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Texas Says, “America First!”

It is clearly apparent what — and who — the progressive socialist left prioritizes. If you are aligned with their ideological agenda, then you are a protected class.

We see the law-abiding, legal gun owners of Virginia fighting for their constitutional right to keep and bear arms by declaring sanctuary counties, cities, and towns for the Second Amendment. What does the left say? We will order the National Guard to confiscate your weapons, for no other reason than we say so, and we will fire and arrest sheriffs. But, if you declare yourself a sanctuary state or city for illegal immigrants, well, that is just fine.

The leftists will not even condemn their own who make blatant anti-Semitic statements and fully support the BDS (boycott, divest, and sanction) movement against Israel. We have watched the progressive socialist left respond with insidious incredulous statements in the aftermath of the killing of the Quds Force terrorist leader, Qasem Soleimani. The left cozies up to domestic Islamist groups such as CAIR, ISNA, MPAC, and MAS. Heck, a leftist judge even released Islamists responsible for a training camp and the death of a child in New Mexico.

But, be a Christian who does not want to bake a cake for same-sex marriages and find yourself before the Supreme Court, and your business targeted, ruined. Even the announced sanctions against Iran have met with disapproval from the left in America. And, what action does the left take after President Trump’s approval to kill the person with American blood on his hands? Well, they vote to restrict his constitutionally enumerated powers to do so in the future. Never mind not saying anything when Barack Obama was sending pallets of laundered cash on unmarked airplanes in the middle of the night to Iran, or outsourcing our military to Islamic jihadists in Libya. Oops, I forgot, abandoning Americans to die and then lying about it. “What difference, at this point, does it make?”

The progressive socialist left is now going apoplectic about a decision made by Texas Governor Greg Abbott, one with which I agree. As reported by the Washington Post:

“Texas will reject the resettlement of new refugees, its governor said Friday, becoming the first state to publicly do so since a Trump administration executive order granted such unprecedented veto power.

In a letter announcing the decision, Gov. Greg Abbott (R) argued that Texas has “carried more than its share in assisting the refugee resettlement process” and said the state’s government and nonprofit agencies have also been strained by “a broken federal immigration system.”

“Texas continues to have to deal with the consequences of an immigration system that Congress has failed to fix,” he wrote in the letter, addressed to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

Under the order, refugees could still make Texas their home — but only after settling in another state first, Abbott said. Critics said the policy change underscores a growing hostility to the country’s refugee resettlement program, especially in some conservative states and the White House. In September, after slashing the annual national refugee cap to a historic low, Trump also gave states and localities sweeping authority to block refugee admissions by requiring their governments to consent in writing before people are allowed to arrive. So far, 42 states have agreed to accept refugees, according to a tracker maintained by the Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service.
Texas is the first state to refuse them.

Human rights advocates and the state’s Democratic lawmakers condemned Abbott’s decision, calling it cruel and antithetical to Texas’s history of welcoming those who flee their home countries. “This is a disgraceful move by Texas Governor Greg Abbott,” Rep. Joaquin Castro, a Democrat whose district includes San Antonio, tweeted. “He has completely submitted to bigotry and xenophobia.”

Texas has long been among the country’s leaders in refugee resettlement. Last fiscal year, it took in more refugees than any other state, according to federal data. This year, of the nearly 3,350 refugees resettled nationally, Texas has taken in about 260, putting it third behind Washington and California. “Texas is one of the most welcoming states for refugees seeking to escape dangers abroad,” Abbott wrote, adding that 10 percent of all refugees resettled in the United States have come through his state.”

This does not include the domestic refugees coming to Texas from California, Illinois, New York, and New Jersey seeking liberty and freedom, respite, from the failed economic policies of progressive socialist states. What the left wants, more than anything, is to topple, by way of demographic shift, the conservatism of a state such as Texas, and others. The decision by Gov. Abbott has nothing to do with bigotry or xenophobia, as Joaquin Castro asserts. Remember he is the same socialist who created a “blacklist” of President Trump supporters, so that is okay.

What Gov. Abbott wants to ensure is that Texas is a place where we care for Texans, first and foremost.

I have never heard Rep. Castro, who, along with his brother Julian, embraces the policy of open borders. Even though that has resulted in Texas, the Lone Star State, as the number one state in America for human and sex trafficking. Then again, for these leftists, who cares? That is not part of their ideological agenda. There are Texans living along the Rio Grande Valley in fear because of the Mexican drug cartels and their operating on our side of the border. I have yet to hear any of these progressive socialist showing any concern that Mexico is a failed state where 80 percent of the country is controlled by drug cartels.

