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China’s Tentacles Reach Deep into the Heart of Texas

Earlier this year, US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, delivered a keynote address to the National Governors Association. You can watch the 20-minute video here, and I recommend that you do so. SecState Pompeo’s address focused squarely on China and its growing influence here in the United States. One of the telling moments in Pompeo’s address was when he mentioned that China keeps a list of governors who are friendly and accommodating to the Communist Chinese (ChiComs). I can imagine that there were a few squirming in their seats when Pompeo asked the governors if their name was on that list.

As I have stated previously, and often, going back to my time as a member of Congress, China is our geopolitical foe. We, as a nation, have compromised, acquiesced, and sought to appease the ChiComs, but to no avail. Their obtuse behavior and belligerence only grows, along with their holdings in the United States. Just recently, there was a monumental revelation about ChiCom relations in the United States that happened right here in the Lone Star State.

As reported by Daily Wire:

“The Department of Education is probing the University of Texas System’s dealings with an infectious diseases laboratory in Wuhan, China.

The Wuhan lab is a suspected source of the coronavirus that has infected millions of people and killed hundreds of thousands. The virus has also prompted large-scale shutdowns of the world’s economy and initiated a global recession.

Federal investigators have requested the UT System hand over all documents related to contracts with the Wuhan Institute of Virology and researcher Shi Zhengli, who specializes in bats, according to The Wall Street Journal. The investigation is part of a broader effort to examine UT’s potential links to Beijing and about two-dozen Chinese state-owned companies, as well as with Zoom Communications’ CEO Eric Yuan.

UT is working on a reply to the Education Department’s request. Yuan has denied ever working personally with UT. A growing body of evidence suggests that the coronavirus pandemic began in the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

The federal government’s investigation into UT Systems is part of a wider probe to see how deep foreign influence has crept into the U.S. university system. Universities have disclosed more than $6.5 billion in funding from foreign entities, some of which has come from countries, such as China, that are hostile to the United States’ goals.

China has campaigned aggressively to expand its global influence in recent decades. Chinese President Xi Jinping launched the Belt and Road Initiative in 2013, a plan to construct a massive network of infrastructure spreading out from China across Asia and into Europe. The project would imbed [sic] China at the center of much of the global economy and give Beijing more leverage to influence international agreements, norms, and institutions…”

Last month, we discussed the issue of the Wuhan Virology Lab and Shi Zhenghli who is known as China’s “bat woman” and has been studying horseshoe bats, carriers of the coronavirus, for 16 years. During our Facebook Live event — also posted to YouTube — we discussed Harvard University Professor Charles Lieber, a biologist and chemist, who was arrested in January of this year for his collaboration with China. Two Chinese nationals were also arrested, one posed as a university student, but was actually a soldier in the Chinese People’s Liberation Army. One of those Chinese nationals, Zaosong Zheng, was arrested at Boston’s Logan International Airport, with 21 vials of biological research. Yep, WTF?

But now, to have an investigation into the University of Texas education system, well, that is something which should shock us all, or should it? There can be no doubt as to what SecState Pompeo addressed, is happening in our America. The tentacles of the Leviathan known as Communist China are far-reaching, and sadly, there are those in America — Texas — for whom money is more important than loyalty to country.

Always remember that it was a Greek traitor who told the Persians about the secret pass that led to the encirclement of the Spartans and Thespians at Thermopylae in 490BC. We all know the story of Benedict Arnold, well, that is if you are attending a school that actually taught American history.

When I think about those who would place personal interest above that of their nation it reminds me of the quote attributed to Roman Statesman, Marcus Tullius Cicero:

“A nation can survive its fools and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear. The traitor is the plague.”

I live here in North Texas, Garland to be exact, and we all know that North Texas, along with Austin, are becoming tech hubs. In fact, it was rather perplexing for me to find out there are Huawei and ZTE offices right here in Plano and Richardson, two expanding corporate tech, cities.

