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Welcome to Texas! Now, Why Did You Leave Where You Were?

It is the message that should be on billboards all across the major interstates coming into, and through, Texas. Not just Texas, but one could actually put those signs up in any successful red state to which people are flocking. But, here in Texas, it is a phenomenon like no other place, closest being Florida. Governor’s Perry and Abbott have made it a point to trek across America and advocate for businesses to pick up and leave failing blue states with their onerous tax, regulation, and economic policies, and follow the Lone Star to economic salvation, growth, opportunity, and success.

Except there is one problem. We fail to ask them the seminal question, offered at the beginning of this missive, upon their arrival. Heck, even God admonished Lot and his family to do only one thing as they fled His destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah: “don’t look back.” It is an admonishment that has relevance today.

Sure, there are a good many folks who are singularly making the informed decision to flee the progressive socialist states such as California, Illinois, New York, and New Jersey. The problem is that we have folks forced to relocate to a state like Texas because their business or corporation has decided to do so . . . and the corporate leaders did not send out a memo explaining the choice. At some point in time, these newly arrived corporations, such as Toyota N.A., who recently left California for Plano Texas should have that conversation with their employees.

Young people relocating to Texas due to high-tech opportunities should understand that an insidious idea like a “head tax,” will never fly here.

A recent report in the Dallas News gives insight as to just what is happening here in Texas.

“The number of California residents headed to Texas grew by more than a third in the latest U.S. migration count. More than 86,000 Californians picked up and moved to Texas in 2018, according to a report by the Texas Realtors’ association. Texas had the most total inbound moves of any U.S. state but Florida, with 563,945 new residents in the year. Florida had slightly more moves, fueled by relocating retiree baby boomers.

“For the sixth year in a row, more than half a million people chose Texas as their new home,” Cindi Bulla, 2020 chairman of Texas Realtors, said in the report. “And why not? In addition to its business-friendly environment with no state income tax and abundance of jobs, land and opportunity, Texas is known for its diverse, friendly spirit and culture.”

The Realtors’ study found that the net gain of out-of-state residents in Texas rose by about 78% in 2018. Along with California, most of the newcomers hailed from Florida (37,262), Louisiana (29,108), Oklahoma (24,590) and New York (21,509).

The top cities where most of the new Texans relocated from included Los Angeles-Long Beach-Anaheim, New York-Newark-Jersey City and Chicago-Naperville-Elgin. The Dallas-Fort Worth attracted the highest number of out-of-state movers — 200,966 new residents — followed by the Houston area with 176,110, the Realtors report found.

Harris County led the state with a net 80,572 out-of-state moves. Dallas-Fort Worth was the country’s top employment growth center in 2019, with more than 120,000 new jobs created for the year ended November.”

All of this begs a simple question: why would anyone move to the state of Texas, and then continue to vote for the ideological agenda and policies of the place they left? Okay, sure, there are some folks who are already here in Texas, being indoctrinated in the school system, and elsewhere, to embrace progressive socialism. Even still, that is the pure definition of insanity to embrace a failed economic model and expect different results, especially when residing in a state that has the 10th largest economy in the world, not to mention 10 percent of Fortune 500 corporate headquarters.

We continuously hear the incessant droning by the left about “turning Texas blue,” which means — in this case — turning Texas sad. Why would any individual with a functioning intellectual capacity desire to transform Texas, a model of success, into a replica of failure? Why would that be advocated by the folks who have left the failed blue states?

Yet, there is something happening in Texas, centered primarily on the major population centers, which are expanding. In 2012, Mitt Romney won Texas by 16 percent. President Trump won Texas by 9 percent in 2016. Ted Cruz only won Texas by 2.3 percent in 2018. Yes, Governor Greg Abbott won his race in 2018 by a double-digit margin, but his opponent, Lupe Valdez, was as weak as pond water. The Texas Lt. Gov. and Attorney General both had close calls in 2018. Texas lost 12 state house seats, two state senate seats, two US Congressional seats, and 56 judgeships in 2018. One of the supposed largest red counties in Texas, Tarrant County (Ft. Worth), was won by senate challenger Robert Francis O’Rourke. And, it was in Tarrant County that we lost one of the two Texas State Senate seats was lost; the other was in Dallas. Also, an Asian Republican County Commissioner lost in Tarrant County.

I love the saying, “Come, let us reason together.” So, let us attempt to reason together, and tell me why, with all our economic success, this is happening? We shared with y’all previously the story about Texas’ special Christmas gift to America, energy independence, being a net exporter of energy, oil, and natural gas resources.

However, we have a philosophy of governance finding a foothold in Texas that believes we should eliminate the oil and gas industry in the next ten years. Heck, folks of a leftist persuasion that believe we should get rid of beef . . . in Texas? Texas with no beef? Sorry, but I ain’t eating a “plant-based” ribeye steak!

Progressive socialism has no record of success, yet, it is being toyed with here in a State that is an economic success. What is even more disconcerting, Republican elected officials in Texas act sheepishly towards firmly establishing and implementing a strong constitutional conservative legislative agenda in Texas. Hmm, Gavin Newsom and the California State Legislature continue to support the failed leftist policies that are driving the population out of the so-called “Golden State.”

