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The Democrats’ Self-Inflicted Political Wound

Last week, after the results of the New Hampshire primary, we saw Democrats beginning to hit the panic button. We always hear that Republicans are worried, concerned, about having President Trump at the top of the ticket. I am not one of those. Too many weak-kneed Republicans are running around wringing their hands about Donald Trump’s personality, they are misguided. President Trump has been a fighter, a first in the Republican Party. His tweets, yeah, so what? They can be overbearing and incessant, but what matters most are the results of his policies.

On the other hand, the Democrats are running people for president who are banking everything on “I can beat Donald Trump” or “Defeat Trump.” They are making a total emotional argument that lacks any clear vision for policies that improve the quality of life of the American citizen. As well, many of these Democrat presidential candidates do not have personalities that are engaging.

Well, this panic is being realized and recognized by Texas Democrats.

As reported by Politico:

“Bernie Sanders’ staying power atop the 2020 field has Democratic insiders in Texas on edge: They’re worried nominating the Vermont senator would kneecap their hard-fought campaign to flip the Texas state house.

Putting a self-proclaimed democratic socialist at the top of the ticket would squander a prime opportunity to seize statehouse seats — and congressional districts — that have long been out of reach, robbing the party of a hand in next year’s crucial redistricting process, more than a half-dozen Democratic candidates, activists and political consultants said in interviews.

“There is overall uncertainty which is growing. The real fear for Texas D’s remains Sanders,” Bill Miller, a longtime Austin lobbyist who has worked with both Democrats and Republicans, said of a Sanders ticket. “’We’d be fucked’ — that’s what they’re saying. The drain at the top goes down to the bottom.” And to insiders like Miller, plans to nationalize the health care and electricity sectors will spook voters and weigh down local Democrats who are trying to thread a needle in this still deeply conservative state.

Sanders’ rising progressive agenda and the leftward march of Democrats like Elizabeth Warren has divided the party here about how to succeed and what lessons to divine from years of electoral losses born out of deploying untested strategies they hope will transform Texas into a battleground state.

“Sanders is a complete disaster and Warren is a complete-disaster-lite,” said Texas-based campaign consultant Jeff Hewitt, who has been working in Democratic politics since he served on Clinton-Gore’s campaign team in the 1990s. “At the end of the day, most of us want to win.” A Buttigieg victory is “not helpful” to the party’s goals in Texas, he said. But “he doesn’t hurt them as much” as Sanders.

While Democrats lost all statewide elections in 2018, they notched modest gains down ballot. They were able to flip two congressional seats and more than a dozen state House and Senate seats, putting them just nine seats away from taking control of the state House.

“For control of the state legislature and how the congressional delegation is drawn over the next decade, it’s very important that we do all we can to win the statehouse now so both parties have a seat at the table,” said state Rep. Chris Turner, chair of the Texas House Democratic caucus and who has endorsed former Vice President Joe Biden.”

What the Texas Democrats, and all Democrats, must realize is exactly what CNN contributor Van Jones said after the last Democrat presidential debate: not a single one of their candidates can defeat Donald Trump. You can only run on hatred to a point, but, in the end, reality, policy, and results matter. There is nothing that these Democrat (socialist) candidates are offering that bodes well for the Lone Star State. As a matter of fact, the mantra of “Turn Texas Blue” is nothing more than a recipe for failure and making Texas resemble all the other failed States controlled by the progressive socialist left, the Democrat Party. Just look at Virginia, for example.

The bottom line, and what Texas Democrat Rep. Chris Turner articulated, the Democrats in Texas only want power. They want to control the redistricting. Remember, Eric Holder is the Chairman of the National Democrat Redistricting Committee. The Democrats want to do as has been done in Virginia, with the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, consolidate national power, and Texas is integral in that.

Insidious leftist policies such as the “Green New Deal” are unacceptable, certainly so in a state like Texas that has made America energy independent and a net exporter of oil and gas resources. Texans do not want the failed economic vision of the left which would reverse the incredible economic growth, opportunity, and prosperity that all are experiencing. It does not matter who the Democrat candidate will be, it is all about the policies they embrace. Those policies, that platform, is dictated by the socialist left which dominates the Party of the Jackass.

