A Pleasure to Endorse Allen West!

R. Jolene Hawkins

Allen West is definitely the man to lead our State Party as RPT Chairman in these troubled times. He is an uniter, not a divider and he knows more about Texas than Travis, Austin, or Bowie. I truly believe that Lt. Col. (ret.) Allen West is a man chosen for such a time as this.… Read the full endorsement “A Pleasure to Endorse Allen West!”

R. Jolene Hawkins
Ector County Pct. Chair

Former RPT Vice-Chair Endorses Allen West

Melinda Fredricks

Please add my name to the list of people supporting LTC Allen West for Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas!

Melinda Fredricks
Former Vice-Chair, Republican Party of Texas

Endorsement for LTC West

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LTC West has continued to serve the nation and the Republican Party after his military service. He brings to the TX Republican Party dedication, excitement and opportunities to strengthen the mission of the Party. He is a true believer in the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, opportunities that Republicans represent and hold.

William E Baker

Endorsed by Christian Voters Coalition, Christian Voters Guide

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Allen West has an impressive set of credentials, and a good number of endorsements from reputable groups. The answers he provided to our candidate survey were tremendous and demonstrate his commitment to uphold the values and principles that have made Texas, and America, the greatest country on GOD’s earth. “Voters have a choice between two… Read the full endorsement “Endorsed by Christian Voters Coalition, Christian Voters Guide”

Christian Voters Coalition PAC, Christian Voters Guide

A True Patriot

Michael Valdez and Allen West

LTC Allen West is a true American Patriot that has a true love for this country. I support this man to represent and lead our Texas Party.

Michael Valdez

New Leadership

We need a strong conservative leader to head the RPT. One that can find and develop Republican candidates that are dedicated to represent the Party and its principles.

Lester Luahiwa


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BlakPac strongly endorses Allen West.

George Farrell

Would follow the Colonel ANYWHERE!!

Rodger Garland

LTC Allen West is a true blue American and loves our country. He has a real-life American hero. I am sure the Democrats fear him.

Rodger Garland

Uphold the Constitution

While I disagree on supporting a Constitutional Convention, I believe Allen West will uphold the Constitution above the Republican Party. Thus far, I haven’t seen any Texas Republican Chair that will fight for the Constitution, even against socialists that are in the Republican party. As a veteran, I also appreciate Lt. Colonel West’s leadership, and… Read the full endorsement “Uphold the Constitution”

Greg Tallant