Texas, due to the explosion in population, will be getting three new congressional districts. The Texas State House is only eight seats away from being overtaken by the progressive socialist left. That means they would be in a position of drawing the new legislative representation districts in Texas. Side note: Eric Holder is in charge of the Democrat (socialist) Party National Redistricting Committee, and he is headquartered in California. Holder’s goal? Flip Republican-held State Houses . . . like what happened in Virginia, aided by Mayor Big Gulp’s millions of dollars.

All of this is utterly illogical, and even Spock would refer to this as “fascinating.” To have people flee from a failing economic state, come to a successful economic state, and vote for the policies and politicians resembling the failure they have fled. That, folks, is crazy. Yet that is what has happened in Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, North Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, and yep, Texas.

Ya just gotta ask, why did you leave what you had if that is truly what you wanted? Consider it this way: if you just got cured of lung cancer, would you go out and take up smoking again?

Welcome to Texas, and we don’t want your cancerous progressive socialist disease!

Texas Tour Bus

Last evening I spoke at a very nice community in Flower Mound Texas called Tour 18. I had been invited by several conservative women who seek to become more active and want to start a Women’s GOP club in their community. The turnout was perfect, about 40-45 folks which means a great intimate setting for conversation and exchange of thoughts, perspectives, and insights. One of the women in attendance, in this very diverse group of men and women, was a conservative Black woman, probably in her late 30s, early 40s. She and her husband have lived in Texas for less than two years and came from California. I will never forget her words, as she explained to the group that when they departed California they told friends they were “moving to America.”

That is the sentiment of many who are have left failing states like California, Illinois, New York, and New Jersey, seeking out states with better economic growth, opportunity, and promise…like Texas. However, there is also a group that seeks to leave but for whatever reason, have not come to the firm realization as to why…they are the ones causing issues in successful conservative, red states.

As reported in the LA Times:

“When half a dozen California families arrived in a limo-style bus for a daylong tour of suburban homes for sale north of Dallas, the sun was shining but the temperature had dipped below 50 degrees. Some came unprepared for the cooler weather, shivering in hoodies, flip-flops and one in a Dodgers cap.

“Don’t know how much walking I’ll be doing,” said Paul Paone, 57, a grandfather wearing flip-flops and shorts.

Californians have been leaving the Golden State for decades in search of cheaper housing, lower taxes and a different way of life. According to a UC Berkeley poll conducted for the Los Angeles Times last year, more than half of California’s registered voters have considered leaving the state. For thousands, that search leads to Texas. California lost 1 million residents to other states from 2007 to 2016, about 2.5% of its total population, and Texas was the most popular destination, according to a 2018 report from the state Legislative Analyst’s Office. The main reasons Californians cited for wanting to leave: high housing costs (71%), taxes (58%) and the state’s political culture (46%). 

The amazing thing is that we have folks who are moving into Texas and, for some rather insane reason, wish to change the political culture to what they just left.

“Politics isn’t that big a deal to me. The bigger thing is cost of living, how cramped it’s getting,” said Tim Paone, 31, a software developer. “We have a lot of friends who are considering moving out of L.A.” He had promised to report back on the Texas tour to three other families renting in Venice.”

Uh, yes Tim, politics is a really big deal, and it is the reason why you were on the Texas tour bus looking at properties in Prosper! Get it? “Prosper,” as in “prosperity.”

The imperative point that we have to make here in Texas, and other successful red states where folks are flooding into, is to ask two simple questions, “why are you here” and “why did you leave where you were?” If we do not stop and force people, in a kind way, to do the basic self-analysis test and answer those two questions, honestly, then Texas will go the way of Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado, trending purple, then blue.

You cannot divorce the politics, principles, policies, and values of constitutional conservatism from the success of states that follow those guiding fundamentals. Texas is a state that honors the rugged individual entrepreneurial spirit. Texas rewards success, ingenuity, innovation, and investment. Texas does not seek to elevate the institution of government over the rights, liberties, freedom, and sovereignty of the individual citizen. Texas seeks to implement policies that enable the pursuit of happiness, as determined by the individual, not direct or promise the equality of outcomes.

Texas believes in the rule of law and the rights of parents to train up their children. Texas is not a place for social re-engineering, breaking down of family values, and murdering our unborn children. Sadly, Planned Parenthood’s second-largest office is located in Houston.

Texas believes in the words of the Apostle Paul to the Romans in Romans Chapter 12:2 (NIV), “Do not conform to the pattern of this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.” In secular translation: Texans do not want their Texas to be conformed to California, but y’all moving here should be transformed into this mindset; a mindset that is good, pleasing, and allows you to enjoy a perfect will for your life.

If there is to be a defeat of the ongoing scourge of progressive socialism that threatens our America, it will be here in Texas. Texans have seen what is happening in Virginia, and are fully committed to not allowing such here in the Lone Star State. So, all y’all moving here, just get ready. We’re gonna ask you the two questions, as well. Texans are going to stop allowing the indoctrination of their children in these public schools, overrun with leftist ideology, that includes our college and university campuses.