So, why is it that here, in North Texas, we have two ChiCom state-owned communications companies? I mean we already know that Google was more accommodating to the ChiComs People’s Liberation Army than our own military. It was just a year ago that then Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Joe Dunford stated, “The work that Google is doing in China is indirectly benefitting the Chinese military. We watch with great concern when industry partners work in China knowing that there is that indirect benefit. Frankly, ‘indirect’ maybe not be a full characterization of the way it really is. It’s more of a direct benefit to the Chinese military.” General Dunford was addressing Google’s artificial intelligence support to the ChiComs, something that Google employees refused to do with our own military.

We all know that US taxpayer dollars have gone to the Wuhan Virology lab, to the tune of some $7.4 million. We have seen a Harvard University professor arrested, along with Chinese nationals. Now, we have an investigation launched into the University of Texas system. There can be no doubt that China has an interest in Texas, the world’s tenth-largest economy. The ChiComs have a Consulate General’s office in Houston, Texas, the center of our oil and gas industry.

Losing the Culture War . . . Even in Texas

The progressive socialist left asserts that a college education is a right. Further, since they have declared it a right, it needs to be free. Well, a little memo to Bernie Sanders and his ilk, I had two daughters, and it was my responsibility as their parent to ensure they received a quality education. Angela and I took that responsibility to heart, especially considering that between my wife and myself we hold six degrees — two undergrads, three Masters, and a Ph.D. Between Aubrey and Austen, they have earned one Associates, two undergrads, and two Masters…Austen has started on her Masters.

Yep, I can hear the detractors complaining about cost, well, there is such a thing as the college 529 education savings plan. Unfortunately, this was something that Barack Obama decided to tax while he was President. As well, it was part of Obamacare that college student loans were nationalized, you know that socialist economic tenet of government control of economic production? It was through Obamacare that college student loan interest rates increased…not exactly a private-sector problem.

Angela and I have provided responsibly for our daughters. We do not see why it is our responsibility to pay for anyone else’s child unless we are to get refunded all the monies we spent on our daughters and put it towards someone else? What I love about the left is that they create their ideological agenda and then want us to believe it is a right…a la free college, free healthcare, everyone owning a home.

Needless to say, there is a reason why the left wants free college for all of our children and grandchildren to attend, instead of focusing on institutions such as technical colleges where they learn a skill and a trade.

Never forget that one of the tenets of communism taken from Marx and Engels’ book the Communist Manifesto is “state control of education.” In other words, nationalizing education. It is there that the left can indoctrinate young minds towards that ideological agenda, advance their cause in this culture war. It is no longer about education, and I mean these folks want control of your kids down to the pre-K level.

I gotta tell ya, when I look at what is happening on our college and university campuses…I, nor Angela, are paying for this.

As reported by Breitbart News:

“Texas A&M University hosted a drag queen show Wednesday evening at the MSC Town Hall event that was co-sponsored by the A&M LGBTQ+ Pride Center. Though the show, dubbed DRAGgieland, at Rudder Plaza was sold out, members of Tradition, Family, Property (TFP) Student Action, an international Catholic organization, protested outside the venue with signs as they prayed the rosary, reported the Eagle.

RuPaul’s Drag Race performer Kevin Richardson, aka Monique Heart, emcee’d the show. Texas A&M sophomore Caysey Mackey, aka Jessy B Darling, also performed in the show using music from hip hop artist Lizzo.

“Drag is fun, and drag is art,” Mackey said. “People getting upset about it is a little disheartening, but we are just having a good time.” According to the report, nine people performed in the show, including four students.

“Performances were required to remain PG-13 — meaning performers could not remove clothing or use explicit music — and were pre-approved by organizers,” the report noted. A&M junior Sophie Gonzalez, Town Hall special events executive, said 763 tickets were sold and the event was funded entirely by ticket sales. 

Gonzalez said the drag queen show brings diversity to Town Hall’s regular schedule of events. She hopes the show will become an annual event.

However, TFP Texas representative Cesar Franco said the event should not be sponsored by university groups that receive student fees. “We are entirely opposed to the drag show,” Franco said. “This is something that doesn’t belong at an institution of higher education.”

There is my point: exactly, what screams “higher education” about this? Okay, some will say this is about entertainment, got it, but do we pay for our students to go to college for this type of entertainment? Who gets to decide what constitutes “entertainment?” I remember when the students at the University of Michigan complained about the movie “American Sniper” being shown on their campus. That happened at other college campuses as well. Many of these campuses make it severely hard for conservative student groups to have speakers on their campus…but I guess a drag queen show is just hunky-dory?

