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But Jesus said, ‘Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.'” 

Matthew 19:14 (NIV)

We always hear politicians talk about how great the Texas economy is, when, in fact, we lead the nation in business bankruptcies.

Having a strong economy is important, but there is a far more insidious issue that is infecting the Lone Star State. It is a moral issue that makes some, perhaps many, uncomfortable in addressing, but the silence speaks volumes. Texas leads the nation in human and sex trafficking.

This is not an area in which Texas wants to lead the way.

With a porous, wide-open southern border, sadly, we are watching our government aid and abet this scourge upon our state.

With regard to the Texas economy, I have had several ask me about supporting casinos and gambling in Texas. They often cite how great this would be for the Texas economy. It is time we start to think less about dollars and consider the moral consequences. No, I do not support Texas having casinos and gambling as long as we are the number one state in the country for human and sex trafficking, with Dallas and Houston as the top two cities in America for this plight. Why would we want to offer an expansion of the sex worker industry in Texas? To say that is not a second or third-order adverse effect is disingenuous.

"Texas leads the nation in human and sex trafficking. This is not an area in which Texas wants to lead the way." — LTC @AllenWest Click To Tweet

Who do you think would be fighting over expanding the sex trade industry into these new casinos? Yes, the very same narco-criminal terrorist organizations we call cartels. These organizations are fueling this crisis here in Texas and we are doing very little to stem the tide.

In recent years, we have seen more organizations arise in Texas, such as Childproof America, Untrafficked, and others such as Jaco Booyens Ministry. The latter directed a feature film on the subject in 2014 and has been championing the cause to fight against sex trafficking ever since.

It is imperative that we end the facilitating of human and sex-trafficking in America, through Texas. Those who wish to have open borders in order to advance their political Party or import cheap, almost slave labor, must realize the danger and immorality of their misguided endeavors.

However, it is not just the issue of open borders enhancing the spread of human and sex-trafficking. There are some of our very own policies, here in Texas, that are desensitizing us to the sexual objectification of our children.

I think we all remember that horrific Netflix program “Cuties.” Who in their right mind could look at the trailer to that program and believe that it did not sexualize young girls? With such shows, how do we stem the demand for child sex-trafficking, when we offer up these enticements? One of the critical issues with shutting down in-person schooling was that our children were spending more time online . . . and guess who is also online? Correct. Sexual predators. From the looks of it, the head of the AFT/NEA, teachers unions, Randi Weingarten, seems just fine with sexual predators having online access to our children since she is against opening up our schools again.

We must have a system in place that does a better job blocking and tracking these predators, and the recruiters online, and stiffen up the felony charges. Instead, we often hear about charges being plea-bargained down. Again, these are all our children.

In Texas, we have this comprehensive sex education curriculum being pushed by the progressive socialist left. I have seen some of the textbooks and this is nothing more than pornography. As a matter of fact, in the Leander ISD, some of the books being used for “literature” would make many adults blush. Yet, leftist parents have assailed responsible parents who do not want this “taught” to their children. Sadly, too many of our children have access to pornography, something that parents must cease, but we can do better by working with cellular companies in Texas to preclude this from being the case. As an adult, do as you wish, but between chemically and physically castrating children in Texas, and the issue of sex trafficking, as the saying goes, “Houston, we have a problem.” And, yes, Houston is a top city for human and sex-trafficking.

Sadly, let me stress that this is not just about young girls, young boys are also being abused and trafficked in Texas.

As in fighting any scourge, we must have better cross coordination between law enforcement agencies and information sharing. I have recently read reports from Texas border sheriffs who were able to track the cartel traffickers and find their stash houses and hotels, and report to big city LEOs, like Houston, what was heading their way. Therefore, to take this to a higher level, we need a Sex-Trafficking Task Force in Texas that can serve as the center of intelligence and information collection and dissemination for our respective agencies. We already know the major transportation corridors being utilized. We just need to shut them down.

Lastly, we must do a better job with trauma services for victims of human and sex-trafficking. As well, it is critical that we assess our Texas foster care system and ensure the wolves are not in the henhouse.

Jesus said, “suffer the little children that they should come unto me.” Right now in Texas, our children, and those being brought here illegally, are indeed suffering. The children suffer while the cartels, who are making tens of millions of dollars, facilitate this immorality. It has been said that the beginning of any journey is the first step. In the case of human and sex-trafficking in Texas, the first step is that we openly talk about it. Then, we dedicate ourselves to ending it. This is not about political Party affiliation. It is about doing the right thing!

For God, Country, and Texas!

Col. Allen B. West (Ret.)