The ideological battle for America is upon us, and the guns are sounding loud and clear here in Texas. It is time folks came to learn that “come and take it” is not a bumper sticker slogan, it is a way of life.

It defines the Texas way of life.

Why Emulate “Stuck on Stupid?”

A recent article provides another example of the insidious, delusional, and deranged philosophy of governance espoused by the progressive socialist left.

As reported at HotAir:

“A few years ago, California passed one in a series of bills aimed at emptying the jails and prisons. Proposition 47 carried the disingenuous name of “the Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Act and its stated purpose was to keep non-violent offenders out of jail. To achieve this goal, the state decriminalized a number of lesser offenses, including retail theft. 

The law raised the value of the amount of merchandise someone could steal while still only being charged with a misdemeanor to nearly one thousand dollars. To the great surprise of the government, people noticed this change and began taking advantage of it. They have now recorded multiple years of steadily increasing, organized robbery. These plots are known as “mass grab and dash” thefts and they generally involve large numbers of young people all entering a store at the same time, grabbing armfuls of merchandise and dashing back out to their vehicles and hitting the highway. Not only are robberies on the rise, but arrests and prosecutions are down. Nobody is seriously contesting the numbers. The local and state police organizations blame prop 47. FBI crime data supports the contention. Retail sales organizations have tracked this trend and agree.

This is a trend that’s been building in a number of blue states and now it seems that the petty crime chickens are coming home to roost. The fact is that there are always going to be a certain number of people who will be willing to break the law if they don’t feel the risk of significant punishment is too high. An understanding of this fundamental principle is why the “broken windows” policies enacted in New York City and other municipalities in the 90s were so effective. If you crack down on even smaller crimes, you lower crime rates overall.”

Perhaps you are saying, so what Col.? Here is the so what.

A year ago, in Dallas County, Texas, where I reside, a new, progressive socialist, District Attorney was elected, Jon Creuzot. One of his first edicts was to assert that his office would not be prosecuting crimes below a $750 value . . . Really? It is believed that in this past year, California lost nearly 200K residents. Yes, there are some great conservatives who have fled that lost state, but there are those who have come to Texas bringing along that failed ideology. As well, there are folks here in Texas creating a storm by embracing this failed ideology of leftism. Our Texas college and university campuses are overrun with the purveyors of socialism, the professors. The administrations on these campuses abdicate their leadership roles to the mad mobs of students and allow fascism to take root.

Why do states emulate failed “stuck on stupid” ideologies? Time to turn the tide, y’all!

Backing the Blue, Texas Style!

We all know that folks are fleeing California and heading to greener pastures, and one of those fertile lands is the Lone Star State of Texas. We welcome folks to Texas, but we also wanna make sure they respect and honor that which has made Texas, well, Texas. Texas is all about rugged individualism, a swagger that results in making victors, not victims. But, sadly, for some odd reason, the insidious failing message of progressive socialism, collective subjugation to the central determination of outcomes, has infected the Lone Star State.

But, I remain steadfast and loyal, and greatly hopeful, that there will be a restoration of the Texas spirit. We will see the radicalism of the left soundly defeated here in Texas, and I wanna share one reason why. We have been sharing stories about folks moving into Texas, here is another one.

As reported by Law Officer:

“Retired California cops are fleeing the Golden State in droves. I know, because I am one of them. Upon retirement my wife and I sold our home, packed the U-haul, loaded the dogs and moved to Texas. Our daughter and her family had previously relocated, so that motivated us. But ongoing state politics made the decision easy. Moreover, I personally know dozens of others who have done likewise. My retired law enforcement peers have primarily relocated to Texas, Idaho, Montana, and Arizona.

The biggest issues for leaving California continue to be degradation in the quality of life and over-burdensome taxes. Does this sound similar, New Yorkers? I’ve heard much the same from your end of the country.

The quality of life issues are experienced firsthand by police officers. Dealing with rampant drug use, unabated crime, and diseases spread through mass homelessness is sickening. Furthermore, local and state policies that reduce or eliminate consequences have created a system that profits criminal activity and promotes laziness by getting attached to the public trough.

Sadly, we left behind two sons who’ve since married and are trying to make their way. As a result, we frequently visit California. While I miss lifelong friends and family, not to mention our appreciation of the year-round fabulous weather, I do not miss the “junk” created by failed policies and deceptive laws, which favor the criminal element.

I recently met a friend who is a retired California law enforcement officer for lunch at a trendy location near my home. She and her retired DEA husband recently moved from the Bay Area to Texas.

“Did you find a place to park,” I asked, due to the crowded area in which we met.

“Are you kidding,” she replied. “The no-cost parking structure was clean. I didn’t need to step over a homeless person or get accosted by an aggressive panhandler. And the elevator didn’t smell like p*ss and sh** . . . Yeah, no problem; easiest public parking I’ve seen in years.”

Since moving to Texas I have heard hundreds of horror stories from California cops fighting against a state system that is unexplainably favorable to abhorrent behavior; to the degree that middle-class Californians are fed up and seeking a better quality of life elsewhere.

Our first three years in Texas were spent in a rural part of Collin County—about an hour north of Dallas. “What do you like about it, Dad,” my youngest son asked during a phone conversation.

