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If you are a strong American Black conservative, you will find that you are Public Enemy Number One for white progressive socialist leftists. They will unleash hordes of black leftists upon you. You will find that these delusional individuals have been given the permission to refer to conservative Blacks in the most condescending and offensive terms, well, racist. Let’s not forget the white Democrat Party’s County Chairman here in Texas who referred to Republican Sen. Tim Scott as an “Oreo.” And, of course, the Black Democrats here in Texas excused this abhorrent behavior.

It is not just the denigrating reference of Oreo . . . there are the despicable monikers of “House N-word,” “Uncle Tom,” “White man’s porch monkey,” and, of course, “sellout.” But, I would like to ask in this missive: who are the real sellouts? Are the growing numbers of Black constitutional conservatives the sellouts? Or is it the Black leftists who have allowed themselves to be used by white progressive socialist elitists?

I say the sellouts are the latter.

Case in point: just last week, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People set my home state of Texas in their sights. They sent letters to the major professional sports organizations, asking them not to allow black athletes to sign with Texas professional sports teams . . . Really? Why did these sellouts make this assertion? Well, it is all because in Texas we are protecting the integrity of our electoral system and the lives of the unborn. I find it rather hypocritical that these sellouts are rallying against Texas, and not with.

As a matter of fact, consider how the NAACP, along with the National Urban League, said nothing when Major League Baseball decided to remove the All-Star Game from the city of Atlanta, yes, my place of birth. Atlanta is a minority-majority city, and that includes Black-owned small businesses. As well, this year’s All-Star game was supposed to be a celebration of baseball’s home run king, #44 Hank Aaron, a Black man. Where was the letter from the NAACP then? Yep, they sold the Black community out as the MLB moved the All-Star game to Denver, Colorado, about as “lily white” as can be.

These sellouts have aligned themselves with a Democrat Party whose history is rooted in white supremacy, racism, and economic enslavement of the Black community. These Black leftist sellouts have aligned themselves with a political party that never supported the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments. And, when it comes to voting for Blacks, it was the Democrat Party that created poll taxes and literacy tests, along with creating the Ku Klux Klan whose purpose was Black voter suppression and intimidation. So why sellout Blacks to the left?

When it comes to the genocide of the Black community in America, the murder of unborn black babies, the numbers are staggering, close to 25 million. Yet, these NAACP sellouts are upset with the Texas Heartbeat Law. Perhaps these sellouts should be reminded that Planned Parenthood, where 70-73 percent of their “clinics” are located in Black/minority communities, was founded by a white supremacist and racist. Margaret Sanger. Sanger referred to Blacks as “undesirables” and “human weeds,” but the NAACP is upset about the Texas Heartbeat Law? Hey, chuckleheads at the NAACP, the second largest facility for murdering unborn babies in the womb is located in Texas, Houston, on the south side in a Black community . . . Planned Parenthood proudly displayed. So, why sellout Blacks to the left?

The answer is simple, and I presented it in my book, “We Can Overcome: An American Black Conservative Manifesto.” The reason why the NAACP is selling out the Black community is because the NAACP was founded by white progressive socialist leftists. Yep, William English Walling, Ray Stannard Baker, Mary White Ovington, Henry Moskowitz, Oswald Garrison Villard, Charles Edward Russell, Florence Kelly, and Lillian Wald were the white leftists who birthed the NAACP, as a response to the success of the Father of Black conservatism, Booker T. Washington. These white leftists chose a Black man, W.E.B. Du Bois as the “Black face” of the organization. Du Bois was part of the Black “talented tenth,” the so-called intellectual elites, and he was a leftist himself. Du Bois, in the end, renounced his American citizenship, and became an avowed communist.

As well, today, we have a new sellout organization called Black Lives Matter. This organization was founded by three Black women, two of whom are lesbians, and two of them have admitted to being trained — read: avowed — Marxists. I just have to ask, which Black lives matter to BLM? Their website expressed an angst against the traditional nuclear family. And, since the Great Society programs of the racist Lyndon Baines Johnson, we have seen the traditional nuclear family of the Black community descend to just 24 percent. It was close to 77 percent when I was born in a Blacks-only hospital in 1961.

The progressive socialist left, known as the Democrat Party, has always needed overseers on their plantations. Today, on the economic plantation of the left, these sellout black organizations are the overseers whose task it is to keep Blacks there, where the new crops to be harvested are votes and victimhood, slave mentality is the product.

Why do white progressive socialists and these true sellouts despise Black conservatives? Simple, we are victors who have escaped the leftist economic plantation of equality of outcomes, despair, poor education and economic opportunity. The NAACP and BLM would rather be accepted by these white leftists and enable the destruction of their own so they can have multiple multi-million dollar homes.

I am proud that Texas stepped up to defend election integrity and unborn life. Perhaps the NAACP, and BLM, should remember that the Republican Party of Texas was founded on Independence Day of 1867 in Houston by 150 Black men. I am proud to be part of that legacy as a Black conservative Republican in the Lone Star State.

And, I know who the real sellouts are.

Steadfast and Loyal,

Lt. Col. Allen B. West (Ret.)

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