Best Choice for Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas

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LTC Allen West will bring to the State Chairmanship true leadership and common sense, as well as the ability to reach out to those who are not hearing the message of our values and those who do not understand the need to keep Texas red! Thank you, Allen!

Cynthia Wills

Saving Texas, Saving America

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First is putting almighty God’s ways and principles back into our State. Electing people with this belief. Turning back what goes against the Word of almighty God, our Creator. Following the Laws of Nature. Growing up in elementary school it was an Honor to rise for the American Flag and say the Lord’s Prayer at… Read the full endorsement “Saving Texas, Saving America”

Dwight Cavaness

Conservative Patriot

Photo of Allen West with Sherry Moore, Precinct Chair

Texas needs LTC Allen West. We can’t lose to the democrats. Mr. West understands what has to be accomplished and will work hard to get it done.

Sherry Moore
Texas Precinct Chair #1337

USMC Vet for West!

Photo of Joel Rogers

As a former Marine, 32-year career firefighter, and small business owner, we need the leadership of LTC West to keep this ship, Texas, upright and afloat!!

Joel Rogers

The Type of Leader Needed!

Journalist JD Rucker

I happily and enthusiastically endorse Allen West
for the Republican Party of Texas Chair. He is the type of leader the GOP needs at a moment of political crisis like this. If we don’t keep Texas red, more states may fall. This affects the whole country.

JD Rucker
Editor-in-Chief, NOQ Report

Full support for Lt. Col. Allen West

We are thankful and blessed to have Lt Col Allen West prayerfully run for RPT Chair for our great state!!! He has a love for our state and country and a servant’s heart.

Rhonda Taylor
Director Government Relations
Articulate Innovations

Support for Strong Conservative Leadership

Photo of LTC West with Mayra Gutierrez, Latinos for Trump

LTC Allen West has entered the race precisely when our great State of Texas needs strong leadership with conservative values. Our state is under attack from the liberal left that supports Antifa and attacks on our Border Agents and ICE. Aside from Senator Cruz, LTC Allen West has addressed the situation. He is not afraid… Read the full endorsement “Support for Strong Conservative Leadership”

Mayra Gutierrez
South Texas Regional Director

Allen West is the Best!

Photo of John Padgett

LTC Allen West and his family have been friends of my wife and me for years. Having been chairman of a large state party (Georgia), I know a little about what is necessary to be successful in the chairman’s position. In my 4 years as Chairman of the GAGOP we picked up a federal House… Read the full endorsement “Allen West is the Best!”

John L. Padgett
Past Chairman of the Georgia Republican Party and 4 year member of the Republicn National Committee

No Other Logical Choice!

Photo of Allen West with Bill Paterson

My name is William Paterson. I am a former Chairman of Chairmen’s Caucus, Republican Party of Florida (RPOF);  Chairman of Florida’s Congressional District 18, RPOF; and Chairman of Republican Party of St. Lucie County, Florida for six (6) years. I am asking for a few minutes of your time to tell you about a good friend of… Read the full endorsement “No Other Logical Choice!”

William Paterson
Former Chair, Republican Party of Florida (RPOF), Chairman of FL-CD 18, RPOF, and Chairman of the Republican Party of St. Lucie County, FL

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