I held my cellphone up toward the sky and inquired, “Can you hear that?”

“Hear what?” he replied.

“Exactly, you don’t hear a siren do you?” I said.

“I haven’t heard a siren in two years while living on this property. Moreover, I haven’t been aggressively approached by a vagrant . . .  and we don’t have graffiti.”

Well, I guess that says it all? But, what is amazing is that those same leftist policies that drove this retired law enforcement officer from California are taking root in places in Texas. Here in Dallas and Dallas County the former mayor and his corrupt city council so mismanaged the law enforcement and first responder pension programs that a bailout from the State of Texas was needed. As well, recruiting and the rolls of the Dallas Police Department are not the best. On top of that, new Dallas County DA, Jon Cruezot, has publicly declared that he will not prosecute criminal activity that results in property loss of $750 or less. Yep, a fella clocks you on the head and takes $500, they walk free, no prosecution.

I know the other retired law enforcement officer mentioned the state of the no cost parking structure. Good thing she was talking about Collin County, which has its own issues with the spread of leftist locusts, and not Austin Texas, or even downtown Dallas. Even here in Texas, we are finding the failures of California homeless policies taking root in the Lone Star State. Many would offer that Austin Texas, capital of the state, resembles San Francisco more than a capital city of Texas…and I have been accosted by homeless vagrants downtown. And it is starting to have an adverse effect on businesses.

Texas loves its law enforcement officers, well, real Texans do. Here in Texas, if an elected official disrespects a fallen law enforcement officer, such as California Governor Gavin Newsom did with slain Officer Ronil Singh, they will be publicly shamed. We here in Texas do not embrace innocent American women being gunned down by a five-time deported criminal illegal immigrant, as in the case with Kate Steinle. Here in Texas, we do not allow sanctuary cities for illegal immigrants, placing our law enforcement officers in tough situations.

We “Back the Blue” here in Texas and those who do not risk drawing the ire of real Texans. So, all y’all come on down to Texas, and leave a note on your door, just as the saying used to be back in the 1820s and 1830s: “GTT;” or “Gone to Texas.”

All you good conservatives from all over the country, tell those progressive socialists, just as Davy Crockett did, “May you all go to hell, I am going to Texas.”

The Californication of Texas

God’s blessings y’all, and what a fantastic Veterans Day yesterday! Well, except for the snowflakes at the University of Virginia who disrespected and dishonored our fallen heroes by canceling the 21-gun salute to honor them. Ya just gotta ask, when will adults step up and tell these whiny little kids to grow up? What an utter embarrassment! Then again, Virginia is now run by the progressive socialist left.

Speaking of a state that is an embarrassment, run by the leftist incompetence.

Some would say it is a broken record, but if we do not continue to hammer the point, it will be forgotten. To what am I referring? Well, the June 2019 article in The Economist called “Texafornia,” where the premise was that the future of these United States of America will come down to either the path of California or the way of Texas.

Those of us who reside in the Lone Star State see exactly what is happening. Texas is a victim of its own success in that so many businesses, corporations and people are fleeing failed economic states like the not-so-Golden State, Illinois, New York, and New Jersey. As we profiled a conservative California couple last week, some are moving for all the proper reasons, economic growth, opportunity, prosperity. That couple who moved to McKinney Texas had enough of the progressive socialist, central economic policies of the left coast, and fled. As a matter of fact, states like California and the others are bleeding population, and there were even rumors about California implementing an Exit Tax!

There is an age-old adage that says, when you find yourself in a deep hole, stop digging. That maxim has been lost on the delusional stuck on stupid legislators in California.

As reported by the Sacramento Bee:

“Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti on Wednesday announced he’s backing a campaign to raise taxes on business properties in California, joining powerful unions in supporting a proposal that would raise money for schools and local governments. The proposed ballot measure would change the state’s 1978 law known as Proposition 13, which limited property taxes by basing them on value at purchase, as opposed to current assessed value.

The so-called split roll proposal Garcetti is backing would undo that protection for business properties worth more than $3 million and instead tax them on current value. Garcetti says the proposal has appropriate exemptions to protect homeowners and small businesses from tax hikes. The Legislative Analyst’s Office estimates it would generate $7.5 billion to $12 billion each year.

 “I am proud to strongly support the Schools & Communities First campaign, which prioritizes our kids and communities over corporate tax loopholes,” he said in a written statement released by the campaign. “It’s time we had the resources needed to invest in thriving schools, safe neighborhoods and vital local services that benefit all Californians.”

Business groups have come out swinging against the proposal, which they argue doesn’t protect small businesses and will force them to raise costs. “The split roll property tax measure will be a sledgehammer to brick and mortar retail and will harm working families across California as it will drive up costs for the goods and services we buy every day,” California Retailers Association President Rachel Michelin said in a written statement last month. “This measure will make our state even more unaffordable and hurt all Californians.”

