Graphic with the Texas Lone Star and cannon with the words "Come and Take It" underneath.

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“Fear is a reaction. Courage is a decision.”

— Sir Winston Churchill

“The uncontested absurdities of today are the accepted slogans of tomorrow. They come to be accepted by degrees, by dint of constant pressure on one side and constant retreat on the other — until one day when they are suddenly declared to be the country’s official ideology.”

— Ayn Rand

This past weekend, we celebrated a milestone integral to the history of the Lone Star State. Saturday, October 2nd was the 186th remembrance of the Battle of Gonzales. It was the confrontation between some 130 Texians — and others — against a small detachment from the Mexican Army, cavalry, who demanded a small cannon back. They were met with a refusal and a response that came to define the essence of Texas: “Come and Take It.” This is a statement, and banner, that has come to be the defining feature of the rugged individualism of Texas.

However, as we are in college football season, the University of Texas – San Antonio (UTSA) had a college football game tradition. At the beginning of the fourth quarter they would fire off a replica of the Gonzales cannon, and fly the “Come and Take It” banner. However, as we entered into this college football season, the President of UTSA made the decision that the banner and the cannon would no longer be a part of the football game tradition.


Because it was deemed that “Come and Take It” is an offensive racist, white supremacist, rallying cry. It could be deemed very offensive to Hispanic students.

Over the summer several leftist Texans — that seems to be oxymoronic — wrote a book titled, “Forget the Alamo: Rise and Fall of an American Myth.”

We are watching a very deadly insurgency take place on the Texas border. Yes, I said insurgency, as all the textbook indicators of an insurgency are occurring on our border with Mexico. The “cartels” are not just some criminal organization, they are no different from the Taliban in their level of organization, equipment, use of terror tactics, and fomenting an invasion of Texas with trafficking of drugs, humans, sex workers, and children. If we continue to react to this phenomenon with fear, then slowly we shall see a dire situation arise for Texas.

Texas must have courageous leadership that is principled and resolute, leadership that will end the absurdities we are witnessing. Who would have ever believed that in Texas we would have an issue with child gender modification procedures, surgeries, therapies., etc. Yet, one of the fastest growing sectors of our medical community are gender modification clinics. Some 16-17 have recently opened. Sadly, we have spineless elected Republicans in Texas who refuse to protect our children from this clear and present abuse.

If you look at our major state funded colleges and universities in Texas, you will find the laboratories of progressive socialism and indoctrination into Marxist philosophy. Our schools are being assailed with cultural Marxist dogma and the delusional tenacity of the left, by way of the teachers unions, is representative of the constant pressure from the socialist/Marxists.

For whatever reason, we here in Texas have allowed the leftists to gain a foothold. It is highly distressing that those who embody the same failed principles that are driving people from California, Illinois, New York, and New Jersey want to impose these absurdities upon Texas. I just have to ask, why not stay where you were? As Thomas Jefferson asserted, “The government you elect is the government you deserve.” I couldn’t agree more. California just evidenced that they are perfectly satisfied with the failure of progressive socialism and Gavin Newsom. So why do these leftists come into conservative states to flip them to be failing leftist states? I mean really, who wants to resemble California? I don’t and as long as I have breath in my lungs, Texas will not.

What sense does it make to have an open border and not jab these illegal immigrants in the arm, but mandate such for law abiding Texans? — @AllenWest Click To Tweet

Let’s stop courting businesses from these failed blue states to come to Texas, and, certainly stop rewarding them with taxpayer-funded subsidies. We do not need these woke corporate fascist oligarchs, who are telling Texas they will lose their jobs if they do not get shot in the arm. What sense does it make to have an open border and not jab these illegal immigrants in the arm, but mandate such for law abiding Texans?

The time is upon us for red states to act as such, and stop compromising, acquiescing, and appeasing leftist intrusion. We must no longer place progressive socialists on Boards of Regents. We must make sure that the Texas Department of Education is led by conservative educators. Our Texas Board of Education must be cleared of progressive socialists whose aim is  to indoctrinate our children, not educate them.

And, in Texas, we do not want to murder unborn babies in the womb by dismemberment. If that is what you desire, feel free to reside in a leftist state that likes to murder unborn babies. Doggone, the progressive socialist left seems to prefer the Taliban over unborn American babies.

We can no longer accept excuses from Texas elected officials when it comes to securing our border. We are now at a point where our elected officials could be deemed as aiding and abetting drug, human, and sex trafficking in Texas. Blaming Joe Biden is no longer a viable response. It is time, and, as Churchill stated, “courage is a decision.” Do we have Republican elected officials in Texas who are willing to make that decision, or just continuously react with fear, like reducing the criminal penalties for voter fraud from felony to misdemeanor level. Will these Republican imposters continue to reward these leftists with committee chairman positions? And, what about all that rhetoric about arresting those nefarious Democrats who fled to Washington, DC, and stalled our representative democratic process?

At Ft. Bragg I was the second in command, the Executive Officer, of an Air Assault artillery battalion, our motto was “Be Bold.” President Ronald Reagan spoke of bold colors and not pretty pastels. My goal is to paint Texas a very bold, resolute red. I will not buy into the “bipartisan” blather with progressive socialists. That is not what you see from leftists when they are in power. Some may say that is uncompromising, and I will respond, “Yep, but it is principled.” To this point, seeking to get along with leftists has not yielded positive results.

It is time we meet the constant pressure of the absurdities from the progressive socialist left with our principled constitutional and conservative style of governance. As William Barrett Travis wrote, “No surrender and no retreat,” this, along with “Come and Take It” must steel our spines as we defeat progressive socialism in Texas.

Steadfast and Loyal,

Lt. Col. Allen B. West (Ret.)

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