Photo of woman and teen with a firearm.

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The Texan posted today that, “The ATF warned Texas weapons dealers against pulling the trigger on the Texas-made suppressor bill, saying federal law still applies.”

It is a violation of the Commerce Clause, the federal government does not have jurisdiction in this case.

Texas passed a law this past legislative session allowing for Texas manufactured noise suppressors to be sold within the state. That recently passed law is consistent with the Commerce Clause in the US Constitution. The federal government, BATF, assertion that a sovereign state, Texas, is still subject to federal law is intrusive and unconstitutional.

I find it interesting that Democrat states can make marijuana — federally an illegal drug — legal and allow it to be transferred outside those states after purchase, and the Feds say nothing. As Governor, I will defend Texas sovereignty and uphold our laws. I will not allow the federal government to usurp Texas’ authority and undermine our laws. If Colorado can make marijuana legal, then noise suppressors for firearms will be legal in Texas.

This is the same federal government that is unconstitutionally implementing an open borders policy.

Lt. Col. Allen B. West (Ret.)
Candidate for Texas Governor

Photo credit: Photo by Robert Emperly on Flickr