The Texas Democrats are doing all they can to bring in and register young college-aged voters. Bernie is the candidate they want. If, for a minute, any of them believes that Michael Bloomberg will be their savior, he will not. Talk about someone with no personality and a Napoleon complex, you have Bloomberg. He is the fella I affectionately refer to as “Mayor Big Gulp” and his anti-Second Amendment stance certainly does not play well here in the Lone Star State.

There is an interesting juxtaposition. My concern is that folks will be so enthusiastic about voting for Trump, that they just hit the top of the ticket and leave the voting booth. Texas Democrats are concerned about who is at the top of their ticket to support their down-ballot candidates. I want to ensure we, as Conservatives, and Republicans, here in Texas, have a clear and understandable voting slate. We need the enthusiasm, but we also need educated and informed Texans going into the voting booth. We need to crush the left from top to bottom of the ticket, winning back the losses of 2018, and expanding our victories . . . especially in Texas State House and local level elections, big time with judicial positions.

I could not care less about President Trump’s persona. What I do know, the left cannot touch President Trump’s accomplishments . . . even if they do try and lie, deceive, and confuse us by saying this is all the results of Barack Obama.

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The Left Wants Texas

In the military, I learned of the incredible wisdom of Carl von Clausewitz. The Prussian military officer who wrote the impeccable book, “On War,” asserted that “War, therefore, is an act of violence to compel our opponent to fulfill our will.” Your enemy is not defeated until you have successfully destroyed their will, their determination to seek their goals and objectives.

This maxim applies to our everyday lives. For example, back a few years ago in the Super Bowl, I was an excited Atlanta Falcons fan. My Falcons were ahead, in the 3rd quarter, over the New England Patriots 28-3. However, I cautioned my family and friends, we should not celebrate too early, the Falcons had not yet taken away the Patriots’ will to win. Needless to say, the rest is history, the greatest comeback in Super Bowl lore . . . a complete meltdown.

The same has been applied to our political atmosphere today. We are indeed embroiled in an ideological civil war. The will and determination of the left is relentless and unwavering. I will give these socialists credit, they will fight you to the end for that which they believe in, regardless of its proven failure. And, why should they not be emboldened? The progressive socialist left has overtaken state after state in these United States of America . . . Never forget that California was once a solidly red state. Most recently, the left overran the state of Virginia.

This week we had a special election in Texas for State House District 28. Hundreds of thousands of progressive socialist dollars flowed into this race. Names such as Sanders, Bloomberg, and O’Rourke were supporting the leftist candidate Eliz Markowitz. In the end, she lost by 16 percent. I have been reading some of the conservative media outlets, including the Wall Street Journal, and I am seeing that celebratory atmosphere like when my Falcons were up 28-3 in the Super Bowl. And I want to caution my constitutional conservative brothers and sisters, we have not destroyed the will of the progressive socialist left in Texas.

As reported in Newsweek:

“President Donald Trump may still be leading the political polls in Texas, but data released Wednesday show Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont is actually the biggest threat to Trump winning the state, although former Vice President Joe Biden is still the current Democratic front runner in Texas.

Polling by the non-partisan organization, the Texas Lyceum, showed that in a trial presidential election ballot, Sanders held 47 percent to Trump’s 50 percent. When Biden was put up against the president in a hypothetical matchup, Biden scored 46 percent to Trump’s 51 percent.

Biden did, however, pick up the win for the overall poll as 28 percent of potential Democratic voters in the Texas primary supported Biden. Sanders came in second place with 26 percent while Senator Elizabeth Warren came in a distant third place with 13 percent, a full 13 points behind Sanders.

Newsweek reached out to the Sanders campaign for comment but did not receive a response in time for publication. Rounding out the top five were billionaire Michael Bloomberg with 9 percent and former South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg with 6 percent.

Trump lost the 2016 Texas Republican primary to Texas Senator Ted Cruz by a wide margin. Cruz wound up with almost 44 percent of the vote while Trump came in second with only 26.7 percent. But after Cruz’s popularity spiraled, culminating in a defeat in the Indiana primary, Cruz suspended his campaign. Trump went on to win the Texas presidential election by over 50 percent. 

