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Texas is Number One, and It’s Not Good

I have mentioned this previously and will continue to do so. Texas is the number one state in America for human and sex trafficking, with Dallas and Houston as the top two cities.

I know that the left is more concerned about climate change, but this is a disturbing issue, which one would believe we can all unite behind to end, or maybe not?

See, an important part of this issue is securing our borders, not exactly a policy issue the progressive socialist left wants to rally behind. Also, our Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Agency has human and sex trafficking as one of its missions. The left wants to abolish ICE. As a matter of fact, when was the last time you heard Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez use her social media platform to rail on the issue of human and sex trafficking? If she has, I apologize for not applauding her, but something tells me there is no need for an apology from me.

So, I just want to share a story, a tragic one, that I pray will cause us here in Texas to simply say, “no more.”

As reported by ABC 7:

“A family is pleading for justice after a 15-year-old sex-trafficking victim took her own life. Letty Serrano appeared to be a typical high school student with a loving family until she was forced into sex trafficking. “She was a great girl,” Serrano’s grandmother Cynthia Rivera said. “She was a good student and she loved her puppies.” On Oct. 12, Serrano decided to end her own life. Her family says it’s because she was a victim of sex trafficking. The family says at just 13 years old, Serrano was drugged and sold to sex traffickers.

When her family got her back, they say she was not the same little girl. “We got her back damaged,” Rivera said. Serrano’s father Mariano Serrano told ABC7 sister station, ABC13, that he’s broken and destroyed about what happened to his daughter. “I feel like I let her down,” Rivera said. Now, the family is raising money on Facebook for Serrano’s funeral expenses. They also want people to know how prevalent sex trafficking is in Houston, and how to help fight it.

“It’s a very familiar story, unfortunately,” Micah Gamboa, executive director of Elijah Rising. She says there are thousands of trafficking victims in Houston and over 300,000 in Texas. “Entire cities are becoming red-light districts. It’s no longer just a centralized or isolated issue. It’s actually spreading across the nation,” Gamboa said. The non-profit says suicide is common among sex-trafficking victims because their traffickers are rarely ever caught.”

I am the dad of two young women, and I pray this never happens to them. No, young boys are not immune from this pestilence either, this demonic scourge. But, sadly, we live in a world of predators, people who prey upon the smallest of us, our children, our grandchildren, and they are allowed to go unpunished. These devils walk among us and are invited to nice parties and events, constantly hiding their ugly, dark demons.

I have friends in law enforcement here in Dallas County, and they share with me horrific stories and the shocking backgrounds of these perpetrators who feel impervious to justice.

Everyone keeps ranting on about the prison guards who obviously let their “guard” down and Jeffrey Epstein took his life. Fine, I am glad that monster is gone. However, the real issue that we should all be made aware of are those who frequented his private island and partook of his vile services. Title and privilege should not be considered when it comes to protecting our children! But, we as a society also have a part to play in allowing this cancer to infest our nation. We have been far too accommodating and turning a blind, dismissive eye towards groups like NAMBLA (North American Man-Boy Love Association). We seem to want to treat pedophiles as victims, and not the victims as victims.

Is there any wonder why our children are the targets of monsters? After all, we deem it fanciful to kill our children in the womb, completely devaluing the most innocent of life.

We over-medicate our children. We shove tech devices into their hands and stop engaging with them. We allow them to have access to, and play, some of the most violent “games” and forms of entertainment around. Heck, in Austin, the Independent School District wants to teach 3rd-8th graders about the most perverse aspects of sex . . . and then we wonder why they are being looked upon as sexual objects by adults?

Letty Serano should still be alive, enjoying her fun years in high school. The demons that caused her death need to be hunted down and they should face the death penalty. Any adult that steals away the precious years of our children because of their lascivious perversions do, indeed, deserve a special place in hell.

Yes, every doggone individual who hung out with Jeffrey Epstein must be held accountable for the lives they destroyed, the memories they tarnished, the nightmares they produced.

Here in Texas, we have some work to do. There will be no abolishing of ICE. To those demons who hide in plain sight, sexually targeting our children note that the day of reckoning is coming.

