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Texas Says, “America First!”

It is clearly apparent what — and who — the progressive socialist left prioritizes. If you are aligned with their ideological agenda, then you are a protected class.

We see the law-abiding, legal gun owners of Virginia fighting for their constitutional right to keep and bear arms by declaring sanctuary counties, cities, and towns for the Second Amendment. What does the left say? We will order the National Guard to confiscate your weapons, for no other reason than we say so, and we will fire and arrest sheriffs. But, if you declare yourself a sanctuary state or city for illegal immigrants, well, that is just fine.

The leftists will not even condemn their own who make blatant anti-Semitic statements and fully support the BDS (boycott, divest, and sanction) movement against Israel. We have watched the progressive socialist left respond with insidious incredulous statements in the aftermath of the killing of the Quds Force terrorist leader, Qasem Soleimani. The left cozies up to domestic Islamist groups such as CAIR, ISNA, MPAC, and MAS. Heck, a leftist judge even released Islamists responsible for a training camp and the death of a child in New Mexico.

But, be a Christian who does not want to bake a cake for same-sex marriages and find yourself before the Supreme Court, and your business targeted, ruined. Even the announced sanctions against Iran have met with disapproval from the left in America. And, what action does the left take after President Trump’s approval to kill the person with American blood on his hands? Well, they vote to restrict his constitutionally enumerated powers to do so in the future. Never mind not saying anything when Barack Obama was sending pallets of laundered cash on unmarked airplanes in the middle of the night to Iran, or outsourcing our military to Islamic jihadists in Libya. Oops, I forgot, abandoning Americans to die and then lying about it. “What difference, at this point, does it make?”

The progressive socialist left is now going apoplectic about a decision made by Texas Governor Greg Abbott, one with which I agree. As reported by the Washington Post:

“Texas will reject the resettlement of new refugees, its governor said Friday, becoming the first state to publicly do so since a Trump administration executive order granted such unprecedented veto power.

In a letter announcing the decision, Gov. Greg Abbott (R) argued that Texas has “carried more than its share in assisting the refugee resettlement process” and said the state’s government and nonprofit agencies have also been strained by “a broken federal immigration system.”

“Texas continues to have to deal with the consequences of an immigration system that Congress has failed to fix,” he wrote in the letter, addressed to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

Under the order, refugees could still make Texas their home — but only after settling in another state first, Abbott said. Critics said the policy change underscores a growing hostility to the country’s refugee resettlement program, especially in some conservative states and the White House. In September, after slashing the annual national refugee cap to a historic low, Trump also gave states and localities sweeping authority to block refugee admissions by requiring their governments to consent in writing before people are allowed to arrive. So far, 42 states have agreed to accept refugees, according to a tracker maintained by the Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service.
Texas is the first state to refuse them.

Human rights advocates and the state’s Democratic lawmakers condemned Abbott’s decision, calling it cruel and antithetical to Texas’s history of welcoming those who flee their home countries. “This is a disgraceful move by Texas Governor Greg Abbott,” Rep. Joaquin Castro, a Democrat whose district includes San Antonio, tweeted. “He has completely submitted to bigotry and xenophobia.”

Texas has long been among the country’s leaders in refugee resettlement. Last fiscal year, it took in more refugees than any other state, according to federal data. This year, of the nearly 3,350 refugees resettled nationally, Texas has taken in about 260, putting it third behind Washington and California. “Texas is one of the most welcoming states for refugees seeking to escape dangers abroad,” Abbott wrote, adding that 10 percent of all refugees resettled in the United States have come through his state.”

This does not include the domestic refugees coming to Texas from California, Illinois, New York, and New Jersey seeking liberty and freedom, respite, from the failed economic policies of progressive socialist states. What the left wants, more than anything, is to topple, by way of demographic shift, the conservatism of a state such as Texas, and others. The decision by Gov. Abbott has nothing to do with bigotry or xenophobia, as Joaquin Castro asserts. Remember he is the same socialist who created a “blacklist” of President Trump supporters, so that is okay.