Sanders’ campaign recently invested in a $2.5 million advertising campaign in Texas designed to drum up support for the senator before the Texas Democratic primary in March. At a Texas campaign appearance in 2019, Sanders told supporters he believed he could win the state instead of Trump. “I believe we can and will defeat Donald Trump here in Texas,” Sanders said. “Let me tell you why I think we are going to defeat Trump here. People understand increasingly he is a pathological liar and a fraud.”

In a January interview with The Dallas Morning News, Biden said he feels like he could win the Texas primary. “Texas is changing,” Biden said. “It’s getting back to what it was when I first got elected. I feel good about Texas.” “There’s a whole lot I like about Texas,” Biden added.

Biden also said that if he is elected president, he would consider placing former Representative Beto O’Rourke and former Housing Secretary Julian Castro in positions within his cabinet. Both O’Rourke and Castro dropped out of the Democratic presidential race. “I would consider either or both of them,” Biden said. “I’ve spoken to each of them. My plea to both of them is that they stay engaged. They are talented, talented people.”

I just have to ask, why would anyone in Texas vote for a person that never had a job until he was in his 40s? That job was in politics? Texas has the 10th largest economy in the world. There are some 10 percent of Fortune 500 corporate headquarters in Texas. The United States of America is a net exporter of energy resources, oil and gas, and energy independent because of Texas. And you mean to tell me the progressive socialist left would put up a Bernie Sanders as their nominee and expect to win the Lone Star State? Well, of course they do, they are emboldened, even here in Texas, because of the results of the last electoral cycle, 2018. Their will has not been deterred, not just because of a special election victory…in a red House district.

Bob Frank O’Rourke and Julian Castro talented? In what universe?

In his last foray as a cabinet member for Barack Obama as HUD Secretary, there was massive mismanagement of billions of taxpayer dollars. And, Bob Frank, give us a break, there is not a cogent policy thought emanating from his cranium. But, as we shared with y’all yesterday with the $15 minimum wage policy initiative being passed in Virginia, competence is not a strong characteristic of leftists. I think Vladimir Lenin coined the phrase “useful idiots.”

Anyone who takes a position of complacency in Texas, in the face of a determined progressive socialist left, will suffer the same mistakes of the Vietnam War. There we had all the firepower, but we did not focus it to crush the will of the enemy. The Tet Offensive of 1968 was a resounding defeat for the Viet Cong, but our media did not articulate it as such. That emboldened the Viet Cong and the North Vietnamese enemy, and, regardless of countless tactical victories, we lost the Vietnam War at the strategic level. We did not impose our will on the enemy.

Today, with the assistance of the very same liberal, progressive, leftist media, the progressive socialist left finds encouragement. Bernie Sanders mentioned President Trump being a pathological liar and a fraud. That is the talking point of the leftist media, who would not offer the same analysis and assessment of Barack Obama. And if there is anyone who is a fraud, Bernie Sanders should follow Michael Jackson’s advice, and look at the “Man in the Mirror.” Sanders preaches the gospel of envy, of socialism, wealth redistribution, while he owns several lakefront homes, and drives a posh Audi. Just so y’all know, I drive a 2013 Toyota Tacoma truck, a 2014 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, and a 2016 Victory Cross Country 8-Ball motorcycle. My first job came as a 10th grader at Baskin Robbins ice cream shop in Ansley Mall on Monroe Drive in Atlanta.

Texas is all about a rugged indomitable spirit. It is about hard work and individual determination. Bernie Sanders and his ilk do not possess the formula that has made the Lone Star State what it is.

However, as long as there is a pathological lying leftist media, the will of the left, even in Texas, may not be dampened. Therefore, it is incumbent upon us all to send a very strong message to the left in November . . . from the top of the ticket down to water district and dog catcher . . . no progressive socialist leftists!

The left needs victims . . . Texas ain’t about being a victim.

Welcome to Texas! Now, Why Did You Leave Where You Were?

It is the message that should be on billboards all across the major interstates coming into, and through, Texas. Not just Texas, but one could actually put those signs up in any successful red state to which people are flocking. But, here in Texas, it is a phenomenon like no other place, closest being Florida. Governor’s Perry and Abbott have made it a point to trek across America and advocate for businesses to pick up and leave failing blue states with their onerous tax, regulation, and economic policies, and follow the Lone Star to economic salvation, growth, opportunity, and success.