Houston, we have a problem?

If they want to have a drag queen show off-campus and students can attend, fine. But for me, this is not what I see as a function of an institution of higher learning. If you think it is, then feel free to send your kids there, to get a worthless degree in gender studies, and pile up debt. However, do not expect the rest of us to subsidize this absurdity…nor pay off the loans of kids who made an individual decision to attend college, and pursue a course of study that gives them no future in this 21st-century economy.

College and university campuses can be fun. Doggone if I didn’t have a great time going to Tennessee football and basketball games. But the purpose of college, our institutions of higher learning, is not time to focus on fun…it is to prepare. If this DRAGgieland event is what is considered fun, go ahead, knock yourself out…but I ain’t subsidizing it.

I Support National School Choice Week and Educational Freedom

This week — January 26 – February 1 — is designated as National School Choice Week.

As described at the website dedicated to it states:

“National School Choice Week was founded in 2011 to promote the concept of all forms of school choice: district schools, district magnet schools, charter schools, private schools, and home schooling. The week of events is scheduled the last week of January each year. As an organization it does not promote one form of educational choice over another,  but rather contends that parents should have and make choices in the best interest of their children.”

You will not find National School Choice Week highlighted on any of the liberal progressive media outlets. You will not find the two largest teachers unions, National Educators Association/American Federation of Teachers (NEA/AFT), making statements in praise or support of National School Choice Week. And, of course, do not expect any affirming press releases from any of the remaining clowns occupying the Democrat (socialist) Party presidential nominee car. There will be no supportive resolutions emanating from the leftist controlled House of Representatives. The reason is clear.

Progressive socialist leftists only support choice, in regards to our children, when it comes to murdering them in the womb. When it comes to advocating for school choice, educational freedom — unlocking the doors of opportunity for our children — they are silent.

Once upon a time, the racists of the Democrat (socialist) Party stood outside the doors of educational facilities to deny blacks an opportunity for quality education. Today, these modern-day racists of the leftist party stand inside the doors preventing minority kids from escaping to better educational opportunities.

Leftists only support choice in regards to our children, murdering them in the womb. When it comes to advocating for #SchoolChoice, educational freedom -- unlocking the doors of opportunity for our children -- they are silent. Click To Tweet

In our urban centers — primarily controlled by the progressive socialist left — we see the failure of their insidious policies. One of those failures is the lack of quality educational freedom, school choice. In NYC, avowed socialist Mayor, Bill de Blasio, sought to shut down one of the most successful schools in the city . . . a charter school in Harlem, Success Academy. Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis was successful in defeating an avowed black socialist, Andrew Gillum because he promised not to relegate, sentence, single black mothers to failing schools for their kids, something Gillum made no attempt to embrace.

We must never forget that it was Barack Obama who in the Spring of 2009, canceled the successful DC Opportunity Scholarship (school voucher) Program for deserving young minority kids. Of course, his two daughters attended the prestigious Sidwell Friends School in DC.

And, the left calls President Trump racist?

I support school choice in all its facets. I believe in the concept of educational freedom for parents because I am a product of this policy. See, my parents made an incredible decision for me. I was not enrolled in some Headstart program. Nope, my folks sent me to Mrs. Hanley School where I learned to write cursive before hitting the 1st grade. I was challenged to learn math at a 3d grade level. When it came time for formal schooling, my parents exercised their true choice for me. They chose not to send me to the two public schools in our community, CW Hill or John Pope. They enrolled me in Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School, located at the intersection of Boulevard and Auburn Avenues in Atlanta’s historic Old Fourth Ward. My elementary school was located in between Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s childhood home, and Ebenezer Baptist Church where he preached and across the street from his final resting place.

#EducationalFreedom is a key that unlocks the potential of our future generations and sets them on the path to success, opportunity, the American dream. #SchoolChoice #NSCW #SchoolChoiceWeek Click To Tweet

Dr. King knew that if future generations of kids that looked like me were to be judged by the “content of their character, and not the color of their skin” it started with a good education. Educational freedom is a key that unlocks the potential of our future generations and sets them on the path to success, opportunity, the American dream.