What Gov. Abbott wants to ensure is that Texas is a place where we care for Texans, first and foremost.

I have never heard Rep. Castro, who, along with his brother Julian, embraces the policy of open borders. Even though that has resulted in Texas, the Lone Star State, as the number one state in America for human and sex trafficking. Then again, for these leftists, who cares? That is not part of their ideological agenda. There are Texans living along the Rio Grande Valley in fear because of the Mexican drug cartels and their operating on our side of the border. I have yet to hear any of these progressive socialist showing any concern that Mexico is a failed state where 80 percent of the country is controlled by drug cartels.

Last week I was in Lubbock and received a security briefing from local law enforcement. In the city of Lubbock, as of last Tuesday, there had already been four shooting deaths. There are between 1,700-1,800 identified gang members operating in Lubbock. As well, El Chapo’s drug cartel gang is operating in Lubbock, where crystal meth, heroin, and cocaine are flowing freely.

But, concerns about law enforcement, safety, and security of Texans are not exactly a preeminent concern for the progressive socialist left. Illegal immigrants, drugs and drug cartels, gangs, and human and sex trafficking . . . and Joaquim Castro is upset about not taking more refugees into the Lone Star State?

To all you other governors out there, who are y’all more concerned about? This does not even factor in the massive homelessness problem, mental health issue, or veterans that are homeless and jobless. Y’all think we are supposed to be more upset about accepting more refugees, who will more than likely be recipients of taxpayer-funded benefits?

Let me remind you so-called “woke” leftists of something: America is a kind and benevolent country. We opened our doors to Somali refugees and what did we end up getting? Yes, a haven for Islamic jihadism, and a vile, virulently anti-American, anti-Semite named Ilhan Omar. I think it is time we are a tad more circumspect about the issue of immigration and refugee resettlement.

Funny, but Obama shut the door in the face of Christian refugees seeking to flee ISIS. That’s right, Christians do not fit the progressive socialist definition, narrative, of refugee, or align with the ideological agenda of the left.

Governor Abbott is placing the interest of Texans first. He is not a “citizen of the world,” as Obama claimed to be. As stated, we have accepted enough refugees, and perhaps we should stop accepting the leftist ones from failed blue states?

Why Emulate “Stuck on Stupid?”

A recent article provides another example of the insidious, delusional, and deranged philosophy of governance espoused by the progressive socialist left.

As reported at HotAir:

“A few years ago, California passed one in a series of bills aimed at emptying the jails and prisons. Proposition 47 carried the disingenuous name of “the Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Act and its stated purpose was to keep non-violent offenders out of jail. To achieve this goal, the state decriminalized a number of lesser offenses, including retail theft. 

The law raised the value of the amount of merchandise someone could steal while still only being charged with a misdemeanor to nearly one thousand dollars. To the great surprise of the government, people noticed this change and began taking advantage of it. They have now recorded multiple years of steadily increasing, organized robbery. These plots are known as “mass grab and dash” thefts and they generally involve large numbers of young people all entering a store at the same time, grabbing armfuls of merchandise and dashing back out to their vehicles and hitting the highway. Not only are robberies on the rise, but arrests and prosecutions are down. Nobody is seriously contesting the numbers. The local and state police organizations blame prop 47. FBI crime data supports the contention. Retail sales organizations have tracked this trend and agree.

This is a trend that’s been building in a number of blue states and now it seems that the petty crime chickens are coming home to roost. The fact is that there are always going to be a certain number of people who will be willing to break the law if they don’t feel the risk of significant punishment is too high. An understanding of this fundamental principle is why the “broken windows” policies enacted in New York City and other municipalities in the 90s were so effective. If you crack down on even smaller crimes, you lower crime rates overall.”

Perhaps you are saying, so what Col.? Here is the so what.