The typical progressive socialist response to any problem — of their own making — is to raise taxes. Now, we have shared with y’all the fact that California has the nation’s highest state income taxes at 13 percent. California also has the highest state poverty level at 20 percent, and I do not think that poverty number includes the homeless and illegal immigrants. So, with all the problems facing Los Angeles, what is the solution? Raise taxes on businesses, especially small businesses? This is no different from the insidious proposal from the Seattle City Council of a Head Tax. Yes, an additional tax on each employee in corporations that are worth a certain amount, I believe over $10M in revenues. That was such a “brilliant” idea that even Jeff Bezos of Amazon put the kibosh on that idea.

Let this be a warning to those of us in Texas, where we have no state income tax . . . yet we had to vote on a constitutional amendment to solidify that. Reason being, far too many leftist legislators infecting Texas. In Texas, we do have property taxes, and you can bet that if the progressive socialist left makes any gains in the Texas State House, “Katie Bar the Door,” this foolishness will come our way.

Just think about it, maybe Garcetti and his ilk in Los Angeles should stop giving taxpayer free benefits to illegal immigrants? I mean who can take this statement seriously,

“I am proud to strongly support the Schools & Communities First campaign, which prioritizes our kids and communities over corporate tax loopholes,” he said in a written statement released by the campaign. “It’s time we had the resources needed to invest in thriving schools, safe neighborhoods and vital local services that benefit all Californians.”

Really? Whenever the left wants to pick hardworking taxpayers’ pockets, they say it all goes to schools. And yet the schools under the administration of the progressive socialist left continue to fail . . . look at any major urban center in America, most of which are under Democrat (socialist) control.

Y’all hear that? Yep, that is the sound of more U-Haul vans, trailers, and trucks loading up and heading out of California. But, to those fleeing this failed state, please, remember why you left where you were . . . and why you came to a place of economic empowerment and promise.

As we head into 2020, there has never been a more clear delineation of the choice that we have in America. And the lunacy of California is being echoed in the economic plans of the Democrat [Socialist] presidential candidates…wealth tax? Yes, to the left, the tax code is nothing more than a weapon of mass destruction, and a means to institute their ideological agenda.

I humbly ask y’all to engage your kids when they come home for Thanksgiving. We need to flush out their brains that have been poisoned by the mind-numbing leftist rhetoric of college and university professors. Give your kids this quote, and discuss it with them over the holiday season, “Socialism is the philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy. The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings. The inherent virtue of Socialism is the equal sharing of miseries.”

Raising property taxes in order to “invest” in local government? Boy, that is dumb. That is California, and we do not want our Texas to be Californicated!

Don’t Californicate Our Texas

Last night I spoke at an event in Fredericksburg, Texas, and if there is anything I enjoy, it’s riding through the Texas Hill Country. I love coming down Hwy 281 through Burnet to Marble Falls, then hitting Hwy 290, Texas Wine Row. I have ridden my motorcycle through Hill Country several times and each time it is exhilarating.

Now, I have to tell you, the only issue I had was going through Johnson City, Texas. That is the home of former President Lyndon Baines Johnson, the “Man from the Pedernales.” Johnson is not exactly one of my favorites, and you can understand why.

But, as I travel all across Texas, either in my truck, Jeep, or on my motorcycle, I am just proud and honored to call the Lone Star State home, again. The incredible beauty and blessings of this state from the pine trees of East Texas to the Guadalupe Mountains and Big Bend Mountains, over to the Gulf of Mexico — and all parts in between — just blows one away. What’s even greater is that Texas moxie, that renowned swagger that says, “Everything is bigger in Texas.”

I am also thinking about another state, one that is picturesque and offers a variety of breathtaking scenery and terrain, California. The so-called Golden State was once a strong conservative state. Heck, Ronald Reagan was once its governor, but look at what it has become!

Just days ago, it was revealed that California, which has the highest state income tax, also has the highest poverty level. One in every five Californians lives in poverty. We know about the abhorrent and medieval conditions resulting from the homeless situation in California. Yet, the useful idiots that populate that once thriving state elected the “Walking Brain Dead,” who spend more time passing laws about plastic straws, and now banning plastic shampoo, lotion, and conditioner bottles from hotels.

And, now we have the most recent evidence of incompetence and ineptness emanating from California.

As reported by Fox News:

“Power to hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses went out early Wednesday, affecting millions of people in California. PG&E said it will turn off power to 800,000 customers — that means about 2 million people — in 34 counties in northern, central and coastal California. In Southern California, SoCal Edison warned that it might shut off power to more than 100,000 customers in eight counties as high winds are expected to hit the region Thursday. The city of San Francisco isn’t covered by PG&E’s shutoffs. But much of the surrounding Bay Area and beyond are expected to go dark, including large swaths of Silicon Valley, the cities of Oakland and Berkeley and much of the Northern California wine country hit by wildfires that killed 44 two years ago. The outage also affects parts of the agricultural Central Valley, the state’s northern and central coasts and the Sierra Nevada foothills where a November wildfire blamed on PG&E transmission lines killed 85 people and devastated the town of Paradise.