The Father of black conservatism, Booker T. Washington, believed in educational freedom, and its empowerment. His principles at Tuskegee Normal and Industrial Institute were threefold: education, entrepreneurship, and self-reliance. The progressive socialist left wants none of this for our children, especially minority children. Where there is a lack of quality education, school choice, educational freedom, you will find an ample supply of victims . . . the lifeblood of the left.

Pay attention to this week, National School Choice Week, and watch closely to see who is not talking about it. That will tell you all you need to know. National School Choice Week is all about educating our children. The goal of the progressive socialist left is all about indoctrinating our children.

National #SchoolChoice Week is all about educating our children. The goal of the progressive socialist left is all about indoctrinating our children. #NSCW Click To Tweet

Always remember, the first place where state control of education was ever presented was in the Communist Manifesto, written by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. Never forget what the Austin Independent School District board voted for 5-0, to teach 3rd-8th graders a sex education curriculum that is nothing short of pornography, the proliferation of their ideological agenda.

If y’all care about the future of your children, you would also be a vocal supporter of National School Choice Week and educational freedom.  Angela and I made the same decision for Aubrey and Austen.

When Democrats Pander, Kids Pay

If there is one thing I do not care for, it is someone who panders. I have been rather tough on ol’ Mayor Pete for doing such, trying to harness the black vote however he can . . . even associating “gay” rights with the struggle of blacks in America. Did I mention pandering? I think ol’ Petey boy is still at 0 percent with blacks in South Carolina.

But, now I must shift my focus to another passenger in the Democrat (socialist) Party presidential clown car. Yes, I know, any one of them could be considered such, after all, the promise of “free” stuff is just a means of buying votes . . . with taxpayer monies. I think many need be reminded that “free does not equal freedom.” As a matter of fact, it is the antithesis of freedom, it is economic enslavement, servitude. There is another method to enslaving a population, dumb them down, which appears to be the objective of the most recent leftist pandering.

As reported by Townhall:

“Over the weekend, MSNBC held a public education forum with the 2020 Democrats. Not surprisingly, former Vice President Joe Biden said he would eliminate charter schools if he is elected president in 2020. “And so, the point is, if I’m president, [Education Secretary] Betsy De Vos’ whole notion from charter schools to this are gone,” Biden said during the forum. Biden suddenly changed his position on charter schools, probably to appease those on the far left. In fact, back in 2001, he actually supported charter schools and defended their funding on the floor of the Senate.

Senator Joe Biden’s own words, “What we do know about education is basic. We know if you get two kids of comparable talent or lacking in talent and you put them in a classroom with 70 kids and 1 teacher, they are not going to do as well as if you put them in a classroom with 3 kids and 1 teacher. We know the more focused the attention, the closer to one-on-one you can get, the product being the same, the better chance you have of succeeding. We also know if you have books that are legible and available and every student has one–same students, same IQ, same background, same everything–the kids with the good books are going to do better than the kids with the bad books.

Two kids with the same talent, whether they have a 90 IQ or 190 IQ, whether they are creative, not creative, put them in a large class with a comparable group of people, and they are not going to do as well as when you put them in a small class of a comparable group of people. If you put them in the same classroom with a good teacher versus a bad teacher, they are going to do better with a good teacher. There are basics. What do we know about how education works?

OK, fine, but do not do to those kids the same thing as my fictitious example on the track. Do not judge the kid who comes from a school district where they spend $5,000 per pupil, with teachers who have their teaching certificate in the area in which they teach–do not judge them by the same standard that you are going to judge kids who have $1,500 spent on them per pupil, who have a majority of teachers who are not certified in the area they teach, who teach in classrooms that are leaky, some of them unsafe, and without an adequate number of textbooks.

As my dad would say: Give me a break. I do not think the Federal Government can or should, or any government should, decide to equalize everything. As one former President said, life is unfair. Certain things government cannot do. The Government cannot dictate you to be 6 foot 2, if that is what you want, or 5 foot 9. The Government cannot dictate that everybody will have the voice of Barbra Streisand or some famous male singer–whoever the heck you like. Life is unfair.”