Last week I was in Lubbock and received a security briefing from local law enforcement. In the city of Lubbock, as of last Tuesday, there had already been four shooting deaths. There are between 1,700-1,800 identified gang members operating in Lubbock. As well, El Chapo’s drug cartel gang is operating in Lubbock, where crystal meth, heroin, and cocaine are flowing freely.

But, concerns about law enforcement, safety, and security of Texans are not exactly a preeminent concern for the progressive socialist left. Illegal immigrants, drugs and drug cartels, gangs, and human and sex trafficking . . . and Joaquim Castro is upset about not taking more refugees into the Lone Star State?

To all you other governors out there, who are y’all more concerned about? This does not even factor in the massive homelessness problem, mental health issue, or veterans that are homeless and jobless. Y’all think we are supposed to be more upset about accepting more refugees, who will more than likely be recipients of taxpayer-funded benefits?

Let me remind you so-called “woke” leftists of something: America is a kind and benevolent country. We opened our doors to Somali refugees and what did we end up getting? Yes, a haven for Islamic jihadism, and a vile, virulently anti-American, anti-Semite named Ilhan Omar. I think it is time we are a tad more circumspect about the issue of immigration and refugee resettlement.

Funny, but Obama shut the door in the face of Christian refugees seeking to flee ISIS. That’s right, Christians do not fit the progressive socialist definition, narrative, of refugee, or align with the ideological agenda of the left.

Governor Abbott is placing the interest of Texans first. He is not a “citizen of the world,” as Obama claimed to be. As stated, we have accepted enough refugees, and perhaps we should stop accepting the leftist ones from failed blue states?

Illegal Immigrants vs. Our Children

I will continue to hammer on this theme as long as the progressive socialist left advocates for and promotes the absurd policy of sanctuary for illegal immigrants. The left continues to place their ideological agenda of embracing illegal immigrants over our very own children. I find it utterly hypocritical when leftists cry for gun control to protect children. However, when our children are being killed and abused by criminal illegal immigrants what do we hear? Yes, crickets.

Our beloved Texas is number one in America for human and sex trafficking. Yet, leftist talking heads like @BetoORourke and @JulianCastro support open borders and the decriminalization of illegally crossing our #border. Click To Tweet

As I have shared with y’all before, our beloved Texas is number one in America for human and sex trafficking. Yet, leftist talking heads like Bob Frank O’Rourke and Julian Castro support open borders and the decriminalization of illegally crossing our border.

And now this, as reported by CBS2 New York:

“Federal immigration officials say two alleged child rapists are on the run after authorities in New York and New Jersey refused to hold the suspects in jail for ICE.

According to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the Mexican nationals were each taken into custody for separate incidents in the Tri-State Area on charges they sexually assaulted a minor.

Despite requests that the men be held in jail until officers from ICE could pick them up, local law enforcement in both states released the suspects back into the public.

ICE says the first man — Luciano Trejo-Dominguez – was arrested by Vineland, New Jersey police for allegedly restraining and sexually assaulting a child younger than 16 on Aug. 12. Over the next two days, ICE and Pacific Enforcement Response Center both filed detainers to have Trejo-Dominguez held at the Cumberland County Jail. Those requests were denied and the alleged rapist was released on Aug. 23. Trejo-Dominguez has been charged with aggravated sexual assault, sexual assault of a victim 13-15 years-old, criminal restraint, criminal sexual contact, and endangering the welfare of a child.

The other man – Joaquin Rodriguez Quiroz – was arrested by police in New York’s Westchester County on 3rd-degree rape charges on Sept. 6. Quiroz allegedly raped a minor under 17-years old, which is a class-E felony in New York. ICE again lodged a detainer request with the Westchester County Jail on Sept. 7, but the Mexican national was released after posting bond.

New Jersey’s attorney general says the Immigrant Trust Directive issued last year limits law enforcement’s cooperation with ICE.”

That last line tells you all you need to know about the progressive socialist left. The NJ Attorney General says that their Immigrant Trust Directive is more important than the safety of our children. And how oxymoronic — emphasis on the root word “moron” — that the leftists would name something an Immigrant TRUST Directive? Whose TRUST are they seeking?

Yes, the leftists will shed fake tears over children being transported across our border illegally. But when it comes to the case of a young American woman, Kate Steinle, being gunned down by a five-time deported criminal illegal immigrant there was not even a mention. As a matter of fact, the leftists in the sanctuary state of California and the sanctuary city of San Francisco acquitted her killer and did not even sentence him on criminal possession of a firearm.

He was released and walked free . . .