Thousands of students were getting the day off Wednesday, and possibly Thursday, as school districts across Northern California announced plans to cancel classes. Some school districts in the power outage area, like Berkeley, said they planned to stay open Wednesday but told parents to stay tuned. The University of California, Berkeley, Sonoma State University and Mills College canceled classes Wednesday. While critical emergency city and county services were expected to operate, residents were urged to call ahead about routine office hours as many may be closed. Hospitals have backup generators and could stay open, along with all emergency services. Cellphone companies have said most cellphones should work as long as they’re charged.”

One of the great things about Texas is that it has its own power grid! Yes, the Lone Star State is not connected to either the East or West coast grid, thank God. But, think about another one of the ramifications to what is happening in California: electric cars. Yep, you know, the grand scheme of the left to force us all out of internal combustion engines to electric vehicles? Well, even if you had a natural gas vehicle you would be protected from this travesty, but brilliant little progressive socialists like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are against that means of energy which does reduce our greenhouse gas emissions.

So, now there are massive lines at electric charging stations all across California with folks taking up to 30-40 minutes, per vehicle to get a full charge. Hmm, it only takes me about 1-2 minutes to fill up my truck, Jeep, and even less for my motorcycle.

Perhaps the elected progressive socialist clowns in California should have been allocating more funding to hardening their electric grid and strengthening those power lines? Instead, they are more focused on providing free healthcare, and other benefits, to illegal immigrants.

Back in July, I shared with y’all an article from The Economist that was titled, “Texafornia.” The premise of the article was that the future of these United States of America comes down to a choice between two different States, California and Texas. One has to ponder, why would anyone want to “Californicate” the Lone Star State of Texas? Yet that is happening.

Consider the fact that this November, Texans will vote on a ballot initiative on whether or not Texas should have a state income tax. As well, just a few months back, the Austin City Council, yes, the capital of Texas, voted to allow the homeless to erect tents within the city limits. It just begs the question, why do progressive socialists move into successful red states where there is growth, opportunity, and prosperity — they are fleeing the lack thereof — and bring their failed ideology and agenda with them?

Folks, that is what ya call the “locust effect,” and it has overrun states like Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, and Virginia. And this pestilence of ideological stupidity and ignorance now has set its sights on North Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, and yes . . . Texas. This cancer seeks out and establishes itself in the major population centers, where all over the United States you witness the failure of progressive socialism in the urban centers, which they control. The failure of constitutional conservatives has been that we have not gone on offense against this scourge and consistently play defense, as they overtake our States. All for one thing: political and electoral gain, power.

I often tell folks that when they see that U-Haul pull up into their neighborhood here in Texas, they should find a moment to welcome the new neighbors. Take them some nice Texas dessert, show them that Texas hospitality, and then, with a smile on your face say, “Welcome to Texas, now, why are you here?” Your purpose is not for them to drone on about the job they have moved for, but ascertain their philosophy of governance. Get them to think in-depth about why they have come to Texas or any other successful conservative state. And even better, ask them why they left wherever they were previously.

That is not being intrusive, or nosey. It is a valid, and vital question to ask. See, if we, who are proud to call Texas our home, do not ever explain the reason for our pride, then the infection spreads. You fail to inoculate the new neighbor from the condition called progressive socialism.

As well, folks, we must do a better job of talking with our kids and grandkids as we come to realize that our schools are being transformed into indoctrination centers. Think about it, on a daily basis, how much time do you spend with your child, as opposed to a teacher or professor? This is why I was speaking at West Texas A&M University in Canyon, Texas, and will be going into our Texas colleges, universities, and high schools.

Read the article in The Economist titled “Texafornia.” There are those who suffer from delusion believing that Texas can never be flipped. I am quite sure many said the same thing about California.

I remember a poll taken this year that said some 46% of people wanted to leave San Francisco. They listed Idaho and Texas as their preferred destinations. Y’all do us all a favor, think about the principles, values, and idiocy that caused you to flee . . . and do not Californicate Texas or other states who were doing well until y’all showed up.

The Left’s Policies Are Killing Businesses

If there is one thing no one can debate in America it is the failure of the policies of the progressive socialist left. Let’s just look at it objectively, using our common sense, if things are so great in leftist controlled states, why are people fleeing them? I truly believe any assessment and analysis of population shifts, growth, will evidence that places like California, Illinois, New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut are bleeding population. States like Texas, Florida, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Georgia are exploding, but why is it that some of those fleeing these failed states still support failed policies. Yes, there is only one explanation, delusion.

Businesses are struggling, some are shutting down in these Democrat (socialist) controlled states. Some are able to relocate, others just suffer the fate of closing forever. For whatever reason, no one wants to admit the cause: leftist ideological agendas that are anti-free market and business.

We have another example emanating from the bastion and incubator of insidious progressive socialist left policies, California. I guess it is quite hard to believe that Ronald Reagan was once the governor of California. As reported by ABC7News:

“San Francisco is known as a haven for good food, but restaurants in the city are increasingly finding it hard to stay open. On the Embarcadero, 26-year-old Palomino, once known for its popular happy hour, has just closed its doors. Three restaurants near Oracle Park — Pete’s Tavern, Pedro’s Cantina and Amici’s East Coast Pizzeria — have also closed, according to Hoodline. And in the Mission District, the owner of Dosa is also closing its original location on Valencia Street after 15 years.

