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A Reflection on Texas from a Tennessee Volunteer

They have a saying here in Texas, the Lone Star State, for those who were not born here. It goes, “I was not born here, but I got here as fast as I could,”

My last duty assignment in the US Army was right here at Ft. Hood, Texas. However, I was born and raised in the state of Georgia, and I graduated from the University of Tennessee. I am a “Volunteer for Life,” or VFL, as we say back on ol’ Rocky Top.

There are some things happening here in Texas that have caused me to do some reflection.

See, Texas is not about whether you were born here or not. The real essence of Texas is its character, that aura of rugged individualism, strength, resilience, toughness, resolve, and yes, defiance. All of that inspired men from here, and so many other places, like Georgia and Tennessee, to come here to make a stand. What did they stand against? It was tyranny. They stood against the belief that some tyrant, a dictator far away, could decide their lives. They stood for individual liberty and self-determination, simple ingredients that make Texas — and America — unlike any other place the world has ever known.

It is said that there is only one flag that can fly at the same height as the American flag, and that is the Lone Star flag of Texas. There is only one state that has its own Pledge of Allegiance, “Honor the Texas flag, I pledge allegiance to thee, Texas, one State under God, one and indivisible.” That is the uniqueness of Texas, a state in the American union that was once its very own country, a Republic.

Texas is not about being born here, it is about what beats in your heart. It is about embracing a history that is revered all over the world, trust me. Texas is about a certain swagger and sense that courses through your veins.

Texas, in America, leads, it does not follow. Those entrusted to hold positions as elected representatives are supposed to embody that aura, character, and resolve, to lead, not follow.

If there is one thing my 22 years of active duty service in our Army taught me, it is that leaders seek what can be done, they do not cower and submit to accept what cannot be achieved. There is no better place than Texas where that mantra is embedded in its history.

True leaders recognize risks, but they also present solutions that mitigate the risk. Young military leaders are taught, when engaged in an ambush, the worst thing you can do is nothing. You fight out of it, not sit and hope. As former Chief of Staff of the Army, and my former Division Commander, General Gordon R. Sullivan taught us, “hope is not a method.” Sir Winston Churchill, the only foreign leader to have American citizenship bestowed upon him — and a US Naval vessel christened in his name — asserted, “Fear is a reaction. Courage is a decision.”

In Texas, we do not need elected officials who are hoping for a remedy. In Texas, we do not need elected officials who operate under the principle of “paralysis by analysis.” No, I am not talking about throwing chance to the wind, that is what fools do. I am talking about leadership. I am talking about that which is the essence of Texas.

A 26-year-old young man from South Carolina commanded a garrison of 185 that was surrounded by thousands. I am sure he weighed the risks. Even when he realized that there would be no reinforcements, he and fellas from Georgia and Tennessee, made a stand. I suppose y’all know that Jim Bowie was born in Georgia, and ol’ Davy Crockett, well, he was also a former member of the US House of Representatives. None of them was a born and raised Texian, or Texan, but that Texas character, spirit, burned within them.

In Texas, we do not wait for someone else to find a cure, we figure it out. In Texas, we do not allow local tyrants to impose their ideological agenda and will upon the people by restricting and limiting freedom and liberty. As we say back in Georgia, “that dog don’t hunt.” If there is one place that all of America looks to for leadership, it is Texas. When that beacon which is the Lone Star shines just a little less brighter, then the other 49 stars of the American flag will be cast into a grim darkness.

There is never a time when character, resolve, strength, freedom, and liberty do not matter. If anything, this is the time when our fundamental principles and core being matter the most. Click To Tweet

There are those who say these are different times. That we have never faced anything like COVID-19.  I do not accept that excuse. There is never a time when character, resolve, strength, freedom, and liberty do not matter. If anything, this is the time when our fundamental principles and core being matter the most. This is not the time to be driven into the dangerous peril of fear, panic, paranoia, and hysteria. It is not the time to be paralyzed in the ambush zone, refusing to take any action. Now is the time for bold, courageous leadership, and that must come from Texas.

