Republicans in Texas Sucking up to the Left?

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We have a Republican legislator, who is in a “leadership” position here in Texas, in dire need of our dubious “Stuck on Stupid” recognition. His name is Dennis Bonnen. What he has just done is most egregious in nature, and is the reason for the question posed as the title to this missive.

As reported by Texas Scorecard:

“In a surprise switch-up this week, Texas House Speaker Dennis Bonnen removed Republican State Rep. Drew Darby (San Angelo) from the Legislative Budget Board and replaced him with Democrat State Rep. Mary González (Clint).
A 10-member body, the LBB consists of Bonnen, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, and four additional members, each from the Texas House and Senate. The board is tasked with the development of recommended legislative appropriations for all agencies of state government.

Though Bonnen has not commented on why he made the sudden change, many have speculated it comes as a form of retribution against Darby. The West Texas Republican lawmaker was one of the first to call for Bonnen’s resignation after an audio recording was released, revealing the speaker offering Empower Texans CEO Michael Quinn Sullivan a quid pro quo offer of media credentials in exchange for the targeting of certain Republican members.

Bonnen was also accused of using similar retributory tactics when he removed State Rep. Chris Paddie (R–Marshall) from the Sunset Commission in December. Darby was also among the list of Republicans Bonnen sought to have targeted in the 2020 primary elections, and is now widely rumored to be setting up a campaign to replace Bonnen as Speaker of the House. Bonnen is not seeking re-election.

Who is Mary González?

First elected in 2012, González is one of the most liberal members of the Texas House, earning a 21 on the most recent Fiscal Responsibility Index. During the last session, she voted to kill a ban on taxpayer-funded lobbying, voted against legislation to limit the growth of local property taxes, and voted against a bill banning sweetheart deals for abortion providers and their affiliates. She even opposed a state ban on an income tax. [Emphasis mine]

A self-described “pansexual,” González is also the inaugural chair of the LGBTQ legislative caucus, which was created to advance bills that are “transformative” for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Texans across the state at the expense of religious freedoms.

The LBB, and the budget, will almost certainly be at the forefront of the next legislative session in 2021, as the state is projected to face a major shortfall in revenue brought on by the economic effects of the Chinese coronavirus shutdowns.”

This goes beyond being stuck on stupid, it is a special kind of stupid, and dangerous at that. Let me pose a question, does anyone believe that in California, their State Assembly Speaker would appoint a solid conservative to a major committee, such as Budget? Does anyone believe that in any blue controlled state legislative body, let’s say Virginia, that they would appoint a conservative to a key committee?

So, why is it here, in Texas, the preeminent constitutional conservative red state in America, that we have a Texas House Speaker taking this action? It cannot be argued that this is an act of retribution coming from one who is not even running for reelection. Which begs the question: why is Dennis Bonnen still in position as the Speaker of the Texas State House? It is amazing to me that there are those in other leadership positions here in the State of Texas who have no issue with him remaining in that position, an offensive and an utter disgrace.

Yes, I called for Dennis Bonnen to resign, and have proudly done so openly.

Those of us here in Texas know who has not done so, and who has completely avoided addressing the issue. That, ladies and gents, is how you lose a great state — the Lone Star State of Texas — because there are those who foolishly are emboldening these progressive socialist leftists. I bolded the description of Rep. Gonzalez for a reason because it reinforces the question posed as the title of this missive.

The actions of Dennis Bonnen continue to evidence the highest levels of dishonor and a lack of character and integrity. This decision that he just made places the future of Texas in fiscal jeopardy.

Texas does not need Republicans who suck up to and appoint progressive socialists to key positions in its legislative body. I reiterate my position that Dennis Bonnen immediately be removed from the position of Speaker of the Texas State House. I cannot comprehend anyone referring to themselves as being in a position of leadership in the Republican Party in the State of Texas not concurring.

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