So, what happened, Joe? What made you change your tune this past weekend on MSNBC? The answer is simple, pandering. Sir, you have lost your will, courage, to say the truth, what needs to be said, regardless of the audience. This is certainly, among many others, a clear reason why you cannot be president of these United States of America. If there is one thing we should all support, it is educational freedom, the ability for a parent to decide the best education path for their child, not the government. It is obvious that Biden, like the rest of his leftist cohorts, desires that teachers union vote, support, endorse. They are clearly stating, to heck with your child.

And I guess I should not blame ol’ Joe. After all it was his former boss, Barry Soetoro, aka Barack Obama, who canceled the DC Opportunity Scholarship (school voucher) Program for deserving and talented minority kids. However, Obama sent his daughters to the esteemed and prestigious Sidwell Friends School.

I don’t know, but are y’all getting tired of the leftist elitism of “do as I say, not as I do?”

I can tell you that some black mothers got tired of it in Florida, yep, and a year ago they voted for Ron DeSantis over the avowed socialist Mayor of Tallahassee, Andrew Gillum, a black man. What motivated and inspired those women to break ranks? They were tired of the “do as I say” attitude when it came to the progressive socialist left relegating their children to failing schools. They wanted educational freedom. Ron DeSantis promised it, and they believed him.

No true parent wants to see their child fail. Our American children are dreamers, just not the ones the leftists pander to: illegal immigrant children. The key ingredient to achieving dreams, goals, and aspirations is a quality education, not the indoctrination that the left wishes to mandate upon our children. Equality of opportunity starts with education…equality of outcomes is rooted in indoctrination.

Joe Biden was just in Texas last week Friday, in San Antonio to be exact. Just up the road is the capital of Texas, Austin, where the Austin Independent School District voted unanimously to implement a sex education curriculum that can only be described as pornographic, we shared that story with y’all. Parents stood up at the Austin ISD school board meeting in protest, yet the board voted against their wishes. Hey, Joe, with whom would you have aligned, parents or school board? I mean this Joe Biden, not the one who gave that speech 18 years ago. I think we all know what the answer would be, implicit pandering.

Let me make this point really clear, and I mean crystal clear: the left does not give a damn about your child, or grandchild. As you see in the case of Greta Thunberg, they will ideologically abuse any child for their absurd, and often perverted, agenda. They do not want to educate your child, they seek to indoctrinate them. That means teaching them anything that builds character and will is not part of their scheme.

The left wants your child’s mind, and will do all they can to turn them against you. I can’t begin to articulate how many parents have confided in me that they raised their child a certain way . . . sending them off to college, and now do not ideologically recognize them. This is what Joe Biden, who is not some moderate, he is just another pandering politician who will say and do anything to be elected.

And that, folks, means sacrificing your child’s future. One of the gods of the Baals was the god of child sacrifice, Moloch. Moloch is alive and well in many shapes and forms in today’s Democrat (socialist) Party. And yes, Joe Biden, I would say that on MSNBC or CNN because I ain’t pandering to anyone . . . unlike you.

Do us here in Texas a favor: don’t come back!

TEXANS: The ‘Dirty Secret’ the Left Doesn’t Want You to Know

Last week we shared with you a story out of the Austin Independent School Board (ISD) that you should have found quite disturbing. I have always asserted that the most important elected position in our America is a member of the School Board. Sadly, we do not pay attention to this very influential position, but there is a group that does.

As reported by the Daily Caller News Foundation:

“In cities and counties across America, local politicians have in recent months begun proposing comprehensive race-based policies such as redrawing school boundaries to dismantle schools with too many white or Asian students. They have pushed for radical changes that have roiled even liberal-leaning constituents. The justification on all of their lips is oddly similar: “Equity.” The same buzzwords appear again and again.

“School board meetings suddenly became like Mad Libs. They started repeating certain phrases, jamming them into every sentence. It was very odd,” Margaret McCreary, a Fairfax County, Virginia, parent who eventually learned that the board members were using the “equity” language to push a proposal that could move her children out of their schools, told the Daily Caller News Foundation.”

