Strong and Enthusiastic Endorsement!

Photo of General Burwell B. Bell, III (Ret.) in uniform.

Allen, I’m informed that you are running for the Chairmanship of the Republican Party of Texas. You have my strongest and most enthusiastic endorsement.

Burwell B. Bell
General, US Army (Ret.)

Support Your Candidacy!

Photo of Frederick Douglass, the logo of the Frederick Douglass Republicans of Tarrant County

Writing to inform you, the Frederick Douglass Republicans of Tarrant County, support the candidacy of LTC Allen West (Ret.) for the Chairmanship for Republican Party of Texas!

Rich Stoglin

You Have Our Full Support!

You are going to be the next Chairman. You have our full support. (Listen to Chad’s endorsement here)

Chad Prather

Colonel West is the Man for the Job!

Photo of Antonia Okafor with LTC ALlen West

It is an absolute pleasure for me to endorse my fellow NRA Outreach committeeman, Colonel West for the Republican Chair of Texas. I’m a native Texan, born and raised and I’m proud of the values that make this state strong. We are currently in a war with those who wish to turn Texas blue. We… Read the full endorsement “Colonel West is the Man for the Job!”

Antonia Okafor
NRA Outreach Committeewoman

Allen West for RPT Chair!

W4T Logo

I’m proud to support Allen West for RPT Chair!

Glen Sartwelle

Wholeheartedly Endorse!

Photo of Tim and Debbie Terry

Prior to Debbie passing on July 17, we often discussed our major concern that Texas Republicans could lose control to the Democrats. When Lt. Col. West told us that he was going to run to lead our Texas Republican party, we were thrilled. The time for going along to get along is over. We need… Read the full endorsement “Wholeheartedly Endorse!”

Tim Terry
Speaker, Author, and Business Owner

We Must Hold Texas at All Costs!

W4T Logo

I fear that, as LTC West has said, “If Texas falls, the United States falls.” Being a native Texan, this state, this land, and its beauty cannot be stained with the disdaining words and ideals of the Democrats, Socialists, and Progressives. It is a vial and treasonous concept to want to do that to this… Read the full endorsement “We Must Hold Texas at All Costs!”

Barbara Wendell

#FightOn Col. West

W4T Logo

I completely support and endorse Col Allen West for Texas GOP Chairman. Texas GOP needs to go into our Black and Hispanic communities and show the GOP flag. We need to engage and recruit those members into our Conservative team. #FightOn Col. West.

Thomas Marchetti

Trustworthy and Well-Respected Person

W4T Logo

I trust and respect him.

Paul Bevilacqua
Technical Sergeant, United States Air Force (Ret)

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