A year ago, in Dallas County, Texas, where I reside, a new, progressive socialist, District Attorney was elected, Jon Creuzot. One of his first edicts was to assert that his office would not be prosecuting crimes below a $750 value . . . Really? It is believed that in this past year, California lost nearly 200K residents. Yes, there are some great conservatives who have fled that lost state, but there are those who have come to Texas bringing along that failed ideology. As well, there are folks here in Texas creating a storm by embracing this failed ideology of leftism. Our Texas college and university campuses are overrun with the purveyors of socialism, the professors. The administrations on these campuses abdicate their leadership roles to the mad mobs of students and allow fascism to take root.

Why do states emulate failed “stuck on stupid” ideologies? Time to turn the tide, y’all!

A Texas-Sized Christmas

As we head into Christmas, let us never forget what Christmas is all about. It is about the greatest gift that God gave unto us all, His only begotten Son, according to John 3:16. He gave us the gift of eternal life, a means of personal reconciliation, salvation, for the sin that entered into the world He created. However, as Texans, as Americans, let us not forget that the greatest gift that we can pass onto our subsequent generations is the gift of freedom, liberty.

See, Seguin, Texas — where I am visiting today — is named after a young man, Juan Seguin, who 26-year-old Lieutenant Colonel William Barret Travis selected to deliver a letter to Sam Houston from The Alamo. The letter, dated February 24, 1836, clearly articulates the gift that Travis and the other 184 men who sacrificed their lives at The Alamo left for us, for Texans. If I could, I would take this letter, wrap it up, and give it to every little child I meet on this day. I would ask parents, grandparents, and relatives to read that letter with their children, as it is a forever gift from almost 184 years ago.

I give you this gift, and humbly ask that you share it with your children and grandchildren, nieces and nephews. Let them know that on this Christmas Day, and every day, the greatest gift is not just a toy — which provides immediate, and temporary joy — but, the greatest gift is the gift of freedom, which is not synonymous with receiving free stuff, however, the cost is certainly not free.

The Wise Men followed the Star that led them to the baby Jesus, Who sacrificed for our eternal freedom. Men and women have followed the Lone Star of Texas because of the sacrifice of men who have given us this grand place of freedom, and liberty. Let us hold Texas!

Commandancy of The Alamo
Bejar, Feby. 24th. 1836

To the People of Texas & All Americans in the World—
Fellow Citizens & compatriots—

I am besieged, by a thousand or more of the Mexicans under Santa Anna — I have sustained a continual Bombardment & cannonade for 24 hours & have not lost a man — The enemy has demanded a surrender at discretion, otherwise, the garrison are to be put to the sword, if the fort is taken — I have answered the demand with a cannon shot, & our flag still waves proudly from the walls — I shall never surrender or retreat. Then, I call on you in the name of Liberty, of patriotism & everything dear to the American character, to come to our aid, with all dispatch — The enemy is receiving reinforcements daily & will no doubt increase to three or four thousand in four or five days. If this call is neglected, I am determined to sustain myself as long as possible & die like a soldier who never forgets what is due to his own honor & that of his country —

Victory or Death.
William Barrett Travis.
Lt. Col. comdt.

P. S. The Lord is on our side — When the enemy appeared in sight we had not three bushels of corn — We have since found in deserted houses 80 or 90 bushels and got into the walls 20 or 30 head of Beeves.

[VIDEO] ACWT: Interview with LTC Allen West

I joined America, Can We Talk? and it’s host, Debbie Georgatos, to discuss topics of the day including my bid for Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas.

LTC Allen West appears on America, Can We Talk (ACWT) with Debbie Georgatos.

Challenging Progressive Leftists with Sights on Red States

It was a year ago, in October 2018, that my second book was released, “Hold Texas, Hold the Nation: Victory or Death.” What I sought to do was lay out the simple case as to why Texas has been successful, and California has not. Well, that is unless you consider being a sanctuary state for illegals and a massive homeless crisis being deemed a success. In the book, we discussed the issue of taxation and housing as two of the comparative points. Now, there are those who seem to not grasp the demographic shift here in Texas and its adverse effects upon the politics of Texas. We are seeing the major population centers of Texas being transformed into leftist fiefdoms. There can be no debate that the capital of Texas, Austin, looks more like San Francisco than the capital of the Lone Star State.

