Stand for West

‘Genie’ Frances Davison Sorensen

Having met LTC West, and after reading his biography, I know him to be the leader we need at this time. I will stand with LTC West!

‘Genie’ Frances Davison Sorensen

A Godly Man

Lt. Col. Allen West is the real deal. A genuine, sincere man with a quality commitment to God and Country. I only met him over a one day period, but he makes you feel like you have been friends for years.

David Blanton Ford

Man of Integrity

Allen West will strengthen the Republican Party of Texas!

David Ayers


Vickie Costa

I’m endorsing Lieutenant Colonel Allen West because he is a proven leader. He is a patriot and a man of great integrity. He is what the Republican Party of Texas needs.

Vickie Costa

It’s Time for New Leadership in Texas!

How in the world can Texas be close to turning Blue? What??? For that to happen, it clearly indicates we need new, strong, Trump-supporting leaders! It’s time to end the reign of any Never-Trumpers! I look forward to voting for Allen West on Friday!

Deborah Winters Chaney

Patty Gutting Precinct Chair 1108

West4Texas logo icon

Allen West has better leadership skills and not only listens to people but hears them! Dickey caused us to lose the Texas Supreme Court case because he failed to put his name on as plaintiff, and I feel he should have had a contingency plan.

Patricia Gutting

I Endorse Allen West

Brian Davidson

I endorse LTC Allen West (Ret.) for Chair of the Republican Party of Texas.

Brian Davidson
SD 18 Delegate & Fort Bend County Precinct Chair #3144

The Future is West!

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I fully support Lieutenant Colonel Allen West! I am excited about the strength he will bring into the Republican Party of Texas. He is a true leader and an American patriot Texas needs to lead the Party!

Cassie Luevano

The Right Man at the Right Time

S. Brian Catlin

I’m just another volunteer trying to do what I can to serve God and my town, county, state, and country. Lt. Colonel West is, in my opinion, the best man to lead our Party into the future. He is a man with a true servant’s heart and a tremendous patriot. Please join me in supporting… Read the full endorsement “The Right Man at the Right Time”

S. Brian Catlin
CPA, School Board Member, Volunteer