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Addison, TX, Release: July 14, 2021 — For Immediate Release

H.B. 178 is a piece of legislation that will allow Critical Race Theory and other leftist indoctrination theories to be removed from the Texas school system. It provides real teeth in ways that H.B. 3979 simply does not. By forcing teachers to identify and post links on all their teaching material, it allows full transparency and allows parents to vet what is happening in the classroom. Lt. Col. Allen West fully endorses H.B. 178, as it is the strongest hammer to smash CRT indoctrination.

Lt. Col. Allen West stated:

“We can no longer cede the field of education to the progressive Marxists who infest our classrooms, school boards, and educational administrations. Their attempts to codify clearly anti-American and race baiting propaganda must be beaten back. The current war on parents must be ended, and the best way to do it is to pass H.B. 178. It empowers parents, grandparents, and the community at large to hold teachers and school administrators accountable. Marxism and racist propaganda have no place in any classroom, and as Texans we should have zero tolerance for this poison.”

West will continue to fight for the rights of parents and full transparency in the academic process. When elected Governor, he will not allow schools to continue to be used as propaganda factories instead of houses of learning.