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We just learned of the agenda items for the call to the special session by Governor Abbott.

First of all, if the 87th legislative session was a resounding success, why does one need to have a special session? I found it very disconcerting that several of the Legislative Priorities of the Republican Party of Texas such as ending taxpayer-funded lobbying, school choice, monument protection, and ending child gender modification were not listed as agenda items.

As well, if we are serious about protecting Texans, there should be an agenda item on grid security to ensure we will not have future issues with energy degradation in Texas. 

I am concerned about backdoor agreements with Texas Democrats — who walked out during the legislative session –that will undermine real election integrity legislation from passing.

I firmly support legislative agenda items on border security, social media censorship, youth sports, banning abortion-inducing drugs, banning critical race theory, and property tax relief, as we need reform of this Marxist-based system of taxation .

The special session lasts for one month, starting tomorrow, July 8th. We eagerly await the results.

Col. Allen B. West (Ret.)
Candidate for Texas Governor