Except there is one problem. We fail to ask them the seminal question, offered at the beginning of this missive, upon their arrival. Heck, even God admonished Lot and his family to do only one thing as they fled His destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah: “don’t look back.” It is an admonishment that has relevance today.

Sure, there are a good many folks who are singularly making the informed decision to flee the progressive socialist states such as California, Illinois, New York, and New Jersey. The problem is that we have folks forced to relocate to a state like Texas because their business or corporation has decided to do so . . . and the corporate leaders did not send out a memo explaining the choice. At some point in time, these newly arrived corporations, such as Toyota N.A., who recently left California for Plano Texas should have that conversation with their employees.

Young people relocating to Texas due to high-tech opportunities should understand that an insidious idea like a “head tax,” will never fly here.

A recent report in the Dallas News gives insight as to just what is happening here in Texas.

“The number of California residents headed to Texas grew by more than a third in the latest U.S. migration count. More than 86,000 Californians picked up and moved to Texas in 2018, according to a report by the Texas Realtors’ association. Texas had the most total inbound moves of any U.S. state but Florida, with 563,945 new residents in the year. Florida had slightly more moves, fueled by relocating retiree baby boomers.

“For the sixth year in a row, more than half a million people chose Texas as their new home,” Cindi Bulla, 2020 chairman of Texas Realtors, said in the report. “And why not? In addition to its business-friendly environment with no state income tax and abundance of jobs, land and opportunity, Texas is known for its diverse, friendly spirit and culture.”

The Realtors’ study found that the net gain of out-of-state residents in Texas rose by about 78% in 2018. Along with California, most of the newcomers hailed from Florida (37,262), Louisiana (29,108), Oklahoma (24,590) and New York (21,509).

The top cities where most of the new Texans relocated from included Los Angeles-Long Beach-Anaheim, New York-Newark-Jersey City and Chicago-Naperville-Elgin. The Dallas-Fort Worth attracted the highest number of out-of-state movers — 200,966 new residents — followed by the Houston area with 176,110, the Realtors report found.

Harris County led the state with a net 80,572 out-of-state moves. Dallas-Fort Worth was the country’s top employment growth center in 2019, with more than 120,000 new jobs created for the year ended November.”

All of this begs a simple question: why would anyone move to the state of Texas, and then continue to vote for the ideological agenda and policies of the place they left? Okay, sure, there are some folks who are already here in Texas, being indoctrinated in the school system, and elsewhere, to embrace progressive socialism. Even still, that is the pure definition of insanity to embrace a failed economic model and expect different results, especially when residing in a state that has the 10th largest economy in the world, not to mention 10 percent of Fortune 500 corporate headquarters.

We continuously hear the incessant droning by the left about “turning Texas blue,” which means — in this case — turning Texas sad. Why would any individual with a functioning intellectual capacity desire to transform Texas, a model of success, into a replica of failure? Why would that be advocated by the folks who have left the failed blue states?

Yet, there is something happening in Texas, centered primarily on the major population centers, which are expanding. In 2012, Mitt Romney won Texas by 16 percent. President Trump won Texas by 9 percent in 2016. Ted Cruz only won Texas by 2.3 percent in 2018. Yes, Governor Greg Abbott won his race in 2018 by a double-digit margin, but his opponent, Lupe Valdez, was as weak as pond water. The Texas Lt. Gov. and Attorney General both had close calls in 2018. Texas lost 12 state house seats, two state senate seats, two US Congressional seats, and 56 judgeships in 2018. One of the supposed largest red counties in Texas, Tarrant County (Ft. Worth), was won by senate challenger Robert Francis O’Rourke. And, it was in Tarrant County that we lost one of the two Texas State Senate seats was lost; the other was in Dallas. Also, an Asian Republican County Commissioner lost in Tarrant County.

I love the saying, “Come, let us reason together.” So, let us attempt to reason together, and tell me why, with all our economic success, this is happening? We shared with y’all previously the story about Texas’ special Christmas gift to America, energy independence, being a net exporter of energy, oil, and natural gas resources.

However, we have a philosophy of governance finding a foothold in Texas that believes we should eliminate the oil and gas industry in the next ten years. Heck, folks of a leftist persuasion that believe we should get rid of beef . . . in Texas? Texas with no beef? Sorry, but I ain’t eating a “plant-based” ribeye steak!

