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[VIDEO] Latinos for Trump 2020: Interview with LTC Allen West

LTC Allen West joined the Latinos for Trump 2020 podcast with hosts Bianca Gracia and Mayra Gutierrez. They discussed the Texas political scene in light of the coronavirus situation, and how Texas can reopen and get down to the business of the state convention and other pressing matters for the Lone Star State.

[LISTEN]: Chris Salcedo: West Denied Right to Address Conservative Students


“Lt. Colonel Allen West was denied entry to Garland High School after being invited to deliver the keynote address to a newly formed conservative student organization. He says the principal of the school canceled the event citing that the organization wasn’t inclusive.”

Also, the latest in the Bonnen political saga.

[VIDEO] ACWT: Interview with LTC Allen West

I joined America, Can We Talk? and it’s host, Debbie Georgatos, to discuss topics of the day including my bid for Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas.

LTC Allen West appears on America, Can We Talk (ACWT) with Debbie Georgatos.