God Bless West!

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Allen West knows the enemy. The enemy of the Republic, the Constitution, and the way of life of the American people. He will stand strong. He will stand against political correctness. God bless West!

Charlie Henderson

We Must Save Texas!

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We need the leadership of LTC Allen West in Texas. We are in a serious crisis now with all of major metropolitan areas turning blue due to people that have moved from blue states coming to Texas. We must save Texas and LTC Allen West is the man to do it!

Samantha Rowan

Allen West for RPT Chair!

I’m proudly endorsing Mr. West for Republican Party of Texas Chairman because as a fellow veteran and Texas resident I see that his values and morals are well aligned with my own. We are both on the same page as Constitutional Conservatives who believe that our founding fathers got it right in crafting the Constitution… Read the full endorsement “Allen West for RPT Chair!”

Glenn Quesenberry

Wholeheartedly Support LTC Allen West!

Photo of Cathie Adams, Eagle Forum

Lt. Col. Allen West (Ret.) is exactly the man Texans need to lead the Republican Party of Texas into our brightest and best future. When I saw him interviewed by my pastor at First Baptist Church in Dallas, I was convinced that he has the unique qualifications for the job. Allen West has the mind… Read the full endorsement “Wholeheartedly Support LTC Allen West!”

Cathie Adams
1st VP

LTC Allen West – The Man Who Will Get the Job Done!

Photo of Rod Skelton

I’ve known Allen West for several years. He is the best man to head the Republican Party of Texas. He is a great Constitutional Conservative!

Rodney L Skelton

Fight, Fight, Fight!

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Colonel West is a true American warrior. He will fight, fight, fight for what is right for America.

Richard Ruvido

Allen Stands Ready!

Photo of Allen West with Sheriff Bill Waybourn

It is an honor to stand with Lt. Col. Allen West anywhere and anytime. Allen epitomizes the ideals of patriotism. He honors God, Country, and leads from the front in an ethical straightforward manner. Allen stands ready whenever there is a threat to our freedoms. There is no need to look back to see where… Read the full endorsement “Allen Stands Ready!”

Bill E. Waybourn
Sheriff, Tarrant County

Truth and Honor

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LTC West stands for the truth, the state of Texas, and the United States of America. He stands for what is right and speaks his mind.

Diane Cooper

Texas Needs Lt. Col. Allen West’s Leadership!

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Col. West’s leadership, character, and confidence under fire are what Texas needs!

David McClelland
Chief of Staff
Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office

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