Here, Texas is the 10th largest economy in the world. Do we want to see more economic suffering cast upon our citizens due to a fear to act? Do we want ideologues deciding who and what is essential and non-essential? Are we to believe that together we cannot “cowboy (and cowgirl) up” and forge our way through this pandemic? No, I will not sit in the ambush zone and be told to cower, wear a mask, and wait it out. You fight through an ambush. And, here in Texas, if we know our history, we don’t give a damn about odds and being surrounded.

In Texas, we fight progressive socialism or COVID-19 . . . it does not matter, we fight!

Texans to Gov. Abbott: Please Reopen Texas!

As you know, I have written a number of posts, most recently yesterday, regarding the need to reopen the American economy.

Today, I am pleased to announce that I am one of 216 leaders across Texas to sign a letter to Gov. Abbott, requesting common-sense measures to get Texans back to work.

I hope you will read the letter and encourage others to do the same. We must preserve one of the greatest economies in the world.

Final Open for Business Coalition Letter to Abbott 4.17.20


5 Ideas to Reopen America Now

There are those who continue to push back on opening our economy. Here are some common sense points:

  1. Protect the most vulnerable and maintain their sequestration for the moment, seniors and those with underlying medical conditions. We know that obesity, high blood pressure, and other conditions are factors in COVID-19 fatalities.
  2. Allow businesses to determine a workplace rotation schedule or layout in their offices to maintain social distancing. We have proven that some can work from home.
  3. We should allow small businesses to form a consortium or collaborate in providing their own COVID-19 testing. Any businesses taking on that responsibility should receive a tax break on the cost. After all, they are doing the job of our government for the public good.
  4. Sports venues should consider reduced seating for events, and as we progress in rectifying the situation, increase seating capacity.
  5. But most importantly, stop the insidious policy of fining and arresting Americans for those imbecilic mandates and edicts handed down from high.

Here’s Why We Must Reopen the Economy Now

I am not some reactionary, overly emotional, impetuous type of individual. My Myers-Briggs personality survey is ISTJ. We care for and are concerned for the Americans who have lost loved ones during this COVID-19 pandemic. But, we must be realistic, and objective, in assessing that, indeed, there has been a greater crisis created due to the reliance of elected officials upon the data from two erroneous, flawed, computer from Imperial College in London and the Institution of Hospital Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) at the University of Washington. Here are the real numbers, as of this morning at 6 am:

United States 
Estimated Population (328,239,523)

Reported COVID-19 cases (605,390)
Recovered (36,076)
Fatalities (24,582)

Estimated Population (28,995,881)
Reported Cases (15,492)
Recovered (3,150)
Fatalities (364)
* In my home county of Dallas, we have experienced less than 40 fatalities

The National Data from the 2017-2018 Influenza Season:
Estimated Cases (45M)
Hospitalizations (810K)
Fatalities (61K)

I present this data as a comparative assessment in order for you, the reader, to make your own decision. I have done so, and decided that it was a bad idea to shut down the American economy. Should we have taken precautions and presented businesses with courses of action to maintain operations? Yes. Should we have come forward with a “carpet bombing” approach which has now created greater collateral damage than the COVID-19 virus itself?

The answer is no, and this morning we discovered just how bad that collateral damage is.

As reported by Business Insider:

“In just four weeks, coronavirus layoffs have erased more than a decade of record job creation. US weekly jobless claims were at 5.2 million for the week ending April 11, the Labor Department said in a Thursday report. Claims declined slightly from the previous week, when 6.6 million Americans filed for unemployment insurance.

The report brought the four-week total of displaced American workers filing for unemployment to 22.03 million. It also means that coronavirus-related layoffs have effectively erased the 22 million jobs that the US economy added since the post-Great Recession recovery starting in mid-2009. “We wiped that out so fast,” Heidi Shierholz, a senior economist at the Economic Policy Institute, told Business Insider. “It’s mind-boggling.”

Ladies and gents, we now have a greater crisis than the supposed one we faced with #COVID19. We are now dealing with two man-made crises, COVID-19, which we will solve, but now a bigger one: massive unemployment. Click To Tweet

This is the result of a nation being driven into fear, paranoia, panic, and hysteria based upon unreliable computer models. Ladies and gents, we now have a greater crisis than the supposed one we faced. And, the second, third, and fourth-order effects may not be felt for even longer. We are now dealing with two man-made crises, COVID-19 — which we will solve –but now a bigger one: massive unemployment.

