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I spent two and a half years in Afghanistan — based out of Kandahar Airfield (KAF) — as a civilian/military advisor to the Afghanistan National Army 205th Corps. What warmed my heart the most during my time there was watching the little girls heading off to school in their uniforms. We all knew that we were providing freedom, liberty, and things we take for granted in America, that would lead to better opportunities in the future.

When I think of the Taliban, I am reminded of their savage, barbaric nature, one that would shoot a young Pakistani girl named Malala Yousafzi in the head, on a bus, because she spoke up for girls getting an education.

For the past 20 years, America has enabled little girls — and women — an opportunity. They had an opportunity to learn, to drive cars, to create their own small businesses. Now, that opportunity, that window, is coming to a close.
Those girls and women will once again be subjected to the brutal reality of the most misogynistic ideology we know, Islamic jihadism, fundamentalism. These women will be forced back into burqas and relegated to being viewed as property, and in many cases, sex slaves.

As I went for a nice long run this past Saturday in Victoria, Texas, I pondered this fact. It appears that the progressive socialist left has a penchant, an infatuation, with facilitating modern-day sex slavery.

Consider the Biden administration policies that have unconstitutionally created open borders here in Texas. We all read and know about the stories of the rape of young girls and women by the transnational narco-criminal terrorist organizations called the cartels. Yet, this current leftist administration does nothing to negate this abhorrent occurrence. As well, Texas has become a leading state in America for human, and sex, trafficking. There is nothing moral about the situation the Biden administration has allowed.

The current “Border Czar” Kamala Harris says and does nothing about the issue of sex slavery here in Texas, and across these United States. How can it be that the first female VP does not address this issue? Did Harris even attempt to advise Biden against abandoning women in Afghanistan? One can only surmise, based upon the flippant comments of the White House mouthpiece, Jen Psaki, that care and concern for the girls and women are of no consequence to the progressive socialist left, including leftist women.

When was the last time you heard anything from leftist feminists about sex slavery? I have had a number of conversations with anti-trafficking groups here in Texas, all led by constitutional conservatives.

See, history has a way of repeating itself for those who fail to heed its lessons. When it was the Obama-Biden administration, there was another horrific decision that affected women, the unilateral withdrawal from Iraq. It did not take long before that void was filled by a vicious Islamic jihadist group, ISIS. There again, the progressive socialist left enabled the rise of sex slavery for Yazidi and Christian women, women who truly needed to seek asylum. Obama cared little about those women, and the media did little to highlight that travesty. We even had a Yazidi woman come to Capitol Hill and testify about the horrors she had undergone as an ISIS sex slave. I do not seem to recall Nancy Pelosi or Maxine Waters caring.

Where are all those billionaire leftists on the issue of sex trafficking, and such? Do George Soros, Zuckerberg, Dorsey, Bloomberg, and others care about the tragedy that is unfurling before our eyes? Nah, they are using their monetary resources to promote our America becoming a socialist/Marxist/fascist/communist hell-hole. Oh, by the way, this is the same ideology that is responsible for the greatest genocides and loss of life in our modern history. No, we do not hear anything from Oprah Winfrey, and certainly not Stacy Abrams.

We just have to ask, why do these progressive socialists not care about the issue of sex slavery? Why are they not taking a stand against the real war on women, enacted by Islamic jihadists? Why is the left enabling the cartels to make millions of dollars on human and sex trafficking?

Why doesn't @JoeBiden care about the proliferation of sex slavery? Perhaps it is because his own son, Hunter, is a frequent client of the sex trade. — @AllenWest Click To Tweet

The real question is why do people, especially women, vote for them?

The Biden administration will have massive amounts of blood on its hands. Sadly, the leftist media will do everything possible to provide Joe and Kamala cover, just as it did for Barack and Joe when their insidious decision in Iraq facilitated ISIS and their sex slavery exploits.

I say this with great conviction, being the father of two daughters: I hate the progressive socialist left. I hate their hypocrisy and the fact that those little girls, and women, that I saw in Afghanistan now have freedom ripped from them. I hate to think about the horrors they will have to endure, and, the disregard of the sacrifices so many made to bring them that taste of freedom.

The 20th remembrance of 9/11 is not far away. Thanks to Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and the progressive socialist left, the women of Afghanistan will once again be property. Sadly, we will have to witness the black Taliban flag raised over what was the US Embassy in Kabul.

Why does Joe Biden not care about the proliferation of sex slavery? Perhaps it is because his own son, Hunter, is a frequent client of the sex trade.

Yes, I am angry, but determined to end human and sex trafficking here in Texas, and, if God wills, across the world.

Steadfast and Loyal,

Col. Allen B. West (Ret.)

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