Shape in the outline of the US with words from the US Constitution super-imposed.

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There are many who refer to the tragedy on the southern border as a crisis that cannot be refuted. But, what is more disconcerting is the crisis this episode reveals for our US Constitution, our rule of law.

First, imagine this: why would anyone want to be the President of these United States of America, if they did not believe it is a sovereign nation? When Joe Biden took his oath of office, at a minimum, one would believe that the sanctity of our Constitutional Republic would be protected. That has proven to not be the case!

Joe Biden has violated his oath of office by executing an unconstitutional action which was to implement an ideological progressive socialist leftist agenda, open borders, by executive order. Yes, by executive order, Joe Biden declared that these United States of America are just a territory between Mexico and Canada, open to any and every one. In doing so, Biden has sacrificed the Texas Republic, the Lone Star State, which shares a 1,200 mile border with a foreign nation.

Further, I would venture to state, Mexico is more of a failed state, dominated by a transnational narco-criminal terrorist organization. We call them cartels.

So, what is Texas to do when it has been made aware that the federal government is abandoning it? Biden, or rather Obama, has instructed the Customs and Border Patrol (CBP), along with the Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE), to stand down and not execute their prescribed duties.

We learned just recently that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has made arrangements with the Department of Defense (DoD) to allow transport flights of illegal immigrants off of US military bases, such as Laughlin AB in Del Rio, Texas. As well, the US will house illegal immigrants on another military base in Texas, Ft. Bliss. To think, the Biden administration is actually enabling, facilitating, human and sex trafficking. In legal terminology, the Biden administration is aiding and abetting the trafficking of illegal immigrants, on top of abdicating their constitutional duty to protect and preserve the sovereignty of America.

The response for Texas is simple, and the Founding Fathers placed it in our Constitution in Article I, Section 10, Clause 3 and Article IV, Section 4. The founders would use the term “invasion,” which is exactly what is occurring in Texas. In this case, sovereign states can enact operations — take actions against an imminent danger — without delay.
So, what is the delay in Texas?

Let’s have an honest conversation: Texas has a 1,200-mile border with Mexico. There have been 145 miles of “Trump” border wall completed. Another unconstitutional action by the Biden administration: ending construction of a legally appropriated by law border wall. This ground all activity to a halt, again, I stress unconstitutionally. Executive orders do not supersede law unless it favors the progressive socialist left. Anyone believing that we can construct 1,055 miles of border wall just like that is delusional. This insidious political rhetoric about arresting and charging people with “trespassing” is laughable. Illegal immigrants are violating our law by entering Texas — America — illegally. What sense does it make to arrest and charge them with a third-degree misdemeanor and release them six months later? Remember, ICE will not honor detainers and has been told to deport no one.

It is up to Texas to assume the enumerated power given to it as a sovereign state by our Constitution to put an end to #illegalimmigration. — LTC @AllenWest Click To Tweet

Therefore, it is up to Texas to assume the enumerated power given to it as a sovereign state by our Constitution to put an end to illegal immigration. Why that has not been done is beyond belief, because, as this missive asserts, we are in a constitutional crisis of immense proportion. We are witnessing the complete and total undermining of our state, and nation.

I have done many interviews articulating what needs to be done, and you can find those points under the media section of our website,, and in our “Issues” section. 

The longer we delay in taking bold, constitutional action here in Texas, the worse the situation will become. As well, one can only begin to surmise that the leadership in Texas is complicit, also, aiding and abetting human and sex trafficking. Remember, Texas is the number one State in America for such. We are also aiding and abetting a transnational narco-criminal terrorist organization to the tune of some $25 million per week, in just trafficking. I have not mentioned the issue of drug trafficking, which is killing Americans, primarily via fentanyl.

Do not think this unconstitutional open borders endeavor is by coincidence. This is purely intentional, and represents the highest, and evident, display of high crimes and misdemeanors for which Joe Biden, and anyone facilitating this, should be impeached. This ain’t some Russian collusion, a charade with a stupid phone call.

Further evidence of this is the seriousness of this crisis. We have the socialist leftists pushing to nationalize our elections with diabolical legislation such as HR 1. For the Democrats to advocate not having picture ID to vote, no voter registration roll review and universal, unsolicited, mail ballots is an enabler combined with the mass scourge of illegal immigration is a clear and present danger to our representative democracy, eventually undermining our Constitutional Republic.

Texas is in need of a constitutional conservative warrior . . . not a timid litigator who pounds¬†his chest on national TV but takes no action. — LTC @AllenWest Click To Tweet

We are facing a constitutional crisis of immense proportion and this is a time for focused, determined, principled, resolute, and fearless leadership. That is why I am running to be the next Governor of the Lone Star State.

Texas is in need of a constitutional conservative warrior . . . not a timid litigator who pounds his chest on national TV but takes no action.

For God, Country, and Texas!

Col. Allen B. West (Ret.)