This is indefensible, yet the leftists will denigrate anyone challenging their love affair with criminal illegal immigrants. The question we should pose is simple to our friends and neighbors calling themselves, Democrats: illegal immigrants . . . or our children?

Statement on the Brutal Murder of the Miller-Langford Family by Cartel in Mexico

Our condolences go out to the slain American family members at the hands of Mexican drug cartels. Let’s see what the response will be from the party of the “manufactured crisis.”

Something tells me we aren’t going to hear much about American families who are permanently separated due to criminal illegal immigrants and drug cartels.

Texas is the number one state for human and sex trafficking. Progressive socialists who embrace open borders and decriminalizing illegal border crossing are complicit. The drug cartels are now freely operating on our side of the border, threatening, intimidating, and killing Americans.

Enough! These animals represent a clear and present danger to these United States of America.

BORDER UPDATE: News About President Trump’s Wall

As you know, Raul Reyes and I just completed a trip to our border — Del Rio, Texas — last week. Here’s the video from that journey where we pointed out many of the issues the Rio Grande Valley is facing:


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Allen West and Raul Reyes at our border, discussing the conditions our border patrol faces in the Rio Grande Valley.

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Thus, it was good to see this today via Fox News:

“Construction on a new border wall in Texas where none previously existed has begun along the Rio Grande river, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) confirmed to Fox News on Friday.

While 75 miles of wall has already been built under the Trump administration, until now all of those structures replaced existing ones such as vehicle barriers or dilapidated fences, which were ineffective before being replaced, according to the agency.

The brand-new wall is under construction southeast of McAllen in Texas’s Rio Grande Valley sector, which sees the most illegal crossings of any border sector, with more than 325,000 people apprehended there through August this year, according to CBP.

“Rio Grande Valley is by far our busiest sector, so getting this new wall system capability down there for [the agents] is truly a game-changer,” a CBP spokesman said. “Just last week, the agents on the frontlines told us the wall is something they need.”

The spokesman said the 75 miles already built to replace weaker structures also helped tighten security.

“People can walk through or across a vehicle barrier with drugs or other contraband, but can’t walk through an 18- to 30-foot wall with anti-climb features, sensors and cameras,” the spokesman said.

The announcement comes as the Trump administration is making a renewed effort to show voters the U.S.-Mexico border wall remains a top priority.”

The Rio Grande Valley is exactly where LTC Reyes and I were, and earlier this year, I toured another spot mentioned in this post, McAllen, Texas. You can read about that trip here.

I can attest to the conditions in both Del Rio and McAllen, and am pleased to see this construction beginning. We have much more work to do, but for now, #PromisesKept!

[VIDEO] ACWT: Interview with LTC Allen West

I joined America, Can We Talk? and it’s host, Debbie Georgatos, to discuss topics of the day including my bid for Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas.

LTC Allen West appears on America, Can We Talk (ACWT) with Debbie Georgatos.

Questions About Citizenship and Indoctrination of Our Youth

Today we are leaving port in Italy, heading into the Mediterranean. However, before heading out to sea, I answered two of today’s “Ask Allen” questions:

Isn’t it true that children born in the United States to illegal immigrants are not United States citizens? — Gilda C., Richardson, TX

Greetings, Gilda! What has happened in America is that the 14th Amendment, especially the equal protection clause, has been used to justify citizenship for children of illegal immigrants born here. If we understood the original intent of the 14th Amendment, it was to give citizenship to recently freed slaves, as the 13th Amendment ended slavery in America. We have departed from that original intent, and the 14th Amendment is wrongly used to justify much of the progressive socialist left’s ideological agenda, including same-sex marriage. This is why we need strict constructionist judges sitting in our courts and not activist judges.

Thanks for this great question, Gilda. I live in Garland, Texas so, hopefully, we will get a chance to meet!

Here is our next question for today:

Since our educational system has been taken over by the radicals/liberals, how are we to stop the indoctrination of our children? — Michele B., Tampa, FL

Howdy, Michele! Your question is the essence of why we find ourselves where we are now in America. This has been a long, slow, march as a  strategy of the left, and we should not be surprised. Both Lenin and Hitler talked about controlling future generations through education. What we have seen happen is a concerted effort by the left to shift America from having a system of education to one of indoctrination. They have flooded all levels of education with their ideological agenda and the policies to implement such. This is why the left is against school choice, charter schools, and homeschooling, but champion free college education.

What we must do is focus on the most important elected office in America: the school board. We need to have more institutions of higher learning like Hillsdale College, College of the Ozarks, and Northwood University. We must support our conservative high school and college students against the tyranny they are facing, and pure socialist bullying.