If there’s one thing we need to pay attention to, it is the code words that the progressive socialist left develops, their dog whistles. We consistently hear the left speaking on one talking point, and theme, and they hammer away on it. We have all of a sudden seen how the leftists are leveraging their messaging on man-made climate change into our schools and activating our children, even pushing for their skipping school for activist marching. The future for America lays with our children and grandchildren who are in college and university. But the left has decided to not wait until they reach those known centers of leftist indoctrination, they are going into our high schools. As the case of the Austin ISD shows, even down to 3rd graders.

Just who is funding these efforts? Yep, you got it, the same old fella, billionaire, #GeorgeSoros. Funny, when it comes to leftist billionaires, you do not hear any ranting by the progressive socialist left. Click To Tweet

Just who is funding these efforts? Yep, you got it, the same old fella, billionaire, George Soros. Funny, when it comes to leftist billionaires, you do not hear any ranting by the progressive socialist left. I could not care less about what Tom Steyer says. He has used his vast wealth to fund the absurd climate change activism. When they talk about “immoral billionaires,” and wealth being “evil,” they are talking about those who are not progressive socialists like themselves.

“Across the country, activist groups build their case by citing studies from two affiliated groups operating within the University of Southern California: Program for Environmental and Regional Equity (PERE) and the Center for the Study of Immigrant Integration. Both are led by Manuel Pastor, a professor of sociology and American studies and ethnicity. A review of PERE’s work paints a picture of a department that operates as political activists as much as traditional academics. Its website makes clear that it conducts work designed to “support” groups that pay it and that are working towards social and racial “justice.”

Its reports include “How America’s Bluest State Can Be a Model for the Other 49” and — “produced with the support of the Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth” — papers on “Youth Organizing,” “Building a Movement to Mobilize Young Voters” and the “State of Resistance: California in the Age of Trump.” Pastor was also a board member at PolicyLink.

PolicyLink teamed up with the Center for American Progress — a liberal think tank tied to John Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s campaign chair — to create All-In Nation, on whose advisory board Pastor also sits. That led to All-in Cities, which says “Our ambitious goal is to fundamentally reengineer America’s cities.”

At least three of these groups — Center for Social Inclusion, PolicyLink and the Center for American Progress — are funded by Soros through his Foundation to Promote Open Society, according to tax records available through

Many of the groups in the network also share other funders, including the W.K. Kellogg Foundation and the Annie E. Casey Foundation, which is tied to the deceased founder of UPS.

The massive effort has one centerpiece: the construction of a narrative or “framing” that repeats the word “equity” and uses economic statistics — likely to be appealing even in moderate jurisdictions — to argue for race-based policies. On tax forms, Soros’s foundation described a donation to PolicyLink as “to support research and communications related to the equity as the superior growth model framing project.”

So, how do you “fundamentally re-engineer America’s cities? And, which cities are part of this fundamental re-engineering funded by Soros and these other foundations? The list is very telling, and I admonish y’all to search and see if your city is listed.

If we do not begin to peel back the leftist influence in our cities, and schools, we will find ourselves awaking to a very different America. Click To Tweet

“All-In Cities says it is active in 33 areas with a combined population of 27 million, nearly 10% of America: Asheville, North Carolina; Atlanta; Austin, Texas; Baltimore; Birmingham, Alabama; Boston; Buffalo, New York; Charlotte, North Carolina; Cincinnati; Denver; Fairfax, Virginia; Fresno, California; Houston; Long Island, New York; Louisville, Kentucky; Memphis, Tennessee; Milwaukee; Minneapolis; St. Paul, Minnesota; Nashville, Tennessee; Newark, New Jersey; New Orleans; Oakland, California; Philadelphia; Phoenix; Pittsburgh; Portland, Oregon; Richmond, Virginia; Sacramento, California; San Jose, California; Santa Fe, New Mexico; St. Louis; and Stockton, California.”

And, yes, is it any wonder that here in Texas, Austin and Houston are listed?

With the left, nothing happens by coincidence. It is strategic, well planned, and resourced. We can always trace their insidious programs being justified by “studies” done at leftist university campuses in centers that they fund. If we do not begin to peel back the leftist influence in our cities, and schools, we will find ourselves awakening to a very different America. We must endeavor to win back school boards and city councils in order to keep our states, and our America free . . . not fundamentally re-engineered.