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Deciding What Makes a Protest ‘Illegal’

There is an incredible ideological gap widening here in America. Just yesterday, a dear friend sent me his new motto: “you’re either an American or a Democrat.” If anything has tended to exacerbate this philosophical divide, it has been this COVID-19 issue. It would appear that some in America have read the Constitution and understand the Bill of Rights, while others apparently have not. There can be no debate that what we are witnessing is the exploitation of a bad case of the flu to suspend individual rights, freedoms, and liberties. In some cases, what we are witnessing is an illegal implementation of martial law under the guise of the public good.

Elected officials have taken it upon themselves to determine who and what is essential. You will notice they did not ask We the People that question. Forcing people to stay in their homes, ad nauseum is a tool of tyrants and enabled by a police state.

We shared with y’all the story of the City of Laredo and their police department who ran a sting operation just to arrest two Hispanic women doing nails and eyebrows in their own home. Imagine that, elected officials are forcing the closure of small businesses and then arresting people for operating their business in their own home…oh yeah, all for the public good.

Now, if you speak out against such draconian measures, you are assailed. I have been invited to speak at an “Open Texas Back Up” rally this coming Saturday (see below). However, there are some in America who have determined such rallies, protests are illegal. Hmm, if I remember correctly, one of our First Amendment rights is the “right to petition the government for a redress of grievances.” Oh yeah, and there are some other First Amendment rights that we possess, like the right to free speech, freedom of expression, and peaceable assembly. Nope, I did not forget the freedom of religion and the free exercise thereof. Never again shall we have government force the closures of our places of worship!

So, who decides what an illegal protest is?

Daniel Greenfield looks at that question and glaring hypocrisy at Sultan Knish:

“On Monday, April 21st, members of National Nurses United (NNU), a radical union that advocates for socialized medicine, gathered outside the White House to protest against President Trump. And the media celebrated the protesters.

“Nurses protest unsafe conditions in front of White House,” CBS News headlined its coverage. “We’re Beyond Angered,” the Washington Post blared.

“We’re feeling like martyrs,” MSNBC shrilled.

There wasn’t even a hint of a suggestion that a protest was inappropriate under lockdown. Especially by a group that is at far more risk of spreading the virus than any of the shuttered small businesses.

The White House protest was one of multiple NNU protests around the country, some thinly disguised as ‘vigils’ or concerns over PPE, but ultimately a larger push for a socialized medicine takeover. But it wasn’t just protests by health care workers that benefited from a political double standard.

In the same weeks as the ‘Reopen’ protests against state lockdowns and for reopening businesses were taking place, a parallel series of protests against President Trump were also happening across America.

Police cracked down on the ‘reopen’ protests, arresting an organizer in New Jersey, while the media condemned them, spun conspiracy theories trying to tie them to members of the Trump administration, and falsely accused protesters of causing an increase in coronavirus in Kentucky.

Facebook deleted protest groups in coordination with state governments, labeling the protests, illegal. Blue state governments, dot com overlords, and the media all warned that protesting in the age of the coronavirus was dangerous and illegal. Even if the protesters were in cars or maintaining social distance.

But meanwhile Refuse Fascism, a radical leftist organization created by members of the Revolutionary Communist Party, was holding its own anti-Trump protests with no interference from the authorities.

And no negative coverage from the media.

While New Jersey State cops had arrested the organizer of the ‘Reopen’ protest in Trenton, the Philadelphia Inquirer described members of Refuse Fascism Philly, at least one of them outfitted in ‘Handmaid’ garb, driving to dump fake body bags at the Trump National Golf Club in New Jersey while “police officers wearing respirators monitored the peaceful demonstration” and made no arrests.”

Hmm, let me summarize this simply: if you’re a radical leftist organization holding a protest, you’re great and lauded by the liberal progressive media. But, if you’re an organization speaking out for your constitutional rights, well, you’re illegal? That is some stuck on stupid mess, but it is indicative of the ideological chasm in our America.

