A most honorable candidate

I plead with all Americans to vote for Allen West. A most honorable candidate !

Terry L Brooks

Demonstrated Leadership

I am a Marine Corps veteran, father of three grown daughters, a step-dad to three bonus daughters, and a grandpa to four, and a fourth-generation Texan. I live in the beautiful Central Texas community of New Braunfels, and I am supporting Allen West for Governor of the magnificent state of Texas.

I support Lt Col West because he’s a man of honor, he’s highly disciplined, and he doesn’t and will not bow to special interests. He will demonstrate the leadership that Texas has lacked, and I am confident that Allen will do his level best for all Texans, just as he did for the troops who served under him in Iraq.

Bryan Kirk

Bryan Kirk

We need a warrior, not a lawyer!

Trying times does not make character, it reveals character. Like many, prior to 2020, I liked and supported Governor Abbott.

2020 revealed Governor Abbott’s TYRANNICAL character for all to see…he overreached his authority and issued orders that forced Texans out of work, destroyed the economy, shut down churches and other places of worship, wrecked the mental health of countless citizens (especially children), and literally led to the arrest of a single mother who just wanted to make money to feed her kids.

Then Snowcopalypse: As Governor since 2015, he has accepted the empty promises of “green energy” and ignored the risks to our infrastructure…Now, as I write my endorsement, ERCOT is telling us to expect summer blackouts…I just had to tell my 82-year old parents to buy a generator because they can’t rely on Governor Abbott to provide strong leadership.

The last legislative session was a disaster: NO Election Reform, NO Protection of Children from barbaric “gender modification.” and NO Leadership from Governor Abbott.

But now, he’s sounding tough about the border and issuing mean letters tot he Biden administration about defendeing the 10th Amendment…WHAT A JOKE!!!


Jonathan Schober

Thank you! Let’s do this!

LTC Allen West is who we need for such a time as this. He will lead with character, integrity, strength and boldness. I am 100% behind him

Andrea Justus

I served as his personal driver and bodyguard in Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003.

I am writing this letter as a formal endorsement of Allen B. West LTC(R) for governor of Texas. I have personally known Mr. West for over 19 years. We served together in the United States Army serving together in the 2nd Battalion 20th Field Artillery, 4th Infantry Division at Fort Hood, Texas. I served as his personal driver and bodyguard in Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003. I have witnessed firsthand Mr. West’s commitment to his troops and to his country. During the beginning of Operation Iraqi Freedom not all soldiers were issued SAPI plates (ceramic bullet proof plates). These plates provided essential protection for the American soldier, and many started the war without them. I was one of those soldiers, but because of LTC West I am alive and able to tell my story. Because I did not have SAPI plates issued to me LTC West pulled the plates from his body armor and gave me his SAPI plates, exposing himself but ensuring my safety. LTC West stated to me that this was that I was about to become a father as my wife was expecting my first child and that he needed to ensure that I came home safely. I would not know it but within weeks of being issued those plates I would be wounded in a fire fight and those same plates would save my life. I was shot in chest during a fire fight in the early hours of a nighttime raid on an enemy compound that was stock piling weapons. But because of the SAPI plates I did not die, instead the bullet ricocheted off the plate and when in and then out of my arm. I received a purple heart for the wound received that night. I am alive because of LTC West’s impeccable leadership.
LTC West disregarded his own personal safety on numerous occasions during our deployment in Iraq. One of his top priorities was to ensure the safety of the men and women that have served under him. LTC West has always led by example and continues to this day to serve the American people. I have worked with LTC West during his time as congressman in the 22nd congressional district of Florida. He is a man of great integrity and a man of faith. LTC West reflects the best of what Texas should represent and will fight to protect our great state.

Robert J. Delgado
Veterans Advocate
Iraqi Freedom Veteran

Robert J. Delgado

Integrity, Intelligence and Common Sense

I am writing this letter to endorse LTC Allen B West for Governor of Texas. I have now known Allen for over 20 years and for that time, I haven’t noticed even a slight change of character. He remains one of the most consistent and genuine people I have ever known. As a young E-6 Staff Sergeant heading up a counter fire platoon in Fort Hood, Tx, it was my pleasure to go into combat with Allen. He was my Battalion Commander going into Iraq in 2003. I have personally witnessed him in and out of combat and to this day, Allen still continues to exercise with a level of integrity, intelligence and common sense that is sorely needed in our current political environment.

Allen isn’t just a talking head like 99% of the political members are. I have also personally witnessed him putting the safety of his men before his own. In one instance, Allen gave his own body armor to his personal driver, which eventually saved the drivers life when he was struck with small arms fire. Another time, Allen sacrificed his entire 22 year military career by going to great lengths to protect his soldiers. Me being one of them, greatly appreciate his sacrifices. If it weren’t for his actions as a commander and a person, several hundred troops, including myself, who were under his command and exposed to potential danger daily, may not be here today.

Allen West is not a globalist with a divisive agenda. He’s a highly educated American Patriot through and through and does not exercise with any intentions but the one provided by God. It was an absolute honor to serve under Allen in combat. It will be honor to reside under him once he becomes Governor of this fine state of Texas.

Deep Strike!

Jimmy Compton

Personal Endorsement of Allen West for Governor of Texas

It is my distinct pleasure to recommend my prior Commander, Allen B. West, for the Executive position of Governor of the State of Texas. It was my pleasure to serve under the leadership of LTC. Allen West. His leadership as my Battalion Commander, during Iraqi Freedom in the sands of the Middle East and prior to deployment at Fort Hood, Texas allowed me a personal view into many of the traits I feel are strengths which will benefit our great State when we elect him as our next Governor. In my 20 years of active military service, including deployments in Operation Desert Shield, Desert Storm and Operation Intrinsic Action 1993, I place my time under his command as the most rewarding of any I had the pleasure of serving my country under. Any person can hold a position down with good people under them, but true leadership is the ability to guide others and influence them to become better than the sum of their parts. To have others you are responsible for in harm’s way is a challenge at any time, but to stand in the gap and fight beside and sometimes in front of your men and women, is both courageous, and inspiring. He both led from the front, and took responsibility for mistakes made. I followed him daily in combat outside the wire, and found him to be both honest and loyal. Without a doubt I feel Allen West will stand for the State of Texas with moral clarity, and intestinal fortitude. He “lives” the words, “Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, and Integrity and Personal Courage.” In times such as this, Leaders must lead, they must make the hard decisions, prepare, train and supply those that are expected to carry out the tasks put in front of them, and be willing to hold the feet to the fire of those not able or willing to answer the righteous call. These are the times for which leaders are called and I believe Allen West is such a leader. Thank you for the opportunity to share my recommendation.

Rodney D. Taylor

Rodney D. Taylor, SFC (U.S. Army Retired)

West Endorsement

Respect your military and political views & achievements!

Tommy jefferson


I have known Allen West for over a decade and worked alongside him for half that time. He is one of the most honorable, loyal, honest and intelligent people I know. I am happy to endorse Allen West for Governor of Texas.

Ryan Dean

Faith & Freedom

Because he stands for the values that my faith and family stand for. God fearing and hearing man.

Olivia Marquez de la Plata