Here where I reside in Dallas County, in the city of Garland, we see the migration. I recently spoke with a GOP county chairman from Kaufman County. He articulated to me the problems of more folks moving into the area, namely Forney Texas, from inner Dallas, and elsewhere, and the political shift that is occurring.

It is rather obvious that Texas has become a victim of its own success. But, it is high time that Republican elected officials begin to challenge those moving here to Texas with that simple question: “why are you here?”

It was not too long ago that former Governor Rick Perry, and also current Gov. Greg Abbott, would travel about the country and advocate for corporations and businesses to relocate to Texas from failed economic states like California and New York. That is a great thing, but there is an additional consideration that perhaps they did not factor in. Business and corporate leaders realize why they are leaving places like California, but do they discuss their decision, honestly, with the employees? Many of who end up relocating with the business and corporation? Do they supply these employees with a fact sheet articulating the basis for the decision they have made? Do they tell these employees that they are moving because places like California, New York, and Illinois have a political and ideological agenda that sucks?

"As always, the grand strategy of failure is centered on consolidating power and control in the major urban centers, population centers, where we find the greatest examples of leftist policy failure." Click To Tweet

Do these business and corporate leaders look these employees in the eye and admonish them to not being those failed ideologies and policies with them? Nah, it seems that is not the case, and the result is that we end up experiencing the “locust effect.” Look at how folks have fled California for Oregon, Washington State, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, and Colorado and abjectly screwed up those states with their progressive socialist policies, which are the reason why they left California. Now, these delusional leftists are fleeing California for Montana and Idaho, but does anyone stop them at the border and ask, surrender your blue card, here is your new red card?

On the other side of the Mississippi River, it has happened in Virginia, and the left has their sights on Tennessee, North Carolina, Georgia, and Florida. As always, the grand strategy of failure is centered on consolidating power and control in the major urban centers, population centers, where we find the greatest examples of leftist policy failure.

From there the progressive socialist left extends out into the suburban areas, as we are seeing happen here as the insidious leftism of Dallas County infects Collin, Kaufman, Denton, Ellis, and even eyes Tarrant County. Just the same, we are seeing this cancer spread out of Houston, Harris County into Ft. Bend County, Brazoria, and Montgomery.

Yes, there are a good number of folks migrating into Texas from California and other failed blue states, but they do so more individually. As businesses and corporations relocate, they end up bringing groups, and it appears they don’t understand. I remember when a former Collin County GOP elected official shared with me a conversation he had with a recently relocated individual. She told him how much she loved Texas, the cost of living and atmosphere, but she said the only problem was that there were not enough Democrats (socialists). He told me he just shook his head in dismay, in utter disbelief. As if this woman could not comprehend why she loved the atmosphere and quality of life here in the Lone Star State as opposed to where she had left. She could not grasp the fact that she left a former failing state where the leftist locusts had destroyed it, but she wanted more of those same locusts to infest the new fertile grounds where she was living?

As reported by the LA Times:

“Just over half of California’s registered voters have considered leaving the state, with soaring housing costs cited as the most common reason for wanting to move, according to a new poll.

Young voters were especially likely to cite unaffordable housing as a reason for leaving, according to the latest UC Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies poll conducted for the Los Angeles Times. But a different group, conservatives, also frequently suggested they wanted to leave — and for a very different reason: They feel alienated from the state’s political culture. Republicans and conservative voters were nearly three times as likely to have seriously considered moving as their Democratic or liberal counterparts — 40% compared with 14%, the poll found. The conservative voters mentioned taxes and California’s political climate as a reason for leaving more frequently than they cited housing.

“If the people who are giving serious consideration for leaving are indeed going to follow through, the state will continue to get bluer and bluer,” said Mark DiCamillo, the director of the Berkeley IGS poll. “That has huge political implications.”