“It was a combination of a lot of different things,” Dosa CEO Anjan Mitra told ABC7 News. “It seemed like the perfect storm that hit us, hit the restaurant industry.” 

Mitra said the rise of food delivery companies, such as DoorDash, Uber Eats and GrubHub, along with tech companies like Munchery and Sprig, which delivered ready-made food to customers, has contributed to the increasing number of restaurant closures.

“The way people order food, you know online, put a lot of price pressures on us,” Mitra explained, “So they took our margins away, so we are giving up 25-30 percent of our prices to the delivery companies.”

On top of that, he said, the high cost of living, along with employee benefit requirements by the City, has led to increased business costs. According to Laurie Thomas with the Golden Gate Restaurant Association, who looked at numbers available on Yelp, restaurant closures in San Francisco have outpaced openings by nine percent. She said last year, there were 325 closures versus 298 openings.

Thomas, along with other members of the Golden Gate Restaurant Association, recently spoke to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors asking the City to offset some of the costs for small business owners. “If you want to have neighborhood restaurants, keep adding to the vibrancy of each of these neighborhoods,” Mitra said. “You’ve got to think about the laws that you’ve actually put in place that could potentially have a devastating impact across the city and across the Bay Area, potentially.”  

Let’s be honest here: it is not just about the free market competition of DoorDash, Uber Eats, and Grub Hub. These businesses are struggling to contend with the government laws being passed that undermine their efforts. As it was stated, small businesses operate with very thin margins, but when you have government mandating your pay and employee benefits, it is only a matter of time. I found it rather laughable, in a hypocritical way, that ol’ Bernie Sanders cut staff hours after he announced a $15 minimum wage for his organization. Yet these progressive leftists come up with these deranged schemes, force them onto small businesses, and what do you expect to happen? They either fire workers, or close shop.

If you think the cost of housing in California, namely the Bay Area, is steep, think about commercial business property rent. As well, when you have the abhorrent homeless problem, which California, and again, namely San Francisco, has embraced, and encouraged, what happens with businesses located in the city proper? Yes, I think you can understand why those free-market competitors are thriving as opposed to brick and mortar restaurants in San Francisco. Who wants to be confronted with the abject filth that has been spawned due to the city of San Francisco’s lack of addressing this issue.

Now, what makes this issue so interesting is that we have cities in the Lone Star State of Texas who are embracing the same failed policies. Consider what downtown Austin, Texas looks like now, a city council that passed an ordinance that homeless people can erect tents. Who would want to venture to downtown Austin, Texas for dinner at a restaurant? And how many of these eating establishments can survive if they are mandated to provide a “living wage” to employees? Again, honestly speaking, these minimum wage jobs were never intended to be careers, or be the means by which to raise a family. These are entry-level jobs, positions, that afford people early work experience. But, since the Democrat (socialist) Party sees people as victims, they have to use this to make their case and advance their failed beliefs, and principles.

What is the bottom line of the left? Heck, they do not care if these businesses are closing. After all, they never believed that these business owners should have been given any respect, recognition . . . after all, “they didn’t build that.” And, the more people made unemployed, well, as stated, the left needs victims.

Since being here in Texas, I have heard folks refer to Austin as the “San Francisco of the Midwest.” My question is, who thinks that is an admirable title? If “Keep Austin Weird” means looking more like San Francisco…I am all in for “Making Austin Texas Normal.”

Challenging Progressive Leftists with Sights on Red States

It was a year ago, in October 2018, that my second book was released, “Hold Texas, Hold the Nation: Victory or Death.” What I sought to do was lay out the simple case as to why Texas has been successful, and California has not. Well, that is unless you consider being a sanctuary state for illegals and a massive homeless crisis being deemed a success. In the book, we discussed the issue of taxation and housing as two of the comparative points. Now, there are those who seem to not grasp the demographic shift here in Texas and its adverse effects upon the politics of Texas. We are seeing the major population centers of Texas being transformed into leftist fiefdoms. There can be no debate that the capital of Texas, Austin, looks more like San Francisco than the capital of the Lone Star State.

Here where I reside in Dallas County, in the city of Garland, we see the migration. I recently spoke with a GOP county chairman from Kaufman County. He articulated to me the problems of more folks moving into the area, namely Forney Texas, from inner Dallas, and elsewhere, and the political shift that is occurring.

It is rather obvious that Texas has become a victim of its own success. But, it is high time that Republican elected officials begin to challenge those moving here to Texas with that simple question: “why are you here?”

It was not too long ago that former Governor Rick Perry, and also current Gov. Greg Abbott, would travel about the country and advocate for corporations and businesses to relocate to Texas from failed economic states like California and New York. That is a great thing, but there is an additional consideration that perhaps they did not factor in. Business and corporate leaders realize why they are leaving places like California, but do they discuss their decision, honestly, with the employees? Many of who end up relocating with the business and corporation? Do they supply these employees with a fact sheet articulating the basis for the decision they have made? Do they tell these employees that they are moving because places like California, New York, and Illinois have a political and ideological agenda that sucks?