Progressive socialism has no record of success, yet, it is being toyed with here in a State that is an economic success. What is even more disconcerting, Republican elected officials in Texas act sheepishly towards firmly establishing and implementing a strong constitutional conservative legislative agenda in Texas. Hmm, Gavin Newsom and the California State Legislature continue to support the failed leftist policies that are driving the population out of the so-called “Golden State.”

Texas, due to the explosion in population, will be getting three new congressional districts. The Texas State House is only eight seats away from being overtaken by the progressive socialist left. That means they would be in a position of drawing the new legislative representation districts in Texas. Side note: Eric Holder is in charge of the Democrat (socialist) Party National Redistricting Committee, and he is headquartered in California. Holder’s goal? Flip Republican-held State Houses . . . like what happened in Virginia, aided by Mayor Big Gulp’s millions of dollars.

All of this is utterly illogical, and even Spock would refer to this as “fascinating.” To have people flee from a failing economic state, come to a successful economic state, and vote for the policies and politicians resembling the failure they have fled. That, folks, is crazy. Yet that is what has happened in Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, North Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, and yep, Texas.

Ya just gotta ask, why did you leave what you had if that is truly what you wanted? Consider it this way: if you just got cured of lung cancer, would you go out and take up smoking again?

Welcome to Texas, and we don’t want your cancerous progressive socialist disease!

The Soros Machine Gets Involved in Texas GOP Race

For some time now — most notably demonstrated by writing a book on the subject, Hold Texas, Hold the Nation: Victory or Death — I have been sounding the rallying cry that the Democrats have their sights on the Lone Star State. I have written numerous op-eds on the subject and given countless television and radio interviews to hammer this point home.

Yet, some have said this is a myth, or that those fleeing failing blue states with their onerous policies, such as California, New Jersey, and others, are not the ones creating Texas’ steady march from purple to blue.

I beg to differ.

In 2012, Mitt Romney won Texas by some 15 percent. In 2016, Donald Trump took her with 9 percent, yet, just as recently as 2018, progressive socialist leftist, Robert Francis O’Rourke managed to come within 2.3 percent of winning Texas from his opponent, Senator Ted Cruz. This is not to mention the judgeships and state races lost.

So, it is no surprise, that with so much at stake, the left would take a hard look at the contest for Republican Party Chair here in the Lone Star State.

I found it highly ironic that the Soros-backed Texas Tribune would make such a big fuss about donors to my campaign, but they would not be the progressive socialist left if they didn’t, I suppose:

“West has raised more than 25 times what incumbent James Dickey has — and more than half of West’s haul came from conservative megadonor Richard Uihlein.

Uihlein helped West post a staggering fundraising advantage over Dickey, who raised $18,000 over the same six-month period — or 4% of West’s $490,000 raised. Dickey spent $12,000; West $227,000. And Dickey has $6,000 cash on hand; West has $283,000.

Dickey’s supporters argue that his focus has been on raising money for the state party and positioning it strongly for the 2020 election, not financing his reelection campaign. They also have criticized West’s spending as wasteful, pointing to expenses like a $424 payment to a limo service for a ride from the Buc-ee’s gas station in Madisonville to Garland, a roughly two-and-a-half-hour drive.

West has made his fundraising chops part of his pitch to chair the state party, often noting the big bucks he was able to raise as a congressman who built a national following. Some of Uihlein’s Florida-based relatives were donors to West’s campaigns there.

The election for Texas GOP chair will be decided by delegates to the state party convention, which is set for mid-May in Houston.”

Now, of course, I have had to clear up some mischaracterizations from the left — and even within my opponent’s camp. As posted on my campaign Facebook page, in comments, I addressed “Limo-gate:”

“To set the record straight, on the date in question, I had a number of appearances and interviews that day, culminating in an event in Beaumont. We had a return flight scheduled from Beaumont, however, the last event ran long. It was Thanksgiving week and there were no other flights. The Jefferson County Chair drove us to Madisonville, where we then caught a car transport service. The service offered a variety of transportation, including limos, and the word “Limo” is part of their name, however, I did not utilize a limo. I was over five hours away from home and needed to be in-studio the next morning by 6am to honor a pre-arranged commitment to fill-in for Mark Davis.”