The United States is also some $23T in debt, and we can ill-afford to believe that the federal government can just write checks to people. That is surrender to the concept of a universal basic income (UBI); a socialist dream, and a free-market economic disaster. We can not allow the American people to become addicted to the crack cocaine of government largesse, just as the markets were addicted to quantitative easing measures that create a false economy.

We already are seeing the ideological agenda fraud associated with the giving of cash. California Governor Gavin Newsome has decided to give out cash payments to illegal immigrants…just brilliant!

We can not allow the American people to become addicted to the crack cocaine of government largesse, just as the markets were addicted to quantitative easing measures that create a false economy. Click To Tweet

Doggone, open up our economy, get the American people back to work! Treat us as adults and not infantile drones who can be herded to and fro as political pawns. Give us guidelines, not mandates, edicts, and orders so that we can take care of ourselves, our families, and our businesses. We do not want to be dependent upon the government. If there is one thing we can attest to in this case, the government screwed this up. This has nothing to do with political party, this was a lack of visionary leadership that recognizes how to assess an issue and consider short versus long-term ramifications, consequences.

America is the greatest nation the world has ever known. Let’s freaking start acting like it and not like a bunch of whimpering, whining, wusses who can’t improvise, adapt, and overcome.

Someone needs to have the cajones to just say it. America needs to get back to work at the end of this month. Here are the guidelines, now, go make it happen.

Welcome to Texas! Now, Why Did You Leave Where You Were?

It is the message that should be on billboards all across the major interstates coming into, and through, Texas. Not just Texas, but one could actually put those signs up in any successful red state to which people are flocking. But, here in Texas, it is a phenomenon like no other place, closest being Florida. Governor’s Perry and Abbott have made it a point to trek across America and advocate for businesses to pick up and leave failing blue states with their onerous tax, regulation, and economic policies, and follow the Lone Star to economic salvation, growth, opportunity, and success.

Except there is one problem. We fail to ask them the seminal question, offered at the beginning of this missive, upon their arrival. Heck, even God admonished Lot and his family to do only one thing as they fled His destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah: “don’t look back.” It is an admonishment that has relevance today.

Sure, there are a good many folks who are singularly making the informed decision to flee the progressive socialist states such as California, Illinois, New York, and New Jersey. The problem is that we have folks forced to relocate to a state like Texas because their business or corporation has decided to do so . . . and the corporate leaders did not send out a memo explaining the choice. At some point in time, these newly arrived corporations, such as Toyota N.A., who recently left California for Plano Texas should have that conversation with their employees.

Young people relocating to Texas due to high-tech opportunities should understand that an insidious idea like a “head tax,” will never fly here.

A recent report in the Dallas News gives insight as to just what is happening here in Texas.

“The number of California residents headed to Texas grew by more than a third in the latest U.S. migration count. More than 86,000 Californians picked up and moved to Texas in 2018, according to a report by the Texas Realtors’ association. Texas had the most total inbound moves of any U.S. state but Florida, with 563,945 new residents in the year. Florida had slightly more moves, fueled by relocating retiree baby boomers.

“For the sixth year in a row, more than half a million people chose Texas as their new home,” Cindi Bulla, 2020 chairman of Texas Realtors, said in the report. “And why not? In addition to its business-friendly environment with no state income tax and abundance of jobs, land and opportunity, Texas is known for its diverse, friendly spirit and culture.”

The Realtors’ study found that the net gain of out-of-state residents in Texas rose by about 78% in 2018. Along with California, most of the newcomers hailed from Florida (37,262), Louisiana (29,108), Oklahoma (24,590) and New York (21,509).

The top cities where most of the new Texans relocated from included Los Angeles-Long Beach-Anaheim, New York-Newark-Jersey City and Chicago-Naperville-Elgin. The Dallas-Fort Worth attracted the highest number of out-of-state movers — 200,966 new residents — followed by the Houston area with 176,110, the Realtors report found.

Harris County led the state with a net 80,572 out-of-state moves. Dallas-Fort Worth was the country’s top employment growth center in 2019, with more than 120,000 new jobs created for the year ended November.”