"As always, the grand strategy of failure is centered on consolidating power and control in the major urban centers, population centers, where we find the greatest examples of leftist policy failure." Click To Tweet

Do these business and corporate leaders look these employees in the eye and admonish them to not being those failed ideologies and policies with them? Nah, it seems that is not the case, and the result is that we end up experiencing the “locust effect.” Look at how folks have fled California for Oregon, Washington State, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, and Colorado and abjectly screwed up those states with their progressive socialist policies, which are the reason why they left California. Now, these delusional leftists are fleeing California for Montana and Idaho, but does anyone stop them at the border and ask, surrender your blue card, here is your new red card?

On the other side of the Mississippi River, it has happened in Virginia, and the left has their sights on Tennessee, North Carolina, Georgia, and Florida. As always, the grand strategy of failure is centered on consolidating power and control in the major urban centers, population centers, where we find the greatest examples of leftist policy failure.

From there the progressive socialist left extends out into the suburban areas, as we are seeing happen here as the insidious leftism of Dallas County infects Collin, Kaufman, Denton, Ellis, and even eyes Tarrant County. Just the same, we are seeing this cancer spread out of Houston, Harris County into Ft. Bend County, Brazoria, and Montgomery.

Yes, there are a good number of folks migrating into Texas from California and other failed blue states, but they do so more individually. As businesses and corporations relocate, they end up bringing groups, and it appears they don’t understand. I remember when a former Collin County GOP elected official shared with me a conversation he had with a recently relocated individual. She told him how much she loved Texas, the cost of living and atmosphere, but she said the only problem was that there were not enough Democrats (socialists). He told me he just shook his head in dismay, in utter disbelief. As if this woman could not comprehend why she loved the atmosphere and quality of life here in the Lone Star State as opposed to where she had left. She could not grasp the fact that she left a former failing state where the leftist locusts had destroyed it, but she wanted more of those same locusts to infest the new fertile grounds where she was living?

As reported by the LA Times:

“Just over half of California’s registered voters have considered leaving the state, with soaring housing costs cited as the most common reason for wanting to move, according to a new poll.

Young voters were especially likely to cite unaffordable housing as a reason for leaving, according to the latest UC Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies poll conducted for the Los Angeles Times. But a different group, conservatives, also frequently suggested they wanted to leave — and for a very different reason: They feel alienated from the state’s political culture. Republicans and conservative voters were nearly three times as likely to have seriously considered moving as their Democratic or liberal counterparts — 40% compared with 14%, the poll found. The conservative voters mentioned taxes and California’s political climate as a reason for leaving more frequently than they cited housing.

“If the people who are giving serious consideration for leaving are indeed going to follow through, the state will continue to get bluer and bluer,” said Mark DiCamillo, the director of the Berkeley IGS poll. “That has huge political implications.”

The findings come amid the slowest population growth in California history — underscoring shifting immigration patterns, declining birthrates, and the economic strains that make it harder for some to afford living here.

One in five Californians pay more than 50% of their income for housing, according to the state Department of Finance. In Southern California, the six-county region’s median home price was $535,000 last month, unchanged from August 2018, according to a report released Wednesday from real estate data provider CoreLogic. The Los Angeles County median price rose slightly to $619,000. The median price in the nine-county Bay Area region was $810,000.”

"It's time we who reside in strong red, conservative states ask the question, 'why are you here?' If folks are relocating because they want a better standard of living, growth, opportunity & prosperity, then leave the stupid behind." Click To Tweet

Yes, I have met many who have fled the insidious policies of California, New York, and elsewhere for Texas. Now they are expressing dismay in that Texas is succumbing to the same delusion they fled. In other words, what happens when the promised land is being overrun by the tyrannical invaders? Do I care if California gets deeper blue? Well, if people out there are stupid enough to embrace the failures, then so be it. But, what perplexes me is when leftists flee their own failure, yet import the same failure to a new, promising, and successful state. That is why this is not about logic, reason, or competence. Progressive socialism is rooted in abject ignorance.

Can some leftist explain to me the reasoning behind moving away from failure but being committed to bringing it with you? And why do we have folks in Texas who would even believe progressive socialism is a viable ideological agenda? Why is it that the University of Texas is becoming Cal-Berkeley? Heck, why don’t folks who love leftism move to California? As the article suggests, places like California, New York, New Jersey, Illinois, and Connecticut are bleeding population due to their tax and regulatory policies…but why pack that crap in your bags and bring it to a new location?

It is time we who reside in strong, conservative, red states ask the question, “why are you here?” If folks are relocating because they want a better standard of living, growth, opportunity, and prosperity, then leave the stupid behind. For those who live in Red states who prefer progressive socialism, move to places where you can bask in it, and end up smelling like the aroma of the homeless areas.

I know what is happening, it is all about power and control. The left wants a pure democracy that means concentrating their efforts in population centers . . . kinda like in “The Hunger Games” where the rural areas were subjugated to the tyranny of The Capitol.

That was a movie, but remember who controls Hollywood, that is their vision for America. Let’s bond together and drive progressive socialism out of our strong conservative red states. That also means electing people who will embrace this fight, and not surrender.

Photo credit: ep_jhu on Visual Hunt /  CC BY-NC