However, facts are pesky things that get in the way of a “good” narrative — think of Rahm Emanuel’s “never let a good crisis go to waste” quip.

That said, there are a few things to note in this article, and for that I must thank Ol’ Georgie boy. First, the article demonstrates my proven track record as a fundraiser. If I have done this for my campaign — raising 25 times that of my opponent — imagine what, with your help, we can do for the great state of Texas in keeping her red?

Secondly, since this outlet is backed by the Soros machine, I must ask who George would like to see as Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas heading into the November 2020 elections? Ol’ Georgie and I have some history in that he was a major donor — to the tune of $5 million — in the effort to derail my congressional reelection endeavor in Florida, in 2012.

Yes, I see this attention from Soros and company as a good sign I am striking a nerve somewhere. I hope to be a thorn in his side for many more years. I shall carry it as a badge of honor!

The Left’s Misinformation Campaign in Texas

“A lie told often enough becomes the truth”  — Vladimir Lenin

The aforementioned quote by Lenin aptly describes the propaganda machine of the progressive socialist left. In and of itself, socialism as an economic model cannot be advanced by way of truth. It relies upon deceit, false narratives, and outright lies such as, “if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor,” which was the Politifact “Lie of the Year” in 2013. Yes, I know, the leftist trolls who surf this page are calling President Trump out as a liar. But, he has yet to receive a “Lie of the Year” distinction.

So it goes. The left has now turned its propaganda machine of lies, deceit, and false narratives onto the Lone Star State of Texas. A recent story, found in the Washington Post, owned by the world’s richest man — and, Jeff Bezos is not a constitutional conservative — is an example of what the left deems they must do in order to “turn Texas blue.” In this case, “blue” should read “sad.”

As reported in the Washington Post in an article by Abby M. McCloskey titled ‘Trump is Unpopular in Texas:’

“In Texas, the nation’s biggest, most important red state, Trump’s disapproval rating has consistently lagged behind many of the 30 states he carried in 2016. This potentially puts the state — a must-win for the president if there ever was one — in play for 2020. To think Trump’s unpopularity in Texas is because of Twitter, or Ukraine, or the media, or a smear job by the left is to underestimate the problem. The reality is that Trump’s signature policies are out of step with what most Texans want.

Take Trump’s threat of tariffs against Mexico as punishment for the flow of unauthorized immigrants across the border. While railing against Mexico might work at a campaign rally in the Midwest, Texans perceive it as a direct threat to their bottom lines. Mexico is Texas’s biggest trading partner, accounting for nearly 35 percent of state exports in 2018. In comparison, Mexico accounts for only 5.8 percent of exports for Ohio.

Polling from the Texas Politics Project at the University of Texas at Austin found that roughly half of voters believe that tariffs against Mexico would hurt the Texas economy. Only 16 percent of suburban voters and 18 percent of women — coveted 2020 voting blocs — think tariffs on Mexico would benefit Texas. The president did eventually stop threatening to use tariffs to punish Mexico over immigration. But one wonders whether Texans will easily forget how carelessly their economic health was leveraged for political gain and dubious ends.

Trump’s immigration policy is also unpopular. While one might assume that the state with the longest southern border, the largest share of Mexican Americans, and one of the highest rates of illegal immigration would appreciate Trump’s hard-line immigration approach, the opposite is true. Texas has maintained one of the nation’s most moderate stances on immigration. It is one of only seven states — and the only red state — to provide in-state tuition rates and state financial aid to undocumented immigrants. Those provisions were signed into law by then-Gov. Rick Perry and a Republican-controlled legislature. More recently, Republican Gov. Greg Abbott called the Trump administration’s separation of migrant families at the border “disgraceful.

While the United States struggles to adjust to a changing demographic makeup, Texas has been “majority minority” for more than a decade, with Hispanics expected to outnumber non-Hispanic whites in the next few years. Hispanics and non-Hispanics live by, work with, are friends with and go to school with each other, and this familiarity increases fondness. Which is why Trump’s fear and disparagement of immigrants — and Mexicans, in particular — falls flat here. According to a Texas Politics Project poll, more Texans strongly disapprove of Trump’s immigration approach than strongly approve. Only 39 percent of Texans support additional federal spending on border barriers along the Mexican border, according to a November 2019 report by the U.S. Immigration Policy Center.”