Think about it: the “Open Up America” protests are being denigrated as racist, run by white supremacists. Now, that is funny, so “racists” are gonna ask me, an American black man, to speak about individual rights, freedoms, and liberty? Oops, I forgot, to those progressive socialist leftists, I ain’t really “black,” you know…I think for myself.

The conclusion is simple: if you are protesting in accordance with the ideological agenda of the left, you are great…a martyr. However, if you are not, and taking the opposing stance, based upon our founding, you are illegal. Doggone, ain’t that just a hoot? The left decides that Americans protesting for their rights is illegal, but folks who come into America illegally are just fine. Now that is what you call Bizarro World, which is the world in which the progressive socialist leftists reside.

There is no reason for a “lockdown” of Americans. And that simple term, “lockdown”, should have never been deemed as an appropriate course of action to deal with this COVID-19 issue. I remember reading early on about how China had “locked down” the entire city of Wuhan. I said to myself, that would never happen here in our America. Damn, was I ever wrong. But what is even more disturbing, disconcerting, is not just the fact that it was done, it is the fact that so many accepted it and still embrace it…and demonize those who don’t.

If you want to stay locked down in your home, that is your decision. But, America is not some collective beehive where drones must obey and serve the queen bee. If in America now, dissent from the progressive socialist left’s ideological agenda is deemed illegal, then we are right back to where we were 245 years ago.

I will not live under the yoke of tyranny. My constitutional rights are not illegal. I shall not surrender them to an intrusive, onerous government, and its acolytes of servitude, who prefer economic enslavement for the American people. That dog don’t hunt.

Rally information:

Poster that says, "Open Texas Back Up - Peaceful Protest" Tyler City Hall, 212 N Bonner, Tyler, TX 75703, 2-5pm

Conservative Texas Students Denied the Right to Meet

[UPDATE: Exactly one week after posting this, our team received word that the Garland High School chapter of YAF had received approval to meet . . . Thank you!]

Good Wednesday, y’all! Hump day! And, yes, I could spend my time with this missive chiming on about last night’s Democrat (socialist) Party presidential candidate debate in Ohio. I think we could go without another round of blatantly apparent prognostication of the obvious.

As well, I could spend the time to join in and rail on one LeBron James, but in the end, he is just a fella that shoots and dribbles. What I do want to share with y’all is something far more important, and very close to my heart, and home.

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As you know, I reside in Garland, Texas, and was looking forward to the opportunity to speak at Garland High School yesterday after class. The young people there were starting a chapter of the Young America’s Foundation (YAF) at their school. This was to be their kickoff and first chapter meeting. If there is one thing I love, it is talking about individual liberty and freedom with our young people. That is why I have been a speaker for YAF for almost four years now, most recently in Washington, DC at their annual summer leadership summit. I am also honored to be an Honorary Advisory Board Member for Turning Point USA and will be speaking on several Texas college and university campuses for them.

When I watch the TV and see the young people in Hong Kong marching in the street singing our national anthem and carrying our flag — because of what America represents — it is breathtaking. Those young people are standing up to a brutal and repressive communist regime on one hand, and individual liberty, freedom on the other. Yet, here in America, we have young people who are protesting as they seek to embrace the very thing that those brave young people in Hong Kong are standing against, progressive socialism. Make no mistake, it was Vladimir Lenin who asserted that “the goal of socialism is communism.”

So, consider this: how much time in a day do you spend with your child or grandchild as opposed to a teacher or professor? It is imperative that our students are educated, objectively, and not subjected to a certain partisan ideological indoctrination. I suppose that is why the progressive socialist left goes apoplectic — I mean pure nuts — when any constitutional conservative seeks to speak on campus, or in a school. That is why I was stoked about coming to Garland High School, right here where I live, to christen a new YAF Chapter.

Or so I thought.

As I awaited entry into the school, I was met by the parent of the senior student who was going to be the YAF chapter leader. He sadly told me about what had happened. His son received an email from the principal of Garland Hight School denying the chapter under the premise that is was not “neutral.” Yes, the principal made a decision about what is “neutral.” The dad went on to tell me that there would not be the group they expected, but ya know what, there were five young men with whom I spoke, and that was fine by me. Great movements have begun with small starts.

