood pressure, and other conditions are factors in COVID-19 fatalities.
  2. Allow businesses to determine a workplace rotation schedule or layout in their offices to maintain social distancing. We have proven that some can work from home.
  3. We should allow small businesses to form a consortium or collaborate in providing their own COVID-19 testing. Any businesses taking on that responsibility should receive a tax break on the cost. After all, they are doing the job of our government for the public good.
  4. Sports venues should consider reduced seating for events, and as we progress in rectifying the situation, increase seating capacity.
  5. But most importantly, stop the insidious policy of fining and arresting Americans for those imbecilic mandates and edicts handed down from high.

Here’s Why We Must Reopen the Economy Now

I am not some reactionary, overly emotional, impetuous type of individual. My Myers-Briggs personality survey is ISTJ. We care for and are concerned for the Americans who have lost loved ones during this COVID-19 pandemic. But, we must be realistic, and objective, in assessing that, indeed, there has been a greater crisis created due to the reliance of elected officials upon the data from two erroneous, flawed, computer models..one from Imperial College in London and the Institution of Hospital Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) at the University of Washington. Here are the real numbers, as of this morning at 6 am:

United States 
Estimated Population (328,239,523)

Reported COVID-19 cases (605,390)
Recovered (36,076)
Fatalities (24,582)

Estimated Population (28,995,881)
Reported Cases (15,492)
Recovered (3,150)
Fatalities (364)
* In my home county of Dallas, we have experienced less than 40 fatalities

The National Data from the 2017-2018 Influenza Season:
Estimated Cases (45M)
Hospitalizations (810K)
Fatalities (61K)

I present this data as a comparative assessment in order for you, the reader, to make your own decision. I have done so, and decided that it was a bad idea to shut down the American economy. Should we have taken precautions and presented businesses with courses of action to maintain operations? Yes. Should we have come forward with a “carpet bombing” approach which has now created greater collateral damage than the COVID-19 virus itself?

The answer is no, and this morning we discovered just how bad that collateral damage is.

As reported by Business Insider:

“In just four weeks, coronavirus layoffs have erased more than a decade of record job creation. US weekly jobless claims were at 5.2 million for the week ending April 11, the Labor Department said in a Thursday report. Claims declined slightly from the previous week, when 6.6 million Americans filed for unemployment insurance.

The report brought the four-week total of displaced American workers filing for unemployment to 22.03 million. It also means that coronavirus-related layoffs have effectively erased the 22 million jobs that the US economy added since the post-Great Recession recovery starting in mid-2009. “We wiped that out so fast,” Heidi Shierholz, a senior economist at the Economic Policy Institute, told Business Insider. “It’s mind-boggling.”

Ladies and gents, we now have a greater crisis than the supposed one we faced with #COVID19. We are now dealing with two man-made crises, COVID-19, which we will solve, but now a bigger one: massive unemployment. Click To Tweet

This is the result of a nation being driven into fear, paranoia, panic, and hysteria based upon unreliable computer models. Ladies and gents, we now have a greater crisis than the supposed one we faced. And, the second, third, and fourth-order effects may not be felt for even longer. We are now dealing with two man-made crises, COVID-19 — which we will solve –but now a bigger one: massive unemployment.

The United States is also some $23T in debt, and we can ill-afford to believe that the federal government can just write checks to people. That is surrender to the concept of a universal basic income (UBI); a socialist dream, and a free-market economic disaster. We can not allow the American people to become addicted to the crack cocaine of government largesse, just as the markets were addicted to quantitative easing measures that create a false economy.

We already are seeing the ideological agenda fraud associated with the giving of cash. California Governor Gavin Newsome has decided to give out cash payments to illegal immigrants…just brilliant!

We can not allow the American people to become addicted to the crack cocaine of government largesse, just as the markets were addicted to quantitative easing measures that create a false economy. Click To Tweet

Doggone, open up our economy, get the American people back to work! Treat us as adults and not infantile drones who can be herded to and fro as political pawns. Give us guidelines, not mandates, edicts, and orders so that we can take care of ourselves, our families, and our businesses. We do not want to be dependent upon the government. If there is one thing we can attest to in this case, the government screwed this up. This has nothing to do with political party, this was a lack of visionary leadership that recognizes how to assess an issue and consider short versus long-term ramifications, consequences.

America is the greatest nation the world has ever known. Let’s freaking start acting like it and not like a bunch of whimpering, whining, wusses who can’t improvise, adapt, and overcome.

Someone needs to have the cajones to just say it. America needs to get back to work at the end of this month. Here are the guidelines, now, go make it happen.