All of this begs a simple question: why would anyone move to the state of Texas, and then continue to vote for the ideological agenda and policies of the place they left? Okay, sure, there are some folks who are already here in Texas, being indoctrinated in the school system, and elsewhere, to embrace progressive socialism. Even still, that is the pure definition of insanity to embrace a failed economic model and expect different results, especially when residing in a state that has the 10th largest economy in the world, not to mention 10 percent of Fortune 500 corporate headquarters.

We continuously hear the incessant droning by the left about “turning Texas blue,” which means — in this case — turning Texas sad. Why would any individual with a functioning intellectual capacity desire to transform Texas, a model of success, into a replica of failure? Why would that be advocated by the folks who have left the failed blue states?

Yet, there is something happening in Texas, centered primarily on the major population centers, which are expanding. In 2012, Mitt Romney won Texas by 16 percent. President Trump won Texas by 9 percent in 2016. Ted Cruz only won Texas by 2.3 percent in 2018. Yes, Governor Greg Abbott won his race in 2018 by a double-digit margin, but his opponent, Lupe Valdez, was as weak as pond water. The Texas Lt. Gov. and Attorney General both had close calls in 2018. Texas lost 12 state house seats, two state senate seats, two US Congressional seats, and 56 judgeships in 2018. One of the supposed largest red counties in Texas, Tarrant County (Ft. Worth), was won by senate challenger Robert Francis O’Rourke. And, it was in Tarrant County that we lost one of the two Texas State Senate seats was lost; the other was in Dallas. Also, an Asian Republican County Commissioner lost in Tarrant County.

I love the saying, “Come, let us reason together.” So, let us attempt to reason together, and tell me why, with all our economic success, this is happening? We shared with y’all previously the story about Texas’ special Christmas gift to America, energy independence, being a net exporter of energy, oil, and natural gas resources.

However, we have a philosophy of governance finding a foothold in Texas that believes we should eliminate the oil and gas industry in the next ten years. Heck, folks of a leftist persuasion that believe we should get rid of beef . . . in Texas? Texas with no beef? Sorry, but I ain’t eating a “plant-based” ribeye steak!

Progressive socialism has no record of success, yet, it is being toyed with here in a State that is an economic success. What is even more disconcerting, Republican elected officials in Texas act sheepishly towards firmly establishing and implementing a strong constitutional conservative legislative agenda in Texas. Hmm, Gavin Newsom and the California State Legislature continue to support the failed leftist policies that are driving the population out of the so-called “Golden State.”

Texas, due to the explosion in population, will be getting three new congressional districts. The Texas State House is only eight seats away from being overtaken by the progressive socialist left. That means they would be in a position of drawing the new legislative representation districts in Texas. Side note: Eric Holder is in charge of the Democrat (socialist) Party National Redistricting Committee, and he is headquartered in California. Holder’s goal? Flip Republican-held State Houses . . . like what happened in Virginia, aided by Mayor Big Gulp’s millions of dollars.

All of this is utterly illogical, and even Spock would refer to this as “fascinating.” To have people flee from a failing economic state, come to a successful economic state, and vote for the policies and politicians resembling the failure they have fled. That, folks, is crazy. Yet that is what has happened in Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, North Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, and yep, Texas.

Ya just gotta ask, why did you leave what you had if that is truly what you wanted? Consider it this way: if you just got cured of lung cancer, would you go out and take up smoking again?

Welcome to Texas, and we don’t want your cancerous progressive socialist disease!

Why Emulate “Stuck on Stupid?”

A recent article provides another example of the insidious, delusional, and deranged philosophy of governance espoused by the progressive socialist left.

As reported at HotAir:

“A few years ago, California passed one in a series of bills aimed at emptying the jails and prisons. Proposition 47 carried the disingenuous name of “the Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Act and its stated purpose was to keep non-violent offenders out of jail. To achieve this goal, the state decriminalized a number of lesser offenses, including retail theft. 

The law raised the value of the amount of merchandise someone could steal while still only being charged with a misdemeanor to nearly one thousand dollars. To the great surprise of the government, people noticed this change and began taking advantage of it. They have now recorded multiple years of steadily increasing, organized robbery. These plots are known as “mass grab and dash” thefts and they generally involve large numbers of young people all entering a store at the same time, grabbing armfuls of merchandise and dashing back out to their vehicles and hitting the highway. Not only are robberies on the rise, but arrests and prosecutions are down. Nobody is seriously contesting the numbers. The local and state police organizations blame prop 47. FBI crime data supports the contention. Retail sales organizations have tracked this trend and agree.