I figured I would share with y’all the mission statement, and a little history about YAF, from their website:

“Young America’s Foundation is committed to ensuring that increasing numbers of young Americans understand and are inspired by the ideas of individual freedom, a strong national defense, free enterprise, and traditional values.

As the principal outreach organization of the Conservative Movement, the Foundation introduces thousands of American youth to these principles. We accomplish our mission by providing essential conferences, seminars, educational materials, internships, and speakers to young people across the country.

Young America’s Foundation stepped forward to save President Reagan’s Western White House, Rancho del Cielo, in the spring of 1998 to preserve it as a living monument to Ronald Reagan to pass on his ideas to future generations. President Reagan committed himself to reaching young people with his ideas—a goal that is also central to the Foundation’s mission.

Preserving the Ranch and passing on the President’s lasting accomplishments is Young America’s Foundation’s way of thanking Ronald Reagan for all he has done for his country and the world. His beloved ranch is a place of learning, a place of encouragement and a place of inspiration for generations to come. The Reagan Ranch Center in downtown Santa Barbara is a “schoolhouse for Reaganism” where young and old alike can visit and learn more about one of America’s greatest presidents.”

So, I have to ask the principal of Garland High School, what needs to be neutralized about YAFs mission?

Am I to believe that any discussion about the ideals of individual freedom, a strong national defense, free enterprise, and traditional values are not welcomed at Garland High School? I found it interesting that there is a LGBTQ club for students at Garland High School. I don’t think that is neutral. So why is it that a constitutional conservative organization needs to be “neutral,” or shall I better say it, “neutralized?”

If there is one thing I care little for are the academic elites whose objective is to impose a fascist idea of suppressing any and all opposing political thought, perspectives, views, principles, and insights. If there is one thing that should happen in our system of education, it is a fair and equitable presentation of ideas.

Earlier yesterday I spoke with the Plano Republican Women at their monthly luncheon. In attendance was one of the Plano City Council members who chimed in when I talked about the importance of local school boards. She informed the group that in one of the local schools, as part of a social studies class, the students were made to watch CNN for Kids. Now, yeah, you know what I am about to say . . . is that “neutral?”

We must stand up, as adults, for our children and grandchildren who wish not to participate in the grand progressive socialist indoctrination. Click To Tweet

Ladies and gents, there is a reason why our children are going down an ideological path, completely different from the stance the young people in Hong Kong are taking. There is a reason why LeBron James will offer biting criticism of our America, and President Trump but will assail someone who tweets about standing up against a communist dictator and the country of China. There is a reason why we watched a presidential debate where candidates were trying to out “socialist” the other, espousing a philosophy of governance that is antithetical to the fundamental principles of our Constitutional Republic, and our rule of law, the US Constitution.

This is all happening because we do not teach civics and history. It is happening because we, conservatives, have not emphasized the importance of local school board elections. It is happening because school principals are making subjective value judgments about not allowing conservative ideas, YAF chapters, into schools because they are not “neutral.”

I had a great time with those five young men, along with the dad and one of the good guy teachers. I told them that I would write about this episode and expose this egregious action by the principal of Garland High School. We must stand up, as adults, for our children and grandchildren who wish not to participate in the grand progressive socialist indoctrination.

There is nothing neutral about progressive socialism. It has one objective: erode individual freedoms and liberties, and relegate citizens into being subjects. Click To Tweet

Perhaps, more of our students should be taught about what happened to young Chinese students 30 years ago in a place called Tiananmen Square. They need to be reminded about what is happening to young people in a place not too far away called Venezuela, right now. There is nothing neutral about progressive socialism. It has one objective: erode individual freedoms and liberties, and relegate citizens into being subjects.

That indoctrination is starting all over America, in places like Garland High School, it would appear. Stay tuned, but I will not relent until there is a Young America’s Foundation Chapter at Garland High School . . . and neither should you!