Texas: Ground Zero for Trafficking

Many people talk about the culture war in America. This case of Jeffrey Epstein is a clear and present example. How have we devolved to such a truly deplorable state of existence in America where this sickness would be known and tolerated. We should all be outraged about the fact that we have grown adult predators of our children, robbing them of that which is sacred: their childhood innocence.

Jeffrey Epstein is dead, but those who frequented his services are still out there, and we should unite in finding and imprisoning them for life. No one is above the law, and hurting our children is unacceptable. If there is anything that should enjoy a bipartisan effort, this should be it. We should stop denigrating and disparaging the issue of life for our children, born and unborn, resulting in this degradation of their lives.

What is so greatly disturbing is that the Lone Star State of Texas is Ground Zero for human and sex trafficking.

As reported by KVUE:

“According to a report from The Human Trafficking Institute, 74 criminal human trafficking cases made their way through federal courts in Texas last year. The state of Texas has some work to do when it comes to human trafficking, according to a report from The Human Trafficking Institute. The report, released Tuesday, shows Texas ranked first in the nation for the number of criminal cases that wound their way through federal courts last year. Of those 74 cases, 68 involved sex trafficking and six involved labor trafficking.

Texas also ranked first for the number of new criminal human trafficking cases in 2018 with 19 initiated cases. That’s well above the national average of five new cases per state or territory. Of the new criminal cases, the report shows Texas initiated two criminal labor trafficking cases last year, making Texas one of only seven states or territories to initiate a new labor trafficking prosecution. Texas also topped the list for the number of convictions in human trafficking cases in 2018 with 45 convicted defendants. The national average is seven convictions per state or territory, the report shows.

Last year, the state ordered six defendants who were convicted to pay restitution to their victims, ranking Texas third in the nation for the number of restitution orders.”

This is one of the reasons I find it unconscionable that we have anyone advocating for open borders in America. In essence, they are aiding and abetting this horrific scourge of modern-day slavery in our country. We are looking at 30 percent of kids being used by drug cartels are paired up with people who are not their parents, or relatives. If they are not recycled back to be used again and again to enable “family units” illegal entry into America, they are fed into their abhorrent scheme.

In Texas, the major population centers of Houston and Dallas are leading the way as hotbeds of trafficking of humans, and children, for sex. What must disturb us all is the lack of criminal punishment, not for the traffickers, but those who are taking part in this disgusting operation for their perverted purposes.

KVUE continues:

“Out of the approximately 100 known victims identified by non-profits each year, only 11 child sex trafficking cases were brought to court in Travis County since 2016. “The detectives have been working really hard at trying to form relationships and really making sure that they can build a trust so slowly, they can find out what’s been happening to these children,” Fowler said. Of the 11 cases brought to court, only three defendants served jail time. The other eight got probation or their charges were waived or dismissed.

“The first and biggest reason really is based on the victim. It’s their story and if we don’t have the nerve to tell their story we can’t prove it to a jury,” Fowler said. Police and prosecutors said the survivors often run away or refuse to be a witness. In Austin, immigration also plays a role. Workers with the Refugee Services of Texas said U.S. citizen children who are trafficked are sometimes afraid to speak out if their parents are in the country illegally. “I have had minors come and speak to us and say, ‘My mom doesn’t want to work with law enforcement,’ or ‘I didn’t call police because I’m scared,’” Alvarez said.”

As I have read over some of these cases, it appears there is a common theme: plea bargaining. If we are honest, this was part of the Epstein case. For me, this is unacceptable. The trafficker and the “beneficiary” of this darkness should be equally punished. There is something about our culture that is allowing this cancer to manifest itself.

Our culture has become so perverted as to demean our children into sex objects for adult pleasure. Recently, an illegal immigrant child rapist was released by law enforcement officials in Mecklenburg (Charlotte) County, NC. What message are we sending to our children?

The existence of human and sex trafficking, of children, in America, represents a definitive decline in our culture. This is intolerable and inexcusable and must be rejected by all of us. We need tougher sentencing for these vermin and miscreants. We must re-establish the sanctity of our children and their innocence.

We must not relent in finding every single person who was involved with Jeffrey Epstein and bring them to justice. No one should be able to find sage quarters due to their status, evil is evil.

I, for one, will be committed, as the Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas, to support the eradication of this scourge from the Lone Star State. Let’s find these people, report them, and ensure they are taken off of our streets!

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