This is a trend that’s been building in a number of blue states and now it seems that the petty crime chickens are coming home to roost. The fact is that there are always going to be a certain number of people who will be willing to break the law if they don’t feel the risk of significant punishment is too high. An understanding of this fundamental principle is why the “broken windows” policies enacted in New York City and other municipalities in the 90s were so effective. If you crack down on even smaller crimes, you lower crime rates overall.”

Perhaps you are saying, so what Col.? Here is the so what.

A year ago, in Dallas County, Texas, where I reside, a new, progressive socialist, District Attorney was elected, Jon Creuzot. One of his first edicts was to assert that his office would not be prosecuting crimes below a $750 value . . . Really? It is believed that in this past year, California lost nearly 200K residents. Yes, there are some great conservatives who have fled that lost state, but there are those who have come to Texas bringing along that failed ideology. As well, there are folks here in Texas creating a storm by embracing this failed ideology of leftism. Our Texas college and university campuses are overrun with the purveyors of socialism, the professors. The administrations on these campuses abdicate their leadership roles to the mad mobs of students and allow fascism to take root.

Why do states emulate failed “stuck on stupid” ideologies? Time to turn the tide, y’all!

Texas Just Gave America a Huge Christmas Gift

It’s the Christmas season and everyone is out and about shopping and acquiring presents for their loved ones. Well, except guys like me that wait until the last moment. However, I want y’all to never forget the real reason for this season:

“For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, so that whosoever believeth in Him shall not perish by have everlasting life.” — John 3:16

That is the ultimate gift, God’s gift to us all, the gift of individual salvation, freedom from sin…if we choose to open up our hearts to that present.

However, there are earthly gifts that we give that are vital to our existence here on earth, in America. Those gifts are enshrined in our Declaration of Independence: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

This week began with Nancy Pelosi stumbling through our Declaration of Independence in an attempt to try to justify the absurdity of the progressive socialist left called impeachment. Did y’all notice that at the “impeachment” press conference, all those wrinkly old leftists standing at the podium were representatives from either California or New York? So much for diversity.

That is the type of gift the leftists in America want to give to our Constitutional Republic, the disregard and disrespect of our electoral process.

But, here in Texas, we gave America a Texas-sized gift this week . . . something the leftist progressive media outlets did not talk about much at all.

Merry Christmas, America, from the Lone Star State of Texas, we are, indeed, “Energy Independent” and a net exporter of our energy, oil and natural gas, resources. That is a really big deal because our energy security promotes our economic growth/security and our national security. Thanks to the innovation, ingenuity, investment, and indomitable entrepreneurial spirit evidenced by the Texas oil and gas industry, we can now give a select finger salute to the despots, dictators, and tyrants of the OPEC (Oil Producing and Exporting Countries). We are now shipping our resources to countries who no longer have to be dependent upon folks who are sponsoring Islamic jihadism, terrorism. We can begin to cut off their support, and doggone starve them out.

We can look at Saudi Arabia and tell them to take back their military officers’ training here in America. We no longer have to be wary of developments in the Middle East and have our commodities markets react nervously about the “flow of oil.” This is the gift that Texas has given to our America, and it should be widely celebrated.

New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez appeared earlier this year at the SXSW (South by Southwest) gathering in Austin, Texas. She, while here in Texas, advocated her insanity — known as the Green New Deal — which promotes ending the oil and gas industry in America in the next ten years. How utterly imbecilic, and dangerous, as natural gas is one of the primary reasons why greenhouse gases emissions in America are down. Yes, we are exporting our LNG, of which we are the Saudi Arabia, to other countries. We can now have more of our mass transit vehicles operating using natural gas. And, this “useful idiot” would prefer that we not develop those resources, and undermine our adversaries?

Energy security is a vital aspect of our national security and foreign policy. It keeps us from being dependent on entities that seek our demise. It means that we have job growth, and Americans are enjoying low energy prices. No, I do not want a Tesla, and most Americans cannot afford said vehicle. The renewable energy sources are fine, but they are highly subsidized and yield a very low percentage of our energy footprint.