First of all, let it be known that Ms. McCloskey is the former policy director for the Howard Schultz for President campaign. Heard anything about that fella lately? As well, Ms. McCloskey touts the polling and studies from the Texas Politics Project at the University of Texas in Austin, not exactly a bastion of constitutional conservative thought. This is what the left has taken to doing, trying to undermine President Trump in Texas, perhaps Ms. McCloskey did not see the crowd at the Trump rally in Dallas . . . not exactly a city of conservative leadership.

I hate to inform Ms. McCloskey of something, but perhaps she needs to get out of her office, behind a computer, crunching numbers and talk to Texans on the ground. Real Texans are not happy about the situation with a fluid border, okay, an open border. This has led to Texas being the number one state in the United States of America for human and sex trafficking, a scourge on this great State. Dallas and Houston lead the way as the top two cities for human and sex trafficking. Houston and Dallas are run by Democrats (socialists).

Maybe Ms. McCloskey needs to go down and speak to the folks in the Rio Grande Valley (RGV) who live in fear of the drug cartels who are freely operating this side of the Rio Grande river. The recent killings of Americans, and of Mexican citizens and police, just south of Eagle Pass, Texas, has many here in Texas concerned. It has nothing to do with ethnicity; folks just want to be safe and secure.

I am quite sure the Texas Politics Project poll was skewed a certain way, politically, because Texans want to have the border secured, and many insist that Texas should not wait upon the federal government. As for this “separating families” narrative: everyone here knows that the drug cartels are using children to assist in funneling adults into our State, as well as trafficking them. Maybe Ms. McCloskey is perfectly fine with trafficking young girls for those like Jeffrey Epstein, and his clientele?

I think Ms. McCloskey should also remember that Texas does not allow “sanctuary cities,” something she failed to mention in her piece.

We all must realize that the progressive socialist left really wants to flip Texas. And, they will resort to their normal tactics of deceit in order to make that happen. Texans understand that our economic success is important, but we are not willing to sacrifice our sovereignty and security. Yes, perhaps there are those business elites who embrace open borders just to ensure they are profitable, but that is not a winning issue when the state is flooded with illegal immigrants, including a criminal element.

To Ms. McCloskey and her ilk, thanks for letting us know how desperate y’all are to take Texas. I am quite sure the funding for the Texas Political Project tells us all we need to know about their real intent, purpose. After all, George Soros is the major contributor to a media outlet here in the Lone Star State called the Texas Tribune, located in Austin.

According to leftist pollsters four years ago, Hillary Clinton was going to drub Donald Trump in the presidential election. Progressive socialists, y’all keep telling yourselves that President Trump is not popular in Texas . . . right on up to his inauguration in 2021. If y’all think for one minute that the Democrat (socialist) Party is popular in Texas . . . think again. Yes, y’all are flooding this state and overtaking our college and university campuses, and believe that the odds are in your favor.

They are not, and, I, for one, will make sure that the progressive socialist left gets a Texas-sized, San Jacinto, type whipping in November 2020 . . . and evermore.

“Don’t Mess with Texas.”

Today’s Impeachment Proceedings

I just arrived in South Florida, as Angela and I are attending the Turning Point USA 2nd Annual Winter Gala …yes, Mar-a-Lago.

I am sitting here in our home in Plantation, FL — currently on the market — watching the truly disconcerting theater of the absurd called the House impeachment debate.

I am still trying to reconcile myself to understanding what crime has been committed? The message the progressive socialist left is sending to liberty-loving Americans is that their desire for control and power knows no bounds, has no limitations.

What we are watching is the manifestation of what House Democrat freshman and Islamist, Rashida Tlaib, asserted, before she was even sworn in, “We are going to impeach the motherf***er.”

This is the deranged delusion that possesses the progressive socialist left. These hypocrites sat silently during all the abuses of the Obama administration, including incidents that led to the deaths of Americans: US Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, Amb Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods, and Glen Doherty. Not only did Obama contribute to their deaths, but he also lied about them. These Democrats said nothing.

Let us not forget as we head towards November 2020 and send these traitors home, relegating them to permanent minority status. I pledge to do my part to enable that end in the Lone Star State of Texas.