Thanks so very much, Michele, for this fundamental question that addresses why young Americans think socialism is acceptable.

If you would like to submit a question for consideration, please head over to this page, and perhaps you will see your question featured in an upcoming missive. Ciao!

Texas: Ground Zero for Trafficking

Many people talk about the culture war in America. This case of Jeffrey Epstein is a clear and present example. How have we devolved to such a truly deplorable state of existence in America where this sickness would be known and tolerated. We should all be outraged about the fact that we have grown adult predators of our children, robbing them of that which is sacred: their childhood innocence.

Jeffrey Epstein is dead, but those who frequented his services are still out there, and we should unite in finding and imprisoning them for life. No one is above the law, and hurting our children is unacceptable. If there is anything that should enjoy a bipartisan effort, this should be it. We should stop denigrating and disparaging the issue of life for our children, born and unborn, resulting in this degradation of their lives.

What is so greatly disturbing is that the Lone Star State of Texas is Ground Zero for human and sex trafficking.

As reported by KVUE:

“According to a report from The Human Trafficking Institute, 74 criminal human trafficking cases made their way through federal courts in Texas last year. The state of Texas has some work to do when it comes to human trafficking, according to a report from The Human Trafficking Institute. The report, released Tuesday, shows Texas ranked first in the nation for the number of criminal cases that wound their way through federal courts last year. Of those 74 cases, 68 involved sex trafficking and six involved labor trafficking.

Texas also ranked first for the number of new criminal human trafficking cases in 2018 with 19 initiated cases. That’s well above the national average of five new cases per state or territory. Of the new criminal cases, the report shows Texas initiated two criminal labor trafficking cases last year, making Texas one of only seven states or territories to initiate a new labor trafficking prosecution. Texas also topped the list for the number of convictions in human trafficking cases in 2018 with 45 convicted defendants. The national average is seven convictions per state or territory, the report shows.

Last year, the state ordered six defendants who were convicted to pay restitution to their victims, ranking Texas third in the nation for the number of restitution orders.”

This is one of the reasons I find it unconscionable that we have anyone advocating for open borders in America. In essence, they are aiding and abetting this horrific scourge of modern-day slavery in our country. We are looking at 30 percent of kids being used by drug cartels are paired up with people who are not their parents, or relatives. If they are not recycled back to be used again and again to enable “family units” illegal entry into America, they are fed into their abhorrent scheme.

In Texas, the major population centers of Houston and Dallas are leading the way as hotbeds of trafficking of humans, and children, for sex. What must disturb us all is the lack of criminal punishment, not for the traffickers, but those who are taking part in this disgusting operation for their perverted purposes.

KVUE continues:

“Out of the approximately 100 known victims identified by non-profits each year, only 11 child sex trafficking cases were brought to court in Travis County since 2016. “The detectives have been working really hard at trying to form relationships and really making sure that they can build a trust so slowly, they can find out what’s been happening to these children,” Fowler said. Of the 11 cases brought to court, only three defendants served jail time. The other eight got probation or their charges were waived or dismissed.

“The first and biggest reason really is based on the victim. It’s their story and if we don’t have the nerve to tell their story we can’t prove it to a jury,” Fowler said. Police and prosecutors said the survivors often run away or refuse to be a witness. In Austin, immigration also plays a role. Workers with the Refugee Services of Texas said U.S. citizen children who are trafficked are sometimes afraid to speak out if their parents are in the country illegally. “I have had minors come and speak to us and say, ‘My mom doesn’t want to work with law enforcement,’ or ‘I didn’t call police because I’m scared,’” Alvarez said.”

As I have read over some of these cases, it appears there is a common theme: plea bargaining. If we are honest, this was part of the Epstein case. For me, this is unacceptable. The trafficker and the “beneficiary” of this darkness should be equally punished. There is something about our culture that is allowing this cancer to manifest itself.

Our culture has become so perverted as to demean our children into sex objects for adult pleasure. Recently, an illegal immigrant child rapist was released by law enforcement officials in Mecklenburg (Charlotte) County, NC. What message are we sending to our children?

The existence of human and sex trafficking, of children, in America, represents a definitive decline in our culture. This is intolerable and inexcusable and must be rejected by all of us. We need tougher sentencing for these vermin and miscreants. We must re-establish the sanctity of our children and their innocence.

We must not relent in finding every single person who was involved with Jeffrey Epstein and bring them to justice. No one should be able to find sage quarters due to their status, evil is evil.

I, for one, will be committed, as the Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas, to support the eradication of this scourge from the Lone Star State. Let’s find these people, report them, and ensure they are taken off of our streets!

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