I wish our dear misguided leftist neighbors would realize that it was Jimmy Carter who created the Department of Energy to make our nation energy independent. But, this was never achieved until a former Texas governor became the Secretary of Energy and President Donald Trump took office.

Please, progressive socialists, do not offend my intelligence by trying to assert that this is all a result of Barack Obama . . . he tried to kill our fossil fuels industry, admittedly so. The advances made in our energy exploration came because of states like Texas. In places with progressive socialist lunacy in leadership, Colorado, New York, they are doing all they can in restricting energy exploration.

Our energy independence has happened over the last three years under a president that the left wants to impeach. Our energy independence has happened in this state, Texas, the Lone Star State . . . yet, we have chuckleheads like Joe Biden visiting San Antonio today. Michael “Mr. Big Gulp” Bloomberg running TV ads all over Texas. And, the delusional Elizabeth Warren is opening up campaign offices in Texas.


Time magazine announced that Greta Thunberg is their “Person of the Year.” I find that to be insidious. The real folks that Time should recognize are the men and women of the Texas oil and gas industry that have made it possible for our country to be energy independent. Not some manipulated little foreign girl who, like the left, believes it is her role to lecture others on how to live their lives. Perhaps little Miss Thunberg should be in school, and learn about the miracle of hydraulic fracturing (aka “fracking”). Perhaps next time she will bypass the coastal elites of Manhattan and come to the Permian Basin of Texas, where real Americans hang out.

So, America, when you go to the gas pump, just give a silent “Yeehaw!” America is now energy independent! Merry Christmas, y’all, from the Lone Star State of Texas. Do not ever forget, our energy security is truly an important aspect of our national security and a strong pillar of our foreign policy.

Saudis? We don’t need no stinkin’ Saudis . . .

And we sure don’t need no stinkin’ progressive socialists mucking things up here in Texas . . . so y’all either git on board or git out.

The Californication of Texas

God’s blessings y’all, and what a fantastic Veterans Day yesterday! Well, except for the snowflakes at the University of Virginia who disrespected and dishonored our fallen heroes by canceling the 21-gun salute to honor them. Ya just gotta ask, when will adults step up and tell these whiny little kids to grow up? What an utter embarrassment! Then again, Virginia is now run by the progressive socialist left.

Speaking of a state that is an embarrassment, run by the leftist incompetence.

Some would say it is a broken record, but if we do not continue to hammer the point, it will be forgotten. To what am I referring? Well, the June 2019 article in The Economist called “Texafornia,” where the premise was that the future of these United States of America will come down to either the path of California or the way of Texas.

Those of us who reside in the Lone Star State see exactly what is happening. Texas is a victim of its own success in that so many businesses, corporations and people are fleeing failed economic states like the not-so-Golden State, Illinois, New York, and New Jersey. As we profiled a conservative California couple last week, some are moving for all the proper reasons, economic growth, opportunity, prosperity. That couple who moved to McKinney Texas had enough of the progressive socialist, central economic policies of the left coast, and fled. As a matter of fact, states like California and the others are bleeding population, and there were even rumors about California implementing an Exit Tax!

There is an age-old adage that says, when you find yourself in a deep hole, stop digging. That maxim has been lost on the delusional stuck on stupid legislators in California.

As reported by the Sacramento Bee:

“Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti on Wednesday announced he’s backing a campaign to raise taxes on business properties in California, joining powerful unions in supporting a proposal that would raise money for schools and local governments. The proposed ballot measure would change the state’s 1978 law known as Proposition 13, which limited property taxes by basing them on value at purchase, as opposed to current assessed value.

The so-called split roll proposal Garcetti is backing would undo that protection for business properties worth more than $3 million and instead tax them on current value. Garcetti says the proposal has appropriate exemptions to protect homeowners and small businesses from tax hikes. The Legislative Analyst’s Office estimates it would generate $7.5 billion to $12 billion each year.

 “I am proud to strongly support the Schools & Communities First campaign, which prioritizes our kids and communities over corporate tax loopholes,” he said in a written statement released by the campaign. “It’s time we had the resources needed to invest in thriving schools, safe neighborhoods and vital local services that benefit all Californians.”

