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Greetings, everyone, from the High Line Hotel in New York City. As I write this, it is Saturday afternoon and I am watching Baylor take on Oklahoma State in the Big 12 college football championship. Dang it, college football season is ending; it’s my favorite sport. I am here in NYC to speak at the 106th Annual New York Young Republicans Gala.

While here I had the opportunity to appear on Gutfeld! and be interviewed by another great soldier, Pete Hegseth, on Fox and Friends Saturday morning. And, of course, my true love when coming to NYC is to run early in the morning to Central Park.

Normally I stay close to the Fox News headquarters when visiting NYC so I can do the entire Central Park run. This time I had to stay down at the intersection of 10th Avenue and W 20th St — midtown — why?

It is because now in NYC you are asked when making hotel reservations if you have a COVID shot card . . . well, I do not, and will not. As well, after the Saturday morning 5.5 mile run and Fox News interview, needless to say I was somewhat hungry. Just a block away from the High Line Hotel was the Empire Diner. Upon entering, I was asked for a COVID shot card . . . and, therefore, was denied entry.

Here I am, a retired career Army officer, former member of the US House of Representatives, and denied service at an eatery.

Folks, what we see happening in America is purposeful and intentional. This is the America the progressive socialist leftist Marxists want for us. Who would have ever thought that in America we would have to present “papers” to have lodging, or to eat? And, we should not be in the least bit surprised since this is coming from the very same political Party that separated us based upon skin color . . . oops, they still are! Does anyone else find it dangerously absurd that we are restricting movement, and sustenance based upon an arbitrary government decision emanating from a virus with a 99.9 percent recovery rate? A virus that can be isolated as most detrimental to those who have serious co-morbidities such as obesity (not a problem here), high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease (my pacemaker makes me healthy), or cancers.

So, why is it that healthy people are being restricted, no, punished? 

Because that is the leftist way, collectivism, the disregard and disrespect of the individual. Doggone, someone can illegally enter the United States and get treated better than an American citizen right now. Oh, by the way, what is happening at the Texas border is also intentional and purposeful.

There is no comprehensible explanation as to why the Biden administration would violate the Constitution’s Guarantee Clause, Art 4, Sect 4, and not protect a sovereign state from invasion. Well, yes, there is an explanation that is not rooted in logic, reason, or our rule of law. The leftists want an open border, to flood Texas and Americans with illegal immigrants, and grant them citizenship, the right to vote, and taxpayer-funded benefits.

As well, the rise in criminality, de-funding of police, and the electing of judicial activists and ideologue District Attorneys is intentional and purposeful. The creation of the new Brown Shirts, violent groups like Antifa, BLM, and the flash mobs of criminals, who are not being prosecuted but released, well, it is all part of the leftist plan.

They want to undermine the Second Amendment rights you have to protect yourself, self defense. Yes, here in New York they believe that the Second Amendment does not extend past your front door, and I mean inside. Kyle Rittenhouse is denigrated, disparaged, and demeaned . . . yet we hear nothing of the career criminal and leftist who mowed down countless people, children, in a Christmas parade in Wisconsin.

The left rages on about January 6th, where the only person shot and killed was an unarmed woman. Yet, the left remains silent when it comes to violent protests that burned down buildings and killed police officers . . . and, I have yet to hear of any Antifa or BLM members being arrested and imprisoned.

Ladies and gents, none of this is coincidental, or by happenstance. This is leftism, socialism, statism, Marxism, and yes, communism. This is a deliberate breakdown of the rule of law which is being replaced by mob rule. This is a cultural, ideological, philosophical, political, and, yes — due to secular humanism — a spiritual conflagration and confrontation.

This can only be reversed by principled, courageous leaders at the state level, not elected officials, and the reign of legalistic charlatans must end. We are in a battle that restricts our freedoms, and only those who have been on battlefields fighting against this very same ideology can recognize, understand, and defeat this scourge.

I am infuriated to be told that I could not eat because I lacked “papers.” My dad and mom were infuriated when they were told they could not eat in certain places. They raised me to make a difference and ensure history would never repeat itself . . . I will honor their admonition.

Steadfast and Loyal,

Lt. Col. Allen B. West (Ret.)

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