The findings come amid the slowest population growth in California history — underscoring shifting immigration patterns, declining birthrates, and the economic strains that make it harder for some to afford living here.

One in five Californians pay more than 50% of their income for housing, according to the state Department of Finance. In Southern California, the six-county region’s median home price was $535,000 last month, unchanged from August 2018, according to a report released Wednesday from real estate data provider CoreLogic. The Los Angeles County median price rose slightly to $619,000. The median price in the nine-county Bay Area region was $810,000.”

"It's time we who reside in strong red, conservative states ask the question, 'why are you here?' If folks are relocating because they want a better standard of living, growth, opportunity & prosperity, then leave the stupid behind." Click To Tweet

Yes, I have met many who have fled the insidious policies of California, New York, and elsewhere for Texas. Now they are expressing dismay in that Texas is succumbing to the same delusion they fled. In other words, what happens when the promised land is being overrun by the tyrannical invaders? Do I care if California gets deeper blue? Well, if people out there are stupid enough to embrace the failures, then so be it. But, what perplexes me is when leftists flee their own failure, yet import the same failure to a new, promising, and successful state. That is why this is not about logic, reason, or competence. Progressive socialism is rooted in abject ignorance.

Can some leftist explain to me the reasoning behind moving away from failure but being committed to bringing it with you? And why do we have folks in Texas who would even believe progressive socialism is a viable ideological agenda? Why is it that the University of Texas is becoming Cal-Berkeley? Heck, why don’t folks who love leftism move to California? As the article suggests, places like California, New York, New Jersey, Illinois, and Connecticut are bleeding population due to their tax and regulatory policies…but why pack that crap in your bags and bring it to a new location?

It is time we who reside in strong, conservative, red states ask the question, “why are you here?” If folks are relocating because they want a better standard of living, growth, opportunity, and prosperity, then leave the stupid behind. For those who live in Red states who prefer progressive socialism, move to places where you can bask in it, and end up smelling like the aroma of the homeless areas.

I know what is happening, it is all about power and control. The left wants a pure democracy that means concentrating their efforts in population centers . . . kinda like in “The Hunger Games” where the rural areas were subjugated to the tyranny of The Capitol.

That was a movie, but remember who controls Hollywood, that is their vision for America. Let’s bond together and drive progressive socialism out of our strong conservative red states. That also means electing people who will embrace this fight, and not surrender.

Photo credit: ep_jhu on Visual Hunt /  CC BY-NC

Statement Regarding Texas Gun Proposals

Too often politicians overly react to crisis situations and the call to do something with nebulous, boilerplate recommendations. Yet, they offer no specific and concise solutions based upon meticulous analysis, that is what leaders do.

In the case of the recent mass shootings in Texas, I would have gone back and assessed each incident on its own. Case in point: Sutherland Springs was the result of the failure of the US Air Force in uploading the assailant’s criminal record.

In the Santa Fe High School shooting, the assailant took his parents’ legally purchased firearms and hung out in an old trailer, the property of the parents. As well, the assailant wore a heavy coat to school on a hot day.

In the most recent cases, we had a mother in Allen, Texas, who reported her son. In Midland-Odessa, we had an individual with a violent nature who seemingly lived off the grid but had previously threatened a woman with a semi-automatic rifle. The woman reported the incident.

This is not about more gun control or ‘universal background checks.’ We need better reconciliation processes of our National Instant Criminal background checks system (NICS).

We currently have a stove-piped system with poor cross coordination, the real loophole. But more importantly, we need engaged parents. And, parents who are gun owners must better secure their weapons or potentially face prosecution.

I believe we also need to add a question to our BATF 4473 asking if the gun purchaser has anyone living in the home with a history of mental illness. Again, it should not deny them their Second Amendment right, but as an aid in consideration of gun security, as in the Sandy Hook case, it becomes vital.

We must act, but we must act within our established law. We need not create new laws that infringe upon our constitutional freedoms.