Business groups have come out swinging against the proposal, which they argue doesn’t protect small businesses and will force them to raise costs. “The split roll property tax measure will be a sledgehammer to brick and mortar retail and will harm working families across California as it will drive up costs for the goods and services we buy every day,” California Retailers Association President Rachel Michelin said in a written statement last month. “This measure will make our state even more unaffordable and hurt all Californians.”

The typical progressive socialist response to any problem — of their own making — is to raise taxes. Now, we have shared with y’all the fact that California has the nation’s highest state income taxes at 13 percent. California also has the highest state poverty level at 20 percent, and I do not think that poverty number includes the homeless and illegal immigrants. So, with all the problems facing Los Angeles, what is the solution? Raise taxes on businesses, especially small businesses? This is no different from the insidious proposal from the Seattle City Council of a Head Tax. Yes, an additional tax on each employee in corporations that are worth a certain amount, I believe over $10M in revenues. That was such a “brilliant” idea that even Jeff Bezos of Amazon put the kibosh on that idea.

Let this be a warning to those of us in Texas, where we have no state income tax . . . yet we had to vote on a constitutional amendment to solidify that. Reason being, far too many leftist legislators infecting Texas. In Texas, we do have property taxes, and you can bet that if the progressive socialist left makes any gains in the Texas State House, “Katie Bar the Door,” this foolishness will come our way.

Just think about it, maybe Garcetti and his ilk in Los Angeles should stop giving taxpayer free benefits to illegal immigrants? I mean who can take this statement seriously,

“I am proud to strongly support the Schools & Communities First campaign, which prioritizes our kids and communities over corporate tax loopholes,” he said in a written statement released by the campaign. “It’s time we had the resources needed to invest in thriving schools, safe neighborhoods and vital local services that benefit all Californians.”

Really? Whenever the left wants to pick hardworking taxpayers’ pockets, they say it all goes to schools. And yet the schools under the administration of the progressive socialist left continue to fail . . . look at any major urban center in America, most of which are under Democrat (socialist) control.

Y’all hear that? Yep, that is the sound of more U-Haul vans, trailers, and trucks loading up and heading out of California. But, to those fleeing this failed state, please, remember why you left where you were . . . and why you came to a place of economic empowerment and promise.

As we head into 2020, there has never been a more clear delineation of the choice that we have in America. And the lunacy of California is being echoed in the economic plans of the Democrat [Socialist] presidential candidates…wealth tax? Yes, to the left, the tax code is nothing more than a weapon of mass destruction, and a means to institute their ideological agenda.

I humbly ask y’all to engage your kids when they come home for Thanksgiving. We need to flush out their brains that have been poisoned by the mind-numbing leftist rhetoric of college and university professors. Give your kids this quote, and discuss it with them over the holiday season, “Socialism is the philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy. The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings. The inherent virtue of Socialism is the equal sharing of miseries.”

Raising property taxes in order to “invest” in local government? Boy, that is dumb. That is California, and we do not want our Texas to be Californicated!

Fleeing Failed Blue States

Just this past Monday, I wrote a missive for CNS News entitled “We’re Outta Here” addressing the flight of people from failing Democrat (socialist) run states. Yes, many — including President Trump himself — are heading to the more fertile lands of economic growth, opportunity, and prosperity.

I often have conversations with our website administrator, Marie, who resides in the midnight blue of the San Francisco Bay Area of California. I keep telling her, the time is soon coming for her to say, “We’re Outta Here.” I think she is finally getting close to making that heroic decision.

Well, I wanted to take the time and highlight two awesome former Californians, now Texans, who made that courageous decision. Let’s be honest: there are some really stuck on stupid chuckleheads who are leaving these failed states, still embrace a failed progressive socialist philosophy of governance that forced their relocation. But, I have met many a good person who has uttered those famous words, “I wasn’t born here in Texas, but I got here as soon as I could.”

As reported by the LA Times:

“The Volkswagen SUV whizzed past the Texas state line, a U-Haul trailer in tow, as it made its way toward Amarillo. 

“Yay!” Judy Stark cried out to her husband, Richard, as they officially left California. The pair bobbed their heads to ’50s music playing on the radio.

