Photo of a Black man drinking from a canteen designated "Colored."

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One of my all time favorite songs is by Bruce Hornsby and the Range, “The Way it Is.” If you have ever taken the time to truly listen to the lyrics, the song is about segregation:

Said, hey little boy you can’t go where the other kids go, ’cause you don’t look like they do. Said, hey old man, how can you stand to think that way? Did you really think about it before you made the rules? He said ‘Son, that’s just the way it is.’ Some things will never change. That’s just the way it is. Ah, but don’t you believe it.”

So here we are in 2021 facing a new segregation, and, interestingly, it comes from the very same folks who gave us the original segregation, the Democrat Party. Yes, the Party of the Jackass is at it again. Once it was “separate but equal” based upon skin color, now it is based upon whether or not you get the mandated shot in the arm.

What is interesting to me is that 60 years ago I was born in a segregated hospital in Atlanta, Georgia. Hughes-Spalding, was a “Blacks Only” hospital facility . . . at that time “that’s just the way it is.” But we did not believe that to be so, and as Hornsby’s song goes, “well, they passed a law in ’64 to give those who ain’t got a little more. But it only goes so far. Because the law don’t change another’s mind, when all it sees at the hiring time is the line on the color bar . . . “

Today the same ol’ segregationists are telling us it is not about the line on the color bar, but it is about acquiescing to your right to determine what enters your body. And they are determining that your employment is based upon taking the “jab.” There are even some of these new segregationists, progressive socialists, who are alluding to those who have not taken the shot being refused medical treatment. Once upon a time, the same ol’ segregationists made rules dictating where the second class members of society could go to use the bathroom, get a drink of water, or even sit on public transportation.

There have been hints at not allowing those who have not taken the shot to be restricted from public travel, or even restricted to their homes, and prevented from utilizing basic services, such as going to a grocery store.

What I find utterly hypocritical, and ironic, is that these same ol’ segregationists asserted that they would not take the shot when it was President Donald Trump. Now that the new masters of division and discrimination are in power, control, they’re demanding that we take the jab. Then again, why is it that these are the same folks who have opened up our borders and are not demanding that illegal immigrants get a shot in the arm…as they line up by the tens of thousands here in Texas, and invade our Republic by the hundreds of thousands each month.

These same ol' segregationists asserted that they would not take the shot when it was President Donald Trump. Now that the new masters of division and discrimination are in control, they're demanding that we take the jab. — @AllenWest Click To Tweet

Here I sit, a 60 year-old-Black man, writing this missive after running five miles this Saturday morning, knocking out 100 pushups in sets of three, crunches, and doing 150 yards in my swimming pool. I take my vitamin supplements daily, which includes 50 mg of zinc. I watch what I eat, and have never smoked or consumed alcohol in my life. I survived a catastrophic motorcycle accident on an interstate highway at a speed of 75 mph, struck from behind. And, now, some borderline senile and mentally incoherent man with a history of making racist comments is designating me some social pariah? All because I am making a decision about what is best for my very own body? I have not contracted this virus, just the same as I have never taken a flu shot, and have never gotten the flu.

One of my former soldiers, with whom I served in Iraq, is facing a horrific decision. Robert D. is a young man of Hispanic descent. He resides down in Rosenberg, Texas, and is a Purple Heart recipient for being shot early one morning in Iraq during a firefight in which we were involved. Del, as I affectionately call him, now works for the Veterans Administration as a veterans issues advocate, but the delusional Joe Biden has put his position in jeopardy. Del, served his country and took a bullet in honor of his oath to this nation. Now, this nation is telling him he has no liberty to decide what is best for his very own body. Del has already had the COVID virus, so he has the antibodies.

I have not contracted this virus, just the same as I have never taken a flu shot, and have never gotten the flu. — @AllenWest Click To Tweet

None of us should be surprised that the Democrats — the Party that gave us slavery, segregation, the Ku Klux Klan, Jim Crow, and lynchings — are once again creating discrimination and segregation in our American society. The question is simple: will we allow them to get away with this? 

I say “No!” I say that this is not “just the way it is!”

Why am I running for Governor of Texas? Because I refuse to see my America return to a segregated society, implemented by the same jackasses who gave us the same. I will not see anyone in Texas — or anywhere in America — be relegated to being subjects, serfs, economic slaves to the deranged tyranny of the progressive socialist left. I will never allow anyone — White, Black, Hispanic, or Asian — in America to be told they can’t go where the others go. I will not see our most basic liberty, the right to decide what is best for our life, our bodies, be usurped by a maniacal delusion, centered on population control.

Join me in this fight to defeat the same ol’ segregationists who are trying to force us into a new segregation.

I grew up in the Old Fourth Ward neighborhood of Atlanta, where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was born, raised, and preached. To be judged by the content of our character was his dream . . . not the color of our skin, and certainly not by whether or not we have taken a shot in the arm.

Steadfast and Loyal,

Lt. Col. Allen B. West (Ret.)

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