Photo of the Delorean from the movie "Back to the Future."

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We all remember the movie with Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd. It was a very comical movie about a young man going back in the past to secure the future. As I participated in and watched the remembrances for the 20th anniversary of September 11th, the same theme came to mind. In essence, our country could not garner the resolve and resilience to forge ahead to a new future, instead, we went backwards. I shared with some folks this past weekend a saying of the Taliban, and Islamic jihadists, “you Americans may have watches, but we have the time.”

And, so it is, that on the 20th remembrance of 9/11 the very same Islamic terrorist organization that 20 years ago gave safe haven to the group that gave America the worst terrorist attack in its history is back in power. But it is not just that we allowed them to return to power, we have better armed and equipped the savage and barbaric Taliban. Oops, I am sorry, according to the Biden administration they are “professional and business-like.” Yes, they are professional murderers and quite business-like as they systematically go house to house seeking out and executing people, as they re-implement Sharia Law.

What a somber and sad day it was on the 20th anniversary of 9/11 to know that the very same individuals who were once Taliban leaders, had been captured and imprisoned in GITMO, but thanks to Barack Obama, who attended the ceremonies at Ground Zero, were released from that facility so that on the same day they were reinstalled as Taliban leaders over Afghanistan. Yes, we went back in order to put our future in danger.

We went back to create a future that will be even more dangerous for our nation. We know that China is working on a Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) to get into and take over Bagram AB. The Taliban once again fully welcome Al Qaeda and ISIS. The leader of the Haqquani network is now the Taliban Minister of the Interior, head of security. Oh, by the way, there is a million dollar bounty on him because of his terrorist actions.

Dang it, how abjectly imbecilic do we look as a nation? But, for us here in Texas, there is an even greater danger, threat, that we face which was not as exacerbated as today.

Another one of the major blunders, intentionally, is the open borders policy implemented by the Biden administration. Here in Texas we have 1,254 miles of wide open border that has been abandoned, not just by the federal government, but also by a weak and dismissive Governor of Texas. The entity that we refer to as the Mexican cartels, are actually transnational narco-criminal terrorist organizations themselves. These organizations will work with anyone that will provide them funding, including Islamic jihadists and terrorist groups. They are already working with the likes of Iran, Hezbollah, and Hamas. According to Texas Congressman August Pflueger, there are over 200 tunnels that infiltrate the US from Mexico into Texas, and other points of entry.

We went back to the future and emboldened Islamic jihadists once again, just as we did in Obama’s blunder in Iraq which gave rise to ISIS. Now the jihadists have a massive swath that extends from Afghanistan to Iran to Iraq to Syria to Lebanon and will reach further and return to America, by way of the open border in Texas.

The hour is before us here in the Lone Star State, to take the mission of securing our southern border ourselves. Sadly, I do not believe that will happen under the current gubernatorial official who is too fearful of taking such an action, unless his poll numbers are tanking, much as with Joe Biden’s. This is not the time to take action because of political reasoning. It is time to take action for the safety and security of Texans and Americans. The lack of border security has already resulted in a drug, human, and sex trafficking crises, not to mention a public health crisis. Biden and his ilk seem to believe that Americans who exercise the God given freedom and right to choose what is best for their bodies is the problem . . . not the millions that have overtaken our border and been disbursed throughout our Constitutional Republic.

Yes, we went back to the future and now face a worsened situation with the same Islamic terrorists who struck us 20 years ago. Let us not forget that here in Texas, in my hometown of Garland, we have already experienced an Islamic terrorist killing post the fall of Afghanistan. On August 29th, Imran Ali Rasheed called for a Lyft service, and a young woman named Isabella Lewis came to pick him up. Rasheed shot Ms. Lewis and took her vehicle. He then drove to the Plano police station and opened fire, where he was fatally shot. There was not too much coverage about the shooting of Ms. Lewis, which, according to Rasheed himself, was inspired by Islamic terrorism . . . and, Rasheed had been under previous FBI investigation.

Yes, we went back and we have reignited the flames of future Islamic jihadist attacks. And, to all of you out there with Biden-Harris bumper stickers, perhaps you should peel them off, lest you identify yourself as being complicit in this utter stupidity.

Steadfast and Loyal,

Lt. Col. Allen B. West (Ret.)