Like many other Republican and conservative voters in California, the retired couple have decided to leave the state. A major reason, Stark and her spouse say, is their disenchantment with deep-blue California’s liberal political culture. Despite spending most of their lives in the Golden State, they were fed up with high taxes, lukewarm support for local law enforcement, and policies they believe have thrown open the doors to illegal immigration.

Just over half of California’s registered voters have considered leaving the state, according to a UC Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies poll conducted for the Los Angeles Times. Republicans and conservative voters were nearly three times as likely as their Democratic or liberal counterparts to seriously have considered moving — 40% compared with 14%, the poll found. Conservatives mentioned taxes and California’s political culture as a reason for leaving more frequently than they cited the state’s soaring housing costs.

Stark and her husband decided it was time to put their Modesto home up for sale about six months ago. After doing some research online, she came across the website Conservative Move, which, as its name suggests, helps conservatives in California relocate from liberal states to redder ones, such as Texas and Idaho.

Pulled over at a Pilot truck stop just outside Amarillo, Stark said she was excited to be hours from their final destination, Collin County, near Dallas. The pair purchased a newly constructed three-bedroom home in McKinney for about $300,000. In much of California, Stark said, a similar home would run about twice as much. “We’re moving to redder pastures,” Stark, 71, said by phone. “We’re getting with people who believe in the same political agenda that we do: America first, Americans first, law and order.”

Welcome Judy and Richard Stark to the Lone Star State where individual freedom and liberty thrive . . . or so it will remain if conservatives have their way. Sadly, there are those who are doing just as Judy and Richard have done, but fail to comprehend the error of their ways. Again, let me state the obvious: it is astonishingly delusional to flee from one place because of its horrific policies, then seek to establish those same failures in the successful state into which one moves. I think Einstein’s definition of insanity is very fitting.

As I travel the state of Texas, I often tell folks that when they see that new U-Haul pull up into the neighborhood, you must engage. Show that nice Texas friendly smile and perhaps bring a nice pecan pie. Welcome the new neighbors, strike up a nice conversation, and then ask those two very important questions…why did you move to Texas? Why did you leave the place where you were living?

Judy and Richard knew the answer to that question, and good thing they escaped before Nancy Pelosi’s little deranged nephew, Governor Gavin Newsom, institutes an “exit tax.” Oh, don’t you go laughing at the ol’ Colonel now, because they have indeed been discussing just that . . . taxing people for leaving California. Remember we brought you the story of the leftist folly called a “Head Tax.”

Yes, regardless of what some people think, over the past ten years there has been a population explosion in Texas. And that explosion has brought about a demographic shift, not to mention the influx of illegal immigrants into Texas. Yes, there have been those like Judy and Richard, but there are also those who are coming to Texas and seeking to fundamentally transform this State. And what is very telling is that many are coming and concentrating on the major population centers and the surrounding suburbs, like McKinney, Texas. Collin County, once a venerable GOP stronghold, is now fighting to “stay red” as many new businesses, corporations, and people move into North Texas, and also into Austin, Houston, and San Antonio. The state of Texas can boast having three cities in the top ten in these United States of America for population size. Those cities are not run by those who favor Texas’ conservative ideals, policies, principles, and values. Quite to the contrary.

What the leftists do when they invade — yes, like locusts — they seek two elected offices, City Council and School Board. And, in Texas, we see that trend and its ramifications. Yes, there is a growing issue with young people in Texas embracing the imbecilic antics of someone like a Bob Frank O’Rourke, good riddance. That is happening because these leftists are taking over the schools and converting them into indoctrination centers, like my experience at Garland High School recently. These same major cities also have major colleges and universities co-located, and guess what type of governing philosophy is being advanced? Yes, all one has to do is drop by the University of Texas, and come to understand why Austin is being kept weird.

I want to go out on a limb and say something that is not all that far-fetched. What if all of this flight by progressive socialists from failing blue states to successful red states is all by design? Part of a grand national strategy, just as Eric Holder and Barack Obama are targeting the Texas State House to flip in order to gain control of the impending redistricting? A couple of weeks ago I wrote a piece about the GOP needing real long-range strategists, not just these daily data dinks and consultants who have not a clue. We need some serious Sun Tzu kinda thinkers who can interpret the Alinsky-ites and decipher their next move.

That’s how we are going to “Keep Texas Red” and in doing so, we keep our Constitutional Republic!