Inspire, Recruit, and Represent

Daniel Caldwell

With sincere appreciation for the honest and faithful service of Chairman James Dickey, I nevertheless support Allen West because I see inspiration he brings, the potential he has to bring to outreach and growth of the Party, and hope and dignity he will contribute as the face of the Republican Party of Texas.

Daniel Caldwell

Godly, Steadied Leadership

Photo of Rosalie Escobedo

I am endorsing LTC Allen West for RPT Chair. He will set his face like flint and command the change and lead the charge and direction the Party so desperately needs! No concessions or compromises.

Rosalie Escobedo
Delegate, SD 10

Allen West for RPT Chair

Clifton B Simoneaux

We nee new strong leadership at this time. Lt. Col. West is the man who will provide it, and lead the defense of Texas against the socialist Democrats.

Clifton B. Simoneaux
Jefferson County Pct. 37 Chair

West to Rule Texas’ Direction

Aleata P. Oeser

I have followed Lt. Col. West for years and met him on several occasions. I find him to be knowledgeable, assured, and credible. Someone to lead us through this time of theater, violence, and hate.
As a fifth-generation military brat and a long time self-employed person I believe him to be the best man… Read the full endorsement “West to Rule Texas’ Direction”

Aleata P. Oeser

The Right Man for the Job At the Right Time

Mark E. Gurgevich

Lt. Col. Allen West is a great Leader, he is articulate, he is intelligent, he is knowledgeable, and will lead our Party in the correct direction we need to go in the future.

Mark E. Gurgevich
Airman USAF

Sharon Kappers Endorses Allen West

Sharon Kappers

Allen West has had a great military career. He was a Congressman in Florida. He a great leader and a true Patriot! He is the right choice for State Chair of the Republican Party of Texas!

Sharon Kappers
Coppell Republican Women

CD 12 Candidate, Former Colleyville Councilman Endorses West

Photo of Chris Putnam

I am writing to endorse LTC Allen West for Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas. He has my full support!

Chris Putnam
CD-12 Candidate and former Colleyville City Councilman

Good Luck, Allen!

W4T Logo

I support LTC Allen West for Chair of the Republican Party of Texas! Good luck, Allen!

Mary Himlin

West Means Honest Leadership

Photo of Gail Abbott

We can depend on Allen West to speak the truth with boldness, clarity, & honesty! This is opposed to the current self-serving office holder.

Gail W